Friday, August 2, 2013

3S Pre-Glued False Eyelashes...

Remember this box I've posted a week ago via Instagram?

Now take a look what's inside:

Lashes, anyone?

Most women, if not all, desire to have long, luscious eyelashes.  Notice the big difference when somebody with almost non-existent lashes tries wearing one.  It enhances beauty and makes one appear softer, more attractive and yes, more alluring.  I'm sure that most of us here have tried wearing false eyelashes at least once.  I remember wearing it for the first time when I was a bridesmaid to a friend's wedding years ago.  I did like how it looks on me, but wanted so badly to remove them even before the wedding started.  

The lashes felt heavy that my eyes looked so tired even just an hour after wearing it.  My eyes were also itching like crazy, probably because of the glue.  My upper lash lines felt so dry that it hurts whenever I'll close my eyes tightly.  And well, the glue wasn't able to get hold of the strip that at the middle of the event, half of the lash strip already went off.  From then on, I steered away from wearing false lashes.  And when I started doing makeup on other people, I made sure that I only use quality false lashes...and glue, of course.  

I've used a lot of brands already..MAC, Ardell to name a few.  They work fine, but still the hassle of applying the glue, letting it dry for a bit and making sure they adhere well to the client's lashlines can be taxing.  I wished there's something that can be done faster.

So when my good friend, Sophie handed me my first 3S Lashes more than a year ago, I was just so amazed.  They are pre-glued so no need to tote a separate lash glue.  So all you need to do is to get the lashes out of their box, cut it if they are too long for your eyelid then stick them on your (upper) lash lines like you'll normally do with the usual falsies.

Now, let me show you each of the styles in detail..

ADORABLE is the most natural lashes in this set.  The lashes are longer at the center, making your eyes look bigger and awake.  This is great for those who are just starting with wearing falsies as it only makes your lashes look thick and yet, still natural.


GLAMOUR still looks natural, but it gives your eyes a more flirty look. The lashes are at its longest at the end of the strip.  The hairs are also a mix of thin and thick hairs making your lashes a lot thicker and longer.

LOFTY looks the same as GLAMOUR but when you take a closer look, the strip has a lot more thin hairs and that the thicker ones are shorter in size.

LOVELY is like GLAMOUR but with less hairs.  It's for those who are done with wearing ADORABLE and are now ready for a more vavavoom set of peepers.

SUNBURST is like LOFTY but with thicker and longer hairs. It's for those who already have thick lashes but lack in length.

WHISPERING if I may say is the Queen of the lashes in this set. It adds thickness and length, and DRAMA!  I'm pretty sure you'll get your way in your every wink when you're wearing this.

My favorites are:  Glamour, Sunburst and Whispering. Heck, I can totally imagine myself wearing Whispering most of the time!

Again, let me show you how to use them:

1. First of course, is that you take them out of the box

2. Push the base out of the plastic board so you can easily get the lashes out

3. Using a tweezer (or your finger), carefully pull the lash strip from its  base.  Make sure to do it very carefully.  When I did it the first time, I pulled too hard and the lashes got deformed.  

4. Once you get the lashes out of its base, cut it the excess (if needed) then stick it on your lashlines.

Since you can re-use the lash strip at least two times before it loses its stickiness, you have to get it back on its base until you're ready to use it again.

5. Attach the lash strip on its base after usage

6.  Attach the base back to the plastic board and put it inside the box

Once it loses its stickiness, remove the black strip (glue) then stick the lashes to that extra strip (also located at the base) and your lashes are ready for use again.  If it again loses its stickiness, remove the strip and just use a regular lash glue.  

These 3S Pre-glued lashes feel light, and they don't look overly-fake.  The glue strip doesn't irritate my eyes, no dryness or tight feeling at all!  My only gripe is that a portion of the lash strip (usually the part near the tear ducts) comes off at times.  But the good thing is, I just have to stick it on again, without using a separate glue and it'll be okay.  If I'll be wearing the lashes for a long time, I just had to make sure that they are properly attached on my lash lines or just to be really 100% sure, I use a lash glue on the part that comes off easily.

A pair sells for Php250 at BeautyandMinerals. Do check them out as they have a lot of other styles to choose from.

Have you tried wearing falsies?  If not, you should!  They really make a big difference. You just need practice most especially if you'll be using it on yourself. I actually preferred putting it on somebody else because it's a lot easier.  But with constant practice, you'll be fine.

Happy Friday, my loves!

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