Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Playing with Makeup: Chelsea Grin Halloween Makeup Look...

Hi, my Loves!  How's the week treating you so far?  As for me, not much of a difference.  I'm still unemployed and getting bored!

Anyways, are you attending a Halloween/costume party this week?  Here's something I came up with that you might want to try.  There's a lot of tutorials available online that you can check out, that's where I also got ideas but I still want to show you (through photos only though!) how I did mine.

Glascow Smile / Chelsea Grin Halloween Look

Chelsea Grin is a kind of torture where the victim's face is cut from the edges of the mouth up to the ears.  Then the scars will be forming an extension of what seems to look like a smile.  If you've seen Joker's face from the movie The Dark Knight, that's one example!

What you need:


If you don't plan to be wearing makeup (like what I did), you can just skip the eyeshadows, lashes, etc. 

Clear Liquid Latex + Tissue

If you don't have latex, you can also use a glue.  Just make sure it's non-toxic and safe to be used on the skin, like Elmer's Glue.

You also need a foundation/concealer and powder of your skintone to cover the latex/tissue later.


You need:
Chocolate Syrup
Red Food Coloring

It's easy, just pour some chocolate syrup into a container then add food coloring.  Start by adding a small amount of the red food coloring first, then if you think you need more red, then just add more.  The food coloring that I got is Red Rouge, and it's a dark shade of red already so I only needed to add just a tiny bit.

I started with doing my eye makeup first and applying the 3s lashes from Beauty and Minerals.  I used the style in Sunburst. For the eyeshadows, I used Parfait d Amour + Carbon from MAC. Ohh, I missed doing a full eye makeup!

I then applied a layer of latex onto my cheeks, where I want the cut to be.  Get a facial tissue, or a bathroom tissue (if you have a 2-ply tissue, use one ply only) then cut/tear it into a small piece then place on top of the latex. Apply another layer of latex then add tissue, and repeat until you have 4-5 layers.  It's my first time to work with latex/tissue so I think I've overdone this part. I should've used a smaller piece of tissue instead, just enough room for the cut with a bit of space around it. I should've layered the materials smoothly too! 

Wait for the latex + tissue to dry. 

Once it has dried up, you can now apply foundation/concealer to the area and to the rest of your face if you haven't done so.  Don't forget to set with powder too!

Using scissors, cut through the layers of latex and tissue but be sure to do it carefully.  

To add depth to the "cut" apply a black face paint or gel eyeliner on the skin where the cut is.  

I also put red face paint around the cut.  

Then, add the blood...and you're done!

Make silly faces too!  


I know there's a lot of things I could've done to make this look a lot better, but it's my first time working with latex so please bear with me.  By the way, the latex has a really strong scent so if you're sensitive to such smell, you might want to use alternatives.  Also, it feels kinda warm on the skin there was a bit of itching after wearing it for almost an hour, but it went away after washing and it didn't leave me any rashes or whatever.

I hope you like this look!  I'll see if I'd be able to do more. You know, I'm really busy these days. Hahahha!

There's another Halloween look that I did some 4 years ago, check it out here.


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Hollie said...

Nice! at least now you can get liquid latex easily. It's super hard to find one here in PH.

Unknown said...

Wow! This is a perfect halloween look! Great blog♥


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