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Product Review: Naturactor Cover Face

My good friend Sol of Digitaltraincase knows that I am a foundation/concealer whore that when she finally has Naturactor products available, she asked me to drop by her store and check them out.  I was in the middle of a lot of things that time - moving out, last days at work and running last minute errands before I go home to Bataan, so I had to push it back a little.  But of course, new, and not to mention highly-raved products like this shouldn't be missed.  So just a day before I left Manila, me and my fellow makeup junkies made sure that we drop by Manila's very own version of Sephora, the Digitaltraincase store.

Here's a few snaps inside the store:

see some of your faves?

and look who came down from his afternoon siesta to join us...

Lucas Papaw, errr I mean Miguel!

I call him Lucas Papaw because back when Sol and Papa P were still thinking of a name, I couldn't think of anything.  And that time, Lucas Papaw is one of the best-sellers in the store so I said why not call him Lucas Papaw instead.  Oh dear Migs, don't hate your Ninang Jheng!

Migs and Me

and here's Tara and Phoebe who can't seem to get enough of our little boy's charm too:

I'll definitely miss you, Miguel!  

Anyways, back to our product review...

Naturactor Cover Face

According to Meiko Cosmetics, Naturactor Cover Face provides great coverage for skin.  It's long lasting and you only need a little to get the perfect skin look.  

Jojoba Oil - moisturizer for the skin
Mica - makes skin look flawless and youthful
Tocopherol (Vitamin E) - improve metabolism and immune system of the skin

The shades available are:

140 - 141 - 151 - 130 - 171

#130 is the lightest and suitable for those with very fair skin tones.  It makes dull and pale skin have a more rosy look

#140 is for those with fair skin tones.  Slightly deeper than #130 and since this is my shade, I think this would suit those with NC25 - NC30

#141 is for those with medium skin tones.  If you are fair skinned, you can use this for contouring

#151 is slightly darker than #141 and is perfect for blemishes and skin discolorations

#171 is great for neutralizing acne spots and redness

#140 without flash

#140 with flash

after blending

Now let's see how it works on my face:

my bare face

after a layer of Naturactor Cover Face

after another layer of Naturactor Cover Face

and here's how it looks after setting it with Makeup Factory pressed powder:

what I like:
creamy consistency making it easy to apply and blend either by brush or fingers
amazing coverage, it can cover all of my blemishes, red marks and even my dark circles with just one layer
no white cast on photos, but that's because it has no spf
super pigmented so a little goes a long way.  you just need a tiny bit for the entire face
no allergic reactions even when used everyday
doesn't feel heavy on the skin
doesn't settle into fine lines
no need to use a separate concealer for blemishes and for the undereye area
matte finish that becomes dewy, but not oily
gives skin a brighter, healthy glow
stays on the whole day without having the need to retouch or blot with powder.  i just use oil blotting sheets to get rid of some oilies on my t-zone
travel-friendly packaging
cheap at Php700/20g and you already have a foundation and concealer in one!

what I don't like:
i need to bring a spatula or something to get some product to keep the rest of the product clean
tends to go cakey when applied too much
the available shades are confusing, i honestly had a hard time what shade would work for me. as you can see from the pot, it looks dark and when swatched, it looks kinda pink.  but the shade 140 turns out to be my shade and I'm an NC25
will look flakey if you have dry patches so make sure you exfoliate first

here's a photo of me after hours of wearing Naturactor Cover Face:

Take note that I only use one layer and no blotting done yet!

Overall, I am liking this product.  I use this as a foundation but if you find it too heavy for that, just use it as an undereye concealer.  I suggest you check out the shades for yourself because the shades are confusing.  I also think that this would work perfectly for those who have dry skin (just make sure you've exfoliated prior) to get that dewy look. I have super oily skin but this didn't make me look like a grease ball, but apply a primer first just to make sure. If you don't have a primer, then good 'ole blotting sheets are your best bet.

Naturactor Cover Face and other Naturactor products like the liquid foundation, loose powder and pressed powder are all available at Digitaltraincase. I really suggest that you check out the shades in person first before purchasing, just so you'll be sure what shade you should get.  


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Kath Rivera said...

Hello Jheng, ang ganda ng finish natural lang. Parang hindi ka naka foundation. Hay, aalis ka na pala. Hindi man lang kita na meet personally. Nakita nga kita sa L'Oreal Steampod launch before kaya lang umalis ka din agad saka nahiya kasi ako magpakilala sayo. Kathneko here from twitter :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, was googling for Naturactor blogs and feedbacks cause I want to try it out and found your blog. I find it helpful and I can see your friend has a store (within Manila?). I really want to try it out. If you don't mind, may I know where her store is located? I also think we have the same shade (#140) but ofcourse I want to be totally sure which is why I want to check out the store first. Also, I'm pregnant but the ingredients you mentioned seemed safe enough. So my main concern now is where to buy them. Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

sayang Kath nameet sana kita :)

Hi akasha824 her store is located at corinthian executive regency condo near galleria. store's name is Digitaltraincase :)

Unknown said...

Hi, i too have skin that tends to easily get oily. Im planning to purchase this product but as what you've said in your review, i might as well apply a primer first just to be sure. Do you have suggestions as to which brand for primer works good?

Unknown said...

Hi Ms. Brigitte! We have the same shade :)

Here is my take on the most coveted Naturactor

Unknown said...

Hi akasha824! You can check (, I bought one there last month because their price is cheap compared to watsons. I wish the Racosme has a lipstick product that is also available here in the Philippines. Sobrang na hook kasi ako sa colors ng racosme. TY for sharing sis!

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