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Product Review: Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation...

Hi, my loves!  How's the weekend?  In a few more hours, it's Monday once again.  It sucksI know, but it's something we have to do to pay the bills! (laughs) 

For today I wanna share with you this great product I've been using again lately now that our weather's a lot more confused than usual.  It's usually scorching hot in the morning until noon, but it tends to rain in the later afternoon.  Whenever I use it, I know my skin looks good, aside from being protected from the sun.  And even if it rains, my skin would still look okay and I don't have to worry about my makeup melting away.

Shiseido's Sun Protection Liquid foundation is broad-spectrum to protect against the harmful rays of the sun. The just-applied looking matte finish is non-transferring which is resistant against perspiration, water and oil.

See how harassed the packaging looks?  It's because I've been using it mostly on beach and out-of-town trips.  

It comes in a blue plastic packaging that's great for careless people like me (laughs). It has a nozzle, making it more sanitary. Just make sure to fully twist the cap to close or you'll end up with foundation on the nozzle and on the cap.  It comes with a cosmetic sponge in a separate container (which I think I lost somewhere haha) but I don't really use it.  I prefer using my fingers or a stippling brush to apply it.

bare skin

after a layer of the foundation

I just underwent peeling so my skin's dry and kinda flaky. This foundation makes the flakiness visible, but not as much as when I'm using other foundations. When my skin's a lot normal, this foundation is amazing on my skin even without a primer. 

Consistency is very light and runny that you'd think it can only offer a very sheer coverage, but it's not. It's pigmented enough to even out any redness or discoloration with a single layer.  And can offer medium to heavy if you apply more. I don't need to use a separate concealer, except on my under eye area, whenever I'm using this.

It dries fast, and gives a matte finish.  I don't think it really needs to be set with a powder, but I still do so because...I just got used to! (laughs)

after setting with a light powder

What I Like:
Travel-friendly packaging. 
Light consistency that offers medium to heavy coverage
No need to set with a powder
No need to use a separate concealer
It's pigmented so you'll need just a small amount for the whole face.
It holds up really well through out the day. I remember wearing this while working out and my skin looks so good even with sweat and all.
No allergic reactions.  I've been using this even on days when I just had a facial the day before and my skin won't react badly.
It's waterproof and transfer resistant. I would blot my skin with oil blotting sheets or facial tissue and I won't see the foundation getting transferred. This makes this baby great for beach trips or when you'll be under the sun for a long period of time.  Now that  it tends to rain 
It has SPF already so I don't need to use a separate sunblock
It looks great on photos

What I Don't Like:
Limited shade collection. I'm not sure if there are shades available for dark-skinned.  I'm using SP10, which is lighter for my skin but when I tried SP20, it's already dark for me.  I chose the SP10, and it just tones down on its own (I'm acidic) or I just set it with a darker shade of foundation.
It's expensive.  It sells for Php1800 or more for a small container.  But come to think of it, it's a sunblock + foundation in one. So it's pretty much worth the price.
If you have dry skin, this foundation will make the dryness more visible so make sure to moisturize well first.

Will I re-purchase?  
Definitely.  In a month from now, I'll be travelling to a hot and humid country so this baby's gonna be one of my must-haves.  Which reminds me, I'll be leaving soon...for good. (sniff)

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Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for this and the shade recommendation! I want to get some!

Unknown said...

I did not know Shiseido have that, thanks for sharing!

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