Thursday, September 5, 2013

A trip to the Museum and Central Park...

And so the "-ber" months are here!  I bet Christmas songs are now being played at the malls back in PH...and probably some homes have been setting up their Christmas trees already!  Oh geesh, now I am missing home more!  (sniff)  Here in the US, it's different.  No Christmas carols nor decors yet.  But summer's over and students are now back to school.  I overheard a mom at the grocery earlier at how she misses her kids now that they are back to school.  I guess moms are just like that everywhere!

I'm on my third week here in the US and oh boy, I have a lot of stories to tell and photos to show you.  For today I'll be showing you some photos I took when I went to NY and walked around there by myself!  Oh yeah, all by myself.  Of course, I had with me Google Maps!  (laughs)  I was scared at first most especially when I had to take the subway.  But what the heck, I can always ask people around, which I did and lucky me, everybody have been so helpful.  It's so unusual of me to ask people for directions when I was in PH but now I know there's nothing wrong with that.  But of course, you still have to be cautious just in case people would try to give you wrong info so you'll get lost.  (laughs)  A map (the real one, on paper) can also be of great help.  I hated looking at one before, but not anymore!

So my first stop during my first adventure alone in NY was the American Museum of Natural History.  From Port Authority in New York at 42nd St, I walked with Mr. X going to their office at 34th St, then I took the C train from the Penn Station going uptown to the 81st St. It was actually easy, as there's a direct walkway from the train going to the museum's entrance.  

The American Museum of Natural History

If you've watched Ben Stiller's movie, The Night at the Museum, this is that museum!  I made sure I finished early, as I don't want to see everything inside the museum come to life! (laughs)

I remember when the dinosaurs came to life in the movie.  I felt "kilig" while walking around the museum.  I didn't imagine I'd be able to go and see the place with my very own eyes.  Geesh, ang babaw ko ba?

Pocahontas?  Naah, probably her mother.

Again, if you've watched Stiller's movie, you'll know who this is (above photo). It's one of those Easter Island Heads who called Ben Stiller (Larry in the movie) Dum Dum.  And apparently, he loves Gum Gum!  

Oh yeah, doing selfies.  That's the downside of being on your own.  I'm sure I looked funny while trying to take photos of myself while inside the museum, but good thing people don't seem to care.  

yes, these are gold!

some sort of tomb during ancient times

Me and Dumbo?

I went inside the museum before 11 and stayed there until almost 4.  The museum is so huge, one whole day won't be enough to see everything.  I spent $27 for the admission which includes one special attraction.  There are a number of special attractions/screening and if you want to be able to see everything, I think the fee is $35 (Supersaver Admission).  Or you can just get the general admission which is $22 and if you have the time (special screenings run on schedules) you can just pay for the additional.  But of course, you'll be able to save more if you'll get the Supersaver.  I asked how much is the Hayden Planetarium show and it costs $27 for adult.  So that would be on top of the general admission fee should you decide not to get the Supersaver.  So if you can get at the museum early and you are sure you'd be able to see all the extra attractions/special shows, by all means get the Supersaver Admission.

And oh, the museum has a free wifi!  And they have a food court too, and a number of cafes.  So you don't really have to worry about getting hungry. Or you can just go out to have lunch elsewhere and just go back, just make sure you keep your ticket and receipt so you can show it to the guards when you get back.

I was out of the museum around 4pm and Mr. X won't be out of their office until 6 so I decided to walk around the area.  And guess what's near?  The Central Park!

Yes, it's one of those famous parks that I got to see a lot of times in the movies and tv shows.  From the museum, I just had to cross the street and I'm already in Central Park!  But the thing is, the park is soooo HUGE that after minutes of walking inside, all I got to see are trees and people walking/jogging. I then realised I also need to have a map of the park!  (laughs)  I just walked and walked for I think almost half an hour until I saw Shakespeare's Garden:

Yes, it's a sun-dial!

I climbed up the Shakespeare's Garden and saw this:

The Belvedere Tower

I tried looking for the pond which is famous because it becomes an iceskating rink during winter but I was just too tired to walk more.  I thought of renting a bike so I could move around but I don't think my legs could bear more exercise. (laughs)  I don't think I've walked that much before in my life.  I hate walking, most especially under the sun but here it seems that I don't care about it anymore.  The things I see around makes it a lot bearable.  And though it's summer, it's not humid.  

It was almost 6 when I decided it's time to go back to the 34th street so I walked back towards the train station and saw this:

The Diana Ross Playground

This playground was funded by the famous singer back in the days, Diana Ross. I had to go back and check if I read the name on the signage right.  

Too bad I wasn't able to see the other parts of Central Park.  I had no idea the park's that huge!  Had I known, I should've set aside one whole day just for it.  

I took the C train again this time going downtown and got off at the Penn Station.  Fare is $2.75/one way.  Not cheap, most especially if you're the type who loves to convert currencies.  I try not to, but I can't help it. (laughs)

I was dead tired when we got back to the hotel but at the same time happy.  I never imagined that I'd be able to see things that I only get to see in movies but I did.  I was scared to go around NY all by myself at first but I conquered my fear.  And yes, I gave myself a pat on the back for that.

More stories to come!
Weekend is almost here, and this weekend we'll be flying to CA to visit the in-laws.

So I guess you'll be seeing photos of me with the Golden Gate Bridge at the background.

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Asian Doll Milano said...

Hi, I'm glad you're having d time if yr life! I like reading thru yr blog and happy you're there and sharing us readers things u r exploring! Keep us updated with yr detailed accounts cos I need them! I have 5days to spend around NY soon too! Thanks so much and enjoy d rest if yr holidays!

Anonymous said...

I've watched the Night at the Museum and seeing ur pics brought me inside the fir real. I just can't imagine if the dinosaurs all come to life ��

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