Thursday, July 11, 2013

Makeup Factory Eye Color in #47...

A woman can never have too much least, that's true in my case! (laughs)  So yes, I still get excited whenever I get new makeup, despite having tons of it already.   I don't even know if I can get to finish everything but I don't care.  It's nice to get new stuff, more so if it's a gift, right!?  

So for today I wanna show you this baby that I got as a gift from our friends from Makeup Factory and ARC PR (Thanks so much), the Makeup Factory Eye Color in #47:

I have a lot of purples already, but the colors in this quad are just so beautiful that I'm willing to forget the rest of my purples...for now.

So let me tell you my thoughts about this quad that I believe is a part of their Fall and Winter Collection 2012:

Packaging is quite nice.  My only issue is that eventually, it will get some scratches and won't look as nice and shiny.  I like that it comes with a mirror, but I wish it's bigger. It also comes with a sponge applicator, which I didn't try using as I admit not being good at sponge applicators in the first place.

It would be better if they name their eye color quads differently.  I actually got confused whether this quad is 254 or 47. 

I got information online that the shades are Velvet Purple, Intense Lavender, Pastel Orchid and Mystic Violet.  Sorry, but I am not sure which is which though.


All of the shades have a satin finish, creamy and pigmented even without a primer.  If you like matte eyeshadows then this quad's not for you.  But don't worry, they aren't too frosty or shimmery to make you look like a disco ball.  They have some sort of metallic reflections just enough to make your peepers catch more attention...the good kind of attention.

They are easy to blend and I didn't experience any fallouts during application.  Staying power is really good, as my eye makeup stayed put all day without creasing.  

And here's a sample look I came up with:

What I like about palettes like this is that you no longer have to worry about color-matching...and that you can come up with a number of combinations, or just use a  shade on its own.  

Price is Php1250, can be quite steep most especially for those who are just starting with makeup.  But I really think it's still affordable for a high-quality makeup as compared with other brands that sell for a thousand bucks or more for a single shade.


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Unknown said...

it almost look the same as the new avon quad eye shadow in purple pop!

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