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Product Review: Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF 15...

Are you a fan of loose mineral makeup foundation?

If you are but you get turned-off with the messy application, then pressed mineral makeup is your best bet.  They provide the same benefits like their loose counterparts (maybe even more) sans the hassle of cleaning up your desk or your clothes with makeup fallouts after.

There are a lot of brands that has mineral makeup foundation in powder form, but here's something that I've just started using last month but already loving it to bits:

PurMinerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF15

Newly enhanced formula that has everything you love about the original 4-in-1 and more -- same great coverage, same lightweight feel, same no-mess mineral makeup but now with NEW built-in skincare ingredients, clinical results and sophisticated packaging. Vegan friendly. Paraben-free. Gluten-free.
With this one compact, our newly enhanced formula has been clinically proven to: 
Correct, prevent and interrupt your skin concerns
Smooth away the look of lines and wrinkles
Plump, lift and firm the skin's appearance
Balance uneven skin tone 

So this one is the improved formulation.  I remember hearing about Purminerals from Jamie and that she loves it, but I never really got to try it.  It's not available in stores back in PH (I'm just not sure now) but I think you can get this from some online sellers. 

Packaging is nice, sort of reminds me of a flying saucer. Tee-hee. It's sturdy, I've dropped it a lot of times already and it's still in one piece. LoL. And yes, it comes with a mirror.

I got this from Ulta for $27, and initially thought Light is my shade but thanks to their accommodating SAs for trying this shade on me. I was a bit hesitant at first, scared that it might change color on me but thankfully, it didn't.

Golden Medium

Looking at the swatch, it's not finely milled and a bit powdery but it does give you a silky finish once it has been blended into the skin.

I won't be posting my bare face anymore as I am sure you've had enough of that already but I started with a cleansed, moisturized face.  Despite this powder having SPF15, I still slathered sunblock onto my face because 1) I'm used to applying a separate sunblock and 2) I'm in Dubai where the sun is scorching hot, so I need more protection. I also used my Benefit Fake Up concealer on my under eyes.

I applied the foundation (+ concealer only on the under eye area) only on one side of my face first so you can see better how amazing this stuff is:

In this photo, I used my Ecotools buffing brush to apply the foundation in circling motions.   Take note that I didn't use a separate concealer for the blemishes but the foundation was able to make them less visible.  I also tried patting some product on areas that need more coverage.  It looks powdery at first but after a few minutes, it melts into an even, smooth texture.  

If you have dry skin, I suggest you exfoliate first as this may highlight dry areas if you don't.  If you won't be using a primer prior to this, make sure you moisturize your skin first.  For this review, I didn't use a primer so I can really test its staying power.

I love how my skin looks moisturized and almost flawless after.  The shade in Golden Medium is almost a perfect match.  I didn't apply powder on my neck this time and see how close the color is with that of my face.  

For areas that have more visible pores like the nose area, make sure to apply the powder lightly or make sure to buff it well onto the skin.  

And here is a photo after 4hrs of wear:

I still got oily on my T-zone and on the cheek area near my nose.  Well, that's so usual for me as I have really oily skin.  And remember, I didn't use a primer prior to applying the powder.

Here's me after some blotting:

See how intact the powder is even after 4 hrs? 

And here's me with a flash:

It doesn't have high SPF so probably that's why it's still looks okay even when photographed with a flash.  

What I like:
Sleek, sturdy packaging that comes with a mirror
It's a multipurpose product: A sunblock, foundation, powder and concealer in 1. So you get to save more time in applying your makeup.
It has skincare ingredients
No mess application
Feels light on the skin
Looks natural
Provides good coverage on problem areas even when used without a concealer
It doesn't oxidize (at least on me!)
No itching, despite it having Bismuth. I remember some itching with some mineral makeup brands, and found out later that it was because of the Bismuth content. 
No breakouts.
The $27 price is cheap, considering it's a multipurpose product
Still looks okay even when photographed with a flash

What I don't like:
May highlight dry areas if you didn't moisturize well.
It doesn't really keep oilies at bay, but it's nothing that a good oil blotting sheet can take care of.  
May look cakey when applied too much. If this happens, spray some facial mist.

I love this and I really wish it's available here in Dubai. I would honestly be pissed off if I find out it's not! (laughs)  It's something that I see myself using for a long time, so yes, I would definitely repurchase (no matter what it takes, LoL).

To assure you of longer wear time, apply a primer first.  And if you really have a lot of visible blemishes, a few dabs of concealer plus this would really give you good coverage. If you still get some oilies, just blot with an oil blotting sheet and you're good to go.  If you would need to retouch, I suggest using a stippling brush instead or just use your usual brush but with a lighter hand.

Anybody who has tried this?  I'm thinking of trying to use it with a sponge...what do you think?


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