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Brigitte in US: First Weekend...

How are  you my lovelies?  So, I'm on my second week stay here in the US and for today's post I'll show you some pictures of the things I've been seeing and doing here.   I still can't believe I'm here now, and honestly there would be mornings when I would wake up and find myself staring at the ceiling trying to figure out where the hell I am! (laughs) I would look around the hotel room trying to imagine my room back in Manila or my room in the province.  I honestly didn't plan of going here before, but here I am now.  I'll be staying here for the next 2 weeks before I go to Dubai with my husband.  Mr. X got assigned in their NY office for a month, that's why I had to fly here and then we'll fly together to Dubai.  Not unless, there would be a change of plans which is not yet sure as of the moment but will tell you once things have been finalized.

I arrived here in New Jersey last August 16 and the next day, we already went out to go and see New York.  To hell with jet lag!  I wasn't able to sleep much days before I left PH, didn't sleep at all while in the plane and only had 3hrs sleep the night I arrived.  My eye bags were at its worse, thanks god for sunglasses!

the Madison Train Station, where we waited for my first train ride in the US of A!

with Kuya Cyril, a good friend from Bataan who have been so patient touring me and Mr. X around

first stop?  a visit to Statue of Liberty!

at Staten Island where we'll be riding a ferry going to Liberty Island..

The sun was up in all its glory, and I myself couldn't believe I'm all up for it!  Hindi na ako takot sa araw!? (laughs) By the way, it's summer here but it's not humid.  More like Baguio-type of weather.

see Ms. Liberty?

Too small, let's zoom shall we?

Now that's the ferry we'll gonna ride to get to the Statue of Liberty..

Ticket is at $17/pax, but no access to go onto the crown of the statue.  
Why?  I don't know.  
I didn't ask, LoL!

It's a 15-20 minute ferry ride going to Liberty Island.  There's no way you'll get bored while on the boat as you'd be able to see some parts of NY and of course, I'm pretty sure you'd be camwhoring like us most especially if it's your first time going there.

Us together with Ms. Liberty saying Hi!

selfie mode

Yes, I was this excited...I didn't expect I'd be seeing the Statue of Liberty for real!

The moment I saw the statue I was like "Why is she green?  I thought she's white?"

Apparently, the statue is made of copper and when it oxidizes, it turns to green.  

read on:

Cool, huh!?

Next stop was the St. Patrick's Cathedral back in Manhattan:

The cathedral is currently undergoing construction but its Neo-Gothic style is still apparent.  

The architecture inside the church is just so amazing!  It's so beautiful I was really in awe.  

the Pieta

Did you know that the cathedral has been used for a number of movies already and one of them was in Spiderman! 

Next stop was the Rockefeller Center:

Another historic landmark, the Rockefeller Center is a complex of 19 commercial buildings.  This is where the famous skating spot, called The Rink, during winter months is located.

Behind me is where The Rink is located during winter months.

Top of the Rock is NY City's famous observation deck right in Rockefeller Center.  Of course you can also check out NY from the top of the Empire State Building but Top of the Rock offers a different view of the city.  I haven't been to any but we'll go to Empire State before we leave, and yes, I am excited!

Last stop for the day is, the Times Square!

If there's only one place I can visit in NY aside from the Statue of Liberty, it would be Times Square!  It's the annual site for the New Year's Eve ball drop to signify the coming of a new year.  People gather together here to celebrate, amidst the fireworks, booze and bonggang party-mood!

Lots of shopping too!   
There's Forever 21 which I'll be checking out on my next visit to NY.

Bonggang lights everywhere!

Geesh, I only get to see this on TV before and now I got to see it with my very own eyes, for real!

And if you think I skipped shopping on my first day, you're wrong! 

Oh yes, I went inside Sephora and got myself their newest primer.  I'll be missing its launch in PH but I made sure I won't be left behind.  Watch out for my review on this soon!

another favorite, Bobbi Brown!

I wanted to do more shopping but it's kinda hard when you have two men right behind you wherever you go. (laughs)  So I'll go back to Sephora soon...alone!

By the way, would you know if they allow taking pictures inside? My snaps were just ninja-shots.  I sure hope they allow because there are products available here that I'm pretty sure you'd want me to swatch and show you.

We left NY just in time to catch the last train going back to Madison to spend another night at Kuya Cyril's humble abode at Chatham.  We were so tired that I dozed off to sleep the moment I laid down.  But I think my body clock's still confused because I woke up around 4am (which is 4pm PH time) and wasn't able to go back to sleep anymore.  I took a quick shower (and removed my makeup, my bad!) and just waited until everybody's up.  We went out to get some groceries for breakfast and then went out again after lunch.

Walang Pahinga, BOW!

 We went around NJ to look for another hotel for me and Mr. X.  The hotel where he's staying is an hour or more trip going to their office in NY so we tried checking out for other hotels that are near his office.  We were able to check out one that still in NJ but with shorter commute time, but it's like in the middle of nowhere! (laughs) I won't be able to go anywhere in the area unlike where we are staying now (Tenafly, NJ). At least there are shops within the area, there's even a church right across the hotel..and a CVS!  So I'm glad we didn't transfer.  Whew!

We had a late lunch then went to Riverwalk to get dessert:

Yey, my first Ben and Jerry's ice-cream! Babaw ko (laughs)

It's milk chocolate cookies, aka OREO. 

Riverwalk is where you'd go if you want to see a nice view of NYC's skyline.  It reminds me of the skyline in Hongkong sans the dancing lights.  

selfie mode

So there you go, my first weekend in US. I'll post my first adventure going around NY alone next.  I hope I didn't bore you with my kwento though.  

Til next post!
Take care my loves!

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Unknown said...

Nice pics!

Arra said...

ngayong ngawowork na ko parang ang sarap mga mag out of the country. ka-inggit! parang ang sarap lang mabuhay. haha. ngayon ko lang nalaman kasal ka na pala ms. brigitte. :)

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