Thursday, May 23, 2013

Product Review: K-Palette 1Day Lash Perm Volume Curl Mascara..


Okay, don't panic.  I'm not having convulsions, I'm just showing off my lashes!

And no, they're not falsies...they're my real lashes, volumized and curled to perfection with the help of:

K-Palette 1Day Lash Perm Volume Curl Mascara

Like the first one, the 1Day Lash Perm Long Curl Mascara, this is also waterproof. It promises volume, long lasting curls and yet, easy to remove.  Like the other new K-Palette products that came out recently, it also has beauty essences that will take care of your lashes while creating impressive curls with volume.

The inner curve in the brush is for sweeping the lashes in an upward curl while adding volume instantly. See the shorter brush bristles at the side?  Brush them against your lashes in an upward zigzag motion for more volume.  Lastly, use the fine tip of the brush on your shorter lashes.

That's two coats of mascara after curling.  It did weigh down the curl a bit, but at least the curl looks more natural. I usually curl my lashes too much until I can feel them touching my upper lids when I look up.  (laughs) 

What I like:
It gives volume
It's waterproof, yet easy to remove.  I can easily remove it with just wet wipes
It doesn't clump easily.  Well, at least not for the first 2-3 layers.
It stays put the whole day
No flaking
Easy to use
Cute packaging
Brush is poke-free. Well, I haven't poked my eyes when using it unlike other mascaras I've tried
Affordable at Php895.

What I don't like:
It weighs down the curl.  But just do what I do: Over-curl your lashes then apply coats of this mascara.  The curl will "relax" and you'll end up with natural-looking curled lashes.

Will I re-purchase?
Yes. When I get to finish the rest of my mascaras.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your lashes! I've been using K-Palette browliner and eyeliner and they're both wonderful products. And now mascara!!! Is this also available at the Beauty Bar? :)

Thanks in advance!

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