Friday, May 10, 2013

Something New: HURRAW! Lip Balms....

Ask me to choose between a lipstick and a lip balm and I'll choose the latter.  My lips easily get dry, despite my oil-slick face, and I tend to lick off lipstick so lip balms are my best bet. Two weeks ago, I was contacted by Rebecca, the official distributor of the newest lip balm in town, called HURRAW! and asked me if she can send me samples.  She even asked me to choose the variants I wanted to try, cool huh!?

Two days later, I got my samples:

HURRAW! Lip Balms

I've tried a lot of lip balms already, but these HURRAW! lip balms are different.  Unlike most of the brands that I've tried, they are:

Vegan: No animal used, harmed or tested in any stage of the manufacturing of the product.
Made of Raw, Organic and Fair Trade materials: It contains certified organic, cold pressed and centrifuged extracted nut/seed oils and butters.
Gluten-free and GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)-free
Non-toxic: There are no petroleum (gives shine to glosses and linked to health problems like cancer), parabens, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.  

Their core ingredients include:
Almond oil - moisturizes, soothes, softens and reconditions your lips
Coconut Oil - moisturizes, and a great free radical buster and soothes chronic lip inflammation
Cacao Butter - aside from making the balms smell divine, it also moisturizes and improves skin elasticity
Jojoba Oil - for easy absorption 
Olive Oil - anti-inflammatory, heals, soothes and makes lips stay soft and supple
Candelilla Wax - provides long-lasting protective shield
Flavors - derived from 100% natural resources like pure essential oils 
Infusions - made with a variety of seeds, pods, fruit zests, barks and roots to for flavor and color. 

I only got one lips but I definitely have a purpose for all these!

HURRAW! Grapefruit Lip Balm, Php250

Fruity, fresh and gives me that burst of energy whenever I apply it on.  It's an instant pick-me-upper whenever I feel sleepy! 

HURRAW! Green Tea Lip Balm, Php250

I don't like green teas that much, but this baby's definitely an exemption. The green tea taste is subtle and doesn't taste artificial.  No, your puckers won't smell grassy at all, it's more of caramel-y and between this and the grapefruit variant, I find myself reaching out to this more often.

HURRAW! Sun Protection Lip Balm with SPF15, Php350

I confess that I tend to take my lips for granted. Well, I do exfoliate once in a while and I don't wear too much lipsticks but most of the lip balms I've tried have no SPF.  With the scorching heat of the sun almost all-year round (here in PH), to give your puckers sun protection is a must.  I remember using a lip balm with SPF and my lips went drier than usual...up to the extent of peeling.  I don't know, maybe it has something to do with the zinc oxide in it? 

This balm from Hurraw! has non-nano zinc oxide that serves as a natural sunscreen base.  It also has antioxidant ingredients like pomegranate seeds, sea buckthorn oil, red raspberry seed oil to protect and nourish the lips. And tangerine and chamomile extracts for that right amount of punch for your lips.  It stays put even after a cup of coffee but it does leave a whitish layer on the lips, which I don't really mind since I can always layer with a lipstick. Or, just leave it as it is since it goes away after some time.

HURRAW! Moon Night Treatment Lip Balm, Php350

As we all know, it's during night time when our skin replenishes itself.  The same goes with the lips.  At night, our lips must be given that extra TLC and be readied for another day of lipstick and whatever it is you put on.  It has a thicker, creamier formulation and has Vanilla and Peru Balsam to calm nerves and induce sleep.  And of course, nourishing ingredient like chamomile extract to soothe the lips through the night.

Unlike the usual lip balms, these don't come in round packaging. It is housed in a flattened-oval packaging that makes it a lot pocket-friendly. Also, no running after a rolling lip balm once it falls off your pocket! Guys don't have to be caught with a lipbalm-looking thing in their pockets too.  It does look (and shape like) a mint dispenser to me. And the best part about its shape?  It really contours to the shape of the lips perfectly during application.

The tube is sealed with that small piece of paper packaging that just needs to be peeled-off.

It applies smoothly, not grainy and is long lasting.  It's not sticky and doesn't give your puckers that "I've just eaten lechon" -- look.  It has the right amount of gloss in it so even the guys won't be too conscious to wear it. 

Ingredients are listed on each and every lip balm packaging. Their packaging, made of recyclable corrugated material, is simple and neat. I love that it comes in a semi-matte type of paper, giving an over-all eco-friendly look.

HURRAW! lip balms might be a bit more expensive than most of the lip balms out there, but with all the good stuff in it, not to mention its being vegan and organic, these new lip balms in town are worth their price.  Honestly, I've never been addicted to lip balms like I am now with HURRAW!  I'm thinking of getting their Cherry tinted lip balm next.  Hopefully, more variants would become available here, like the Chocolate and Coffee Bean. 

I am not sure whether HURRAW! will be available in stores, but for now, you can get your HURRAW! fix from Cutieverse. I don't really persuade others to get a certain product as I am not sure if you'd like it as much as I do, but this one's gonna be an exemption.  Do check it out and I bet, you'd like it too!

Happy Friday, loves!

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