Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Brag and PantyPak: Travel-Must Haves!

If there's one dilemma I always encounter when I travel, that would be how to pack my underwear.  

Admit it, it's always a pain to pack them.  I am not known to be an organized person so I just threw them in to my luggage.  I got bag organizers from my dear friend Nimfa, but still they are not enough to keep my underwear, most especially my bras, protected.  And you know how pricey some bras can get.  I buy pricey bras, as per my mom's recommendation.  They last longer and they fit a lot better.  They are expensive, but I get to save in the long run.  And to make sure that they do really last longer, I also need to make sure that they are also cared for properly.  

But whenever I travel, I always end up with deformed bra cups.  But thanks to Velvet Rose Lingerie for making the Brag and Pantypak locally available. 


Made by the Brag Company, Brags are stylish, protective travel and storage cases for our bras.  It protects them from being deformed or crushed.  

I'm pretty sure you've seen these before or at least something that looks like it.  I've seen them in the department store, and they are a lot cheaper.  But it's not as sturdy and stylish as these Brags.

The material is the same with those being used in most luggage. So, your bras are a lot more safe from being creased or deformed.

Instead of a zipper that the cheaper version of Brag has, this one has snap-on buttons for easier and faster sealing.

It has a handle too!

The Brag can store up to 5-6 bras of cup A-C, but they also have a Brag model called Buxom that can store bras of up to cup F!

Next, let's check out the PantyPak:

PantyPak (Php1195.00), also made by the Brag Company, is the perfect companion for your Brag.  As you can see, I have matching designs for my Brag and my Pantypak.  Cute, no!?

Inside, it has two compartments.  One for clean, and the other one for the not-so-clean undies.  Geesh, all these time I've been using plastic bags for my dirty-undies, hahah! 

More designs are available for both Brag and Pantypak.  
Check them out here.

By the way, aside from lingerie, you can also buy great stuff for bridal showers (and also for honeymoon-ers) from their stores.  

To know more about their products and promos, please like Velvet Rose Lingerie on Facebook.

Thanks again Velvet Rose for these. 
Now, there's one thing less to worry about when I travel.  

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