Friday, September 27, 2013

Playing With Makeup: Arabic

It's been a while since I last did a full face makeup.  For almost two months, I've been skipping the eye makeup except for the liner and mascara so I got a bit worried that my blending skills might have been rusty already.  So when I got really bored the other day, I decided to play with makeup and come up with something suitable for where I am now...

Yes, my loves..for those who don't know yet, I am now in UAE!

Lancome Perfecting Makeup Primer
Graftobia HD Pro Powder Foundation in Alabaster Baby
Sleek Contour Kit in Medium (contour and highlight)
MAC blush in Tippy

In2it Eyebrow powder
Urban Decay Anti-aging Eye Primer Potion
MAC eyeshadows in Amber Lights (entire lid, lower lash lines), Beauty Marked and Carbon (outer-V), Jest and Sushi Flower (crease)

MAC lipstick in Please Me
Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in Crystal Lilac

Showing up these gorgeous lashes from 3S!

I love looking at Arab women because most, if not all of them are so gorgeous!  They have big, round eyes with long, luscious lashes...definitely envy-worthy!  I also get amazed with how they do their eye makeup.  It's so striking and dramatic!  My kind of eye makeup...well, used to.  

Now here's me trying to look more Arabic:

Arabic? or do I look more like a Ninja here?

So there you go.  Yay or Nay!? Hopefully, I'd be able to do more playing like this one since I'm just stuck at home for the mean time.  Honestly, this is something new to me since I've been working straight for 12 years!  My body, and mind are still trying to get used to just staying at home doing wifey duties.  If you've been following me on Instagram, you'd see that I've been doing some cooking too!  Now that's really something new.  

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Unknown said...

Hi, I've been a follower of your blog since I was still in the Philippines, super like the eye makeup!And yey, I'm also here in UAE.

Anonymous said...

that looks so beautiful and amazing. I just love the blush it is so pretty

Yette said...

Pretty! I really admire your makeup skills. I hope I have half as much as talent as you have. :)

camzdabu said...

pretty! i love this sis.♥

albert09 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

wow hello Amanderrific looking forward to meeting you here in UAE :)

thanks Sandra Ă–stby MAC blush in Tippy is my ultimate favourite!

hi Yette just practice! you should see my first makeup atempts, I looked so funny!

thanks sis camzdabu :)

Unknown said...

i am out to fly to dubai next week. i hope i can bump into you sometime soon :) hope you can do makeup tutorials because i love your blending and color combination skills. :)

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