Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Product Review: Shiseido Camellia Compact

I am not really into collecting limited edition products (unless it's from MAC) but if there's one limited edition product that I am so glad I have in my stash, it would be the Shiseido's Camellia Compact.

One of the reasons why it's a must-have?  It's the brand's commemorative product for its 140th anniversary.  

The compact, as well as the multi-colored powder inside have the beautiful and distinctive design that showcases the cherished camellia flower which also happens to be the favorite of Shinzo Fukuhara, Shiseido's first president.

Inside the compact is truly an eye-candy.  It has 3 shades - the icy, platinum white, perfect to be used as a highlighter, the rich peachy rose which is quite dramatic because it's has the most color payoff among the three and the petal pink, which is sheer and subtle that would look natural on most skin tones.

All three shades are shimmery, but not glittery.  The shimmers on top of the powder is just an overspray and it goes away after 2 or 3 uses. So no worries of ending up looking like a discoball!  Instead, it gives a lovely sheen of color on the skin. Parang diosa lang!

The three shades can be combined to produce different color intensity, depends on how you want it.  To get more warmth, apply more of the red shade or cool it down using either the pink or the white.  I usually apply a bit of the red first, then blend the pink on the outer edges to give it a nice gradient, then use the white on top of my cheekbones to make it pop.  I also use the white on my nose bridge and on my brow bones to highlight.  

When you purchase the compact, it comes with this free brush.  

When I'm being a bit lazy, I just lightly sweep my brush on the surface to grab all three colors, tap it off on the back of my hand to diffuse  then apply on my cheeks.  It gives me a very lovely flush of color, a "glow from within" look that stays put almost the whole day.  It does fade a little, but it doesn't really go away totally.

the swatches:

Here are some FOTDs using the compact:

using all three shades

using the pink and the white

The packaging is a stylish, sleek compact in black and red that's lightweight yet sturdy.  It's slim and fits just right in the palm of your hand.  It comes with a mirror, so no need to tote a separate mirror for touch-ups. But I wish the packaging includes the brush already.  But that would make the compact more bulky, no? 

The only drawback?  The price.  It comes with a hefty price tag of Php1998.  And not everybody is okay with splurging on a blush, not me even (that's why I am so thankful to Shiseido PH for giving me a sample).  But if you ask me if it's a good idea to get this, I'd say YES. It's a multitasking product, and with its three shades, you can work with the intensity of your blush depending on how you want it.  Honestly, if I am to only have one blush, I'll choose this.  

I'm not sure if this baby's still available at the counters, but I really do recommend for you to check it out.  


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Hazel☺ said...

acck! steep price indeed, but for a brand like this, that is expected. Ohwell, i love Shiseido so i'll definitely check this out! :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Gorgeous! I was with Sheila from Maddy Loves blog when she bought hers and it's spectacular.

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