Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chowking Breakfast, in Dubai + a bit of emo time...

Today marks my first month of staying here in Dubai, a total of two months of being away from every body and every thing else back in PH.  And yeah, I'm starting to get homesick.  Sniff.  But there are things one has to do, and for now, this is what I need to be with Mr. X.  Things haven't been easy.  Each day I wake up, I look around me and will imagine my place back in Manila.  I think about how I would struggle from getting my lazy ass off the bed so I could start prepping up for work.  And yeah, this ain't easy to say, but I miss working!  I knooww, there were times I would write here complaining how stressful my work is, and how I wanted to get a looong vacation.  I guess, it's really human nature to long for things you no longer have.  

There were days I would ask myself if I did the right thing.  Sometimes, I'd say yes...but there are times when I would cry and check available flights going back home. I don't have work yet so every day, I'll just be a housewife taking care of my husband.  If you follow me on IG, you'd see that I've started cooking too!  And I just realized, I'm a good cook pala!  Well, at least my husband says so. (laughs)  Some of you might say there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing and where I am now, but if you've been working for a long time (say, 12yrs straight) and then you'll just stop and do things you're not used to doing, then probably you'll say it's just okay to miss your old self.  

I miss my family, my friends, my work, the places I've been going to and things I've been doing before.  I miss going wherever I would want to go and do things I want to do.  I even miss those times when I can just lay around all day and do nothing.  Well, I'm not saying my husband is making me a slave or something ha?  It's just that I just miss everything I'm used to.  I guess that's normal.   

I know God has better plans for me, and eventually things will be a lot clearer.  People asked me how I was able to let go of all those things and go here.  Well, I just believe that now is the time for a new chapter in my life.  I also think that sooner or later, each one of us would have to sacrifice things to be able to attain God's plan for us.  Its just that my time is now.  It aint gonna be easy, and I'm pretty sure there will still be days when I would wish that I'm back home in my old self.  But in God's love and guidance, I know every thing will fall into the right places.  No matter what the outcome will be, I still believe it would be for the better.  And yes, despite everything, I still love Mr. X.

Okaaayy, enough drama.  Sorry for that.  I don't have much friends here in Dubai but I feel like all of my readers are also my friends so that's just me making kwento or emo to friends. 


Anyway, for today I want to share with you my breakfast experience at Chowking here in Dubai:

Chowking is known to be one of the biggest fast food chain in the Philippines, and probably the pioneer in Asian quick-service restaurants.  Here in Dubai, Chowking is not known for being a fast food chain, but rather an Asian Restaurant.  


I don't think we have placemats in Chowking back in Pinas..or do we?

Unlike in Chowking PH where you go directly to the counter to order, in here the waiter/waitress will go to your table to get your orders instead.

'twas around 9AM when we went so the waiter just handed over their breakfast menu.  I'm not sure if you can actually order anything else, I'll go ask some other time.

While waiting for our order (which took around 10-15 minutes) I looked around to see and feel if the place is just like our own Chowking back in PH:

Oh yeah, they offer sisig here!  But in beef.

The place look more like a restaurant indeed, rather than fast food.  The chairs for one are made of wood, instead of plastic like what we have in the Philippines...well at least in Chowking branches I've been to.  The placemats are already on top of the tables.  Geesh, why am I being so particular about the placemats. LoL!

Photos of some of the dishes are also on display.  I was actually hoping to see a photo of Sir Chief, that would totally make me feel at home. Hahaha!

And then our food:

The soup bowl which looks exactly like what we have in the Philippines.

Chicken Meatballs Congee, Dhs 10

I really don't know what those crispy stuff that you add to your congee, but they are surprisingly good even when eaten by itself.

I was surprised to find the congee really tasty even without fish sauce.  The meatballs are also tasty.  Overall, this is one congee I'd be happy to go back to.  I usually hate congees from Chinese restaurants, they taste bland no matter how much seasoning I put.

Tofu, Dhs 7

When this came, I asked "Where's the baboy!? (pork)"  And Mr. X replied "Hello, you're in a Muslim country remember!?

Okay, fine.

It's good, but would be a lot better if it has some pork.  Geesh, I miss the good 'ole Tokwa't Baboy!

Cheese Omelette, Dhs 14

Now here's my order.  There are 3 choices to choose from for this omelette: Cheese, Spicy, Mushroom and Tomatoes.  Apparently, it will be defaulted to Cheese if you didn't specify your choice.

Nothing special about this, it's just egg with some melted cheese.  Good thing there's no salt in it, as I hate putting salt in my eggs.  Oh yeah, I am weird like that.  I wish the bread aren't burnt like that though.  And it would be great if it comes with butter too.

Anyways, it comes with a fruit mini-platter...with grapes and kiwi, too!  But the pineapple's a disappointment. It's too sour and it doesn't look like it's already ripe. My omelette comes with a coffee too...that tastes like instant.

Here are some other dishes in their menu:

Woohoo, it would be nice to try their seafood dishes some other time.  If you want to check out their menu, click here.  At least you can get to check what we don't have in our Chowking menu back in the Philippines.

They do have Halo Halo too!  And a Mojito drink, which I'm pretty sure doesn't have any alcohol in it as it's not legal here.

I heard that there are also Chowking in foodcourt areas in some malls here, but their menu is different. I'll go check that out if there's a chance.

Overall, I'm happy with my dining experience.  It did help me get a feel of being in Pinas even for a bit. And yes, I am definitely going back.  


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Unknown said...

Which branch did you go to?

Lately, naiba yung taste nila...hindi na sya "pinoy". ewan if its just me. pero mas masarap pa sa Max's. Or Barrio Fiesta.

Kelan ba tayo mag kikita?!

Unknown said...

shoutingwind, nde ko pa natikman other dishes nila, pero super iba na nga menu nila from what we have in Chowking sa pinas.

magpasyal ako sa mall one of these days, hehehe whattime ba work mo? hubby kasi is 4pm-12mn for two wks and im planning to go sa mall after he goes to work tas stay muna dun :) kita tau!!!

Unknown said...

shoutingwind, nde ko pa natikman other dishes nila, pero super iba na nga menu nila from what we have in Chowking sa pinas.

magpasyal ako sa mall one of these days, hehehe whattime ba work mo? hubby kasi is 4pm-12mn for two wks and im planning to go sa mall after he goes to work tas stay muna dun :) kita tau!!!

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