Monday, August 5, 2013

Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks: Swatches + Review...

And I'm back again with another Colour Collection lipsticks post!  I'm not a lippie-kind of person but these babies make me want to reconsider.  Read the rest of the post and check out the gorgeous swatches to know why!

It comes in a shiny black, sleek packaging that doesn't break easily when dropped (I should know, I've dropped some of the tubes for so many times during product shooting hahah!)  You'll hear a click when you close the tube, a sort of good signal that the cap won't come off on its own whilst inside your bag.  It opens easily though, so don't worry bout sweating it when trying to open it.

The Vitamin E lipsticks are available in 3 formulations:  Sheer, Matte and Satin. 

Check out the swatches:


A lovely matte red-orange for those who want to try going red, but not too red.  It's an instant face brightener, making you look fresh and polished.


A matte baby pink for the younger crowd or even for the young at heart.  Wear this on days you'd want to exude an extra vibe of youthfulness and freshness...which should be everyday!  One gripe of mine on this though is that it settles on the lines of my lips so like I always say, keep your lips exfoliated and hydrated!   It also leaves a nice stain on the lips that makes it look like naturally pink.

Red Wine

A very pigmented warm deep red, if you want to look extra vampy and sexy. Pair it with a winged-eyeliner and you'll look like a classic hollywood vixen.

Regal Red

Another pigmented red, but not as deep as Red Wine.  Meaning, less kontrabida-look!

Ruby Slippers

This one looks like the satin-version of Electra, though it has a lot of more red in it.  It also has some shimmers.


A cool-toned peachy-pink.  It looks salmon-y and would again be great to pair with heavily-made up eyes.  Same with Kissmark, this one settles on the lines of the lips.

Electra - Kissmark - Red Wine - Regal Red - Ruby Slippers - Vintage

These lipsticks glide on like butter and are very moisturizing on the lips.  Staying power is really good too, and some would even leave a nice stain on the lips.  They aren't transfer-proof, though.  

They sell for Php330/tube and you can get them thru a Tupperware dealer by contacting their hotline at +632 - 8593000. 

I got some of my Vitamin E lipsticks when I did makeup for Rajo! Metrowear Fashion Show and fell in love with them since.  SampleRoom also sent me some and I believe they still have a number of these lipsticks up for grabs.  So what are you waiting for, SampleRoom, if you don't know yet gives you a chance to try out a lot of beauty stuff (and so much more) for free.  You only pay for the shipping!  And not only that, they also give full sizes!  If you're not a member yet, then sign-up now. If you already are, check out what else you can grab for free!

It's Monday once again, my loves. Stay safe and stress-free!

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