Thursday, June 27, 2013

How I give life to my (boring) lip colors...

For today, let me share with you this one lip product that I don't think I can live without...for the next few months! I've been using it a lot these days and I always get compliments whenever I am wearing it...

Shiseido Maquillage Perfect Gloss RS702

I got this as one of the freebies during the Shiseido Makeup Workshop last year, and haven't been able to use it until early this year when I can't seem to find my Estee Lauder lip glosses anywhere.  You know me, I'm not much of an adventurous type when it comes to lipcolor, and that I only usually alternate between my MAC Peachstock and MAC Please Me. Can be a bit boring I know, but I try to give my lips a bit of Oomph by topping it with a gloss.  I started with MAC Gellee, then Estee Lauder's and now this one from Shiseido.

It comes with a spatula-like applicator which helps deposit the color on the lips easily. 

The shade in RS702 is a beautiful, light pink with finely-milled shimmers.  It's not as sticky as the other glosses I've tried, it's pigmented and the color in the tube is pretty much the same color you'd see once applied on the lips.  Instead of making your lips look like you've just eaten lechon, this gloss leaves your lips looking full, sexy and supple.  I love using this on top of most of my lipsticks, which by the way are mostly nudes or MLBBs.

Staying power is pretty good, as it lasts on me for a good 2-3hrs. It's not transfer-proof, but it doesn't transfer as much as the others.  It feels light on the lips and doesn't give me allergies. 

I'm not sure how much this costs, but knowing Shiseido as one luxury brand, I'm sure that it'll be in the Php1000-P1500 range.  I'll update this post once I get info as to how much it costs.  

So that's how I give life to my boring lip colors, which I have quite a number in my personal makeup stash. I usually wear loud eye makeup, so going for simple, or almost-muted, but sexy pouts is what I'm after when it comes to my lips.  

Happy Thursday!

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Jodi Sta MAria, is that you? Beautiful! been following your blog lately! follow back? thanks!

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