Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Photo quality problem, resolved!

Remember the issue I'm having with my previous blog posts, where some of my face/body photos will have weird looking dark spots? I got really bothered and thought it have something to do with the camera I'm using.  But, the thing is, the photos would look okay when I try to view them on my photo editor.  But then they would look different after I upload them here in Blogger.

Here's a sample from my most recent post:

A few days ago, my skin on the photo above looks like I have a lot of dark spots.  Well, I'm not saying I have a perfectly clear skin..but definitely, it doesn't look like that.  

Now, after finally finding a solution, the photo above looks like this now:

It's a lot clearer, and definitely exactly how it looks before I upload it here in Blogger. You can check my post here.

 I've read online that apparently, Google+ now has the Auto Enhance Feature and it is automatically set to On.  So each time you upload photos and well, if Google+ thinks it needs to be enhanced, it automatically adjust the brightness, saturation, etc and even add filters.  Some of my photos remain normal but I there are others where the adjustment are a lot more evident.  The thing is, the "auto enhance" just made my photos look bad. Sniff. 

If you are having the same issues, it's really easy to resolve it.  Just log on to your Google account. Click on Google+ on the left side of the page, then it will show the Settings dashboard. Scroll down to see the Auto Enhance option on the right side, then uncheck it. The change/s made will automatically be saved and will take effect on the new photos that will be uploaded.  Now all you have to do is can go back and re-upload the photos you were having problem with and for sure, they would look a lot better after.

Now, if the Auto Enhance feature is disabled and you are having problems with the photo quality OR after disabling, you still have the same issue, then we need to do more googling to find the solution.

For now, I'm really happy that my problem with the photos I upload is now solved.  At least I can now stop explaining why my skin looks a lot worse on some photos that how it really is in actual. Haha!  I do hope this post would be able to help just in case you're having the same issue.


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The Makeup Maven said...

Yay! Thanks for posting this!! I have been having issues with Blogger lately because my photos look weird also! White backgrounds turn gray and I thought that it was just my computer. Thanks for this! I just switched off the auto-enhance option! HUGS!! ♥


Celline08 said...

I was having the same problem. I found a post saying na Blogger compresses the photos daw so I have to edit the HTML code of each photos.. I tried but to no avail. This was a lot more helpful. Thank you! <3

Arra said...

wow thanks for this. i was also having the same issue, wherein I've uploaded a picture of lipstick swatch on my lips, it turned out awful kasi parang I have that mustache and dark spots kahit dun naman sa actual photo editor wala. so I uploaded it pa sa photobucket haha.

kikaysimaria.blogspot.com said...

wow , yung pla yun! thanks for this! this post really helped us!

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