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US Trip: Weekend at Washington...

I know this is way too long overdue, but I still want to make kwento and show you pictures of my travel in the US last Aug-Sept.

For this post, I'll be showing you photos taken during our short weekend trip to Washington:

photo taken at a bridge, a few miles away from Washington

one thing that I admire about Washington is that they have an amazingly clean and beautiful subway:

Well, as of that time my basis of comparison are that of Manila's and New York's!

First stop during our Day 1 was The Capitol:

The Capitol is the symbol of the American people and their government, as this is the meeting place of their country's legislature. When I first saw it, I thought it was a museum.  I know, I should've read at least a bit of their history.  

We're not really sure if this is an official office or not, but the facade is beautiful so we had our pictures taken too:

"Ibalik nyo kami sa Pinas!" 

And of course, we wouldn't miss visiting President's Obama's residence and office, the White House:

It was already past 8pm that time so we weren't able to take more decent pics.  We heard there's a White House tour, but it wasn't available that time.  Again, I can't believe that I am actually standing in front (or is this at the back?) of probably one of the most famous (and protected) buildings in the whole world.  I only get to see this in photos and movies and now I am taking photos of it myself.

walking along the streets of Washington DC

The place is so tourist-y.  The architecture of the buildings are just so amazing.  Parang bawal ang pangit na building dun! It's so clean and orderly, despite it being a tourist place. I feel safe knowing I'm in the same place as the US President.  Funny, I know but that's what I felt. Or should I feel the opposite? Hmm..

"Ang babae sa ilalim Balete Tree"

We also went to Georgetown, a historic district in Washington DC.  It's like our University Belt in Manila since most of the people there are students.  I think there is (or are) schools located in that area. And aside from that, there are also high-end shops, bars and restaurants.  We arrived at the area around dinner time and there were a lot of young people walking around.  I felt like I'm walking around Espana in Manila sans the pollution and with more sosyal establishments.

We had dinner at a small (but expensive, well at least for an unemployed person like me LoL) Japanese restaurant.  After that, we made sure we wouldn't miss Serendipity 3's famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate.  Yep, the name's weird like that. Frozen then Hot.  But honestly, it's just like the usual chocolate drink with whipped cream and chocolate on top...and some icecream.  It's good, but nothing special...but that's just me.  Their Red Velvet cake is good, but I had better.

One thing that turned us off when we entered and asked for seats was we were told that there's a minimum of $10/pax if we are to sit on a table. WTH?  We were 3 that time so we had to order $30-worth at least.  For those who doesn't want that may sit themselves at the counter.  There were no vacant seats that time so we got a table instead.

And in case you are wondering, yes, the restaurant Serendipity 3 is that restaurant in the movie Serendipity but I think that one was shot in another branch. 

A Chocolate Sundae for $1000?  Yes, it is for real.

We asked one of the waiters and he said that it is made of expensive ingredients and comes in a gold-something cup and adorned with other several things that also don't come cheap.  An order has to be made 2 days before since the ingredients has to be ordered and flown in from different parts of the world.  Amaze-balls, huh!? He also said that nobody ordered yet in that branch but in Las Vegas, it's usual.


The next day, we went to the National Museum of Natural History, one of the museums of the Smithsonian Institution.

Inihaw na pusit, anyone!?

Most of those on display aren't real bones or skeleton, but casts.  The original ones are kept and preserved. But aren't they supposed to be put on display? How can we be sure then that these are casts of the actual stuff?  Just asking..

But this one's for real!

Yes, they mummify cows they consider to be holy, too!

I was taking photos of this casket and there was this lady in all-black telling a story of one woman that was put inside an egyptian casket.  I pretty much knew it's one horror story so I didn't bother listening.  (laughs)  I actually had goosebumps while taking this photo above, so I left the area immediately after.

After that creepy experience, I asked the guys if we can go to a live butterfly display next:

selfie-mode with the guys

I love seeing butterflies on display but I didn't know that I get scared when they are flying around! I don't know if it's a phobia or whatever but I feel the hairs on my nape stand up whenever one would fly   near me.  Nakakakilabot, ewan ko ba!

Trying to smile despite being scared that a butterfly might just land on me.

Next stop was the National Air and Space Museum:

This museum houses the largest collection of aircrafts and spacecrafts in the world.

Apollo 11

And just in case you're wondering, YES, I am wearing shorts!

Inside a rocket ship:

Apparently that's how they shower back in the days inside a rocket ship.

Last stop was a visit to the 16th President of the US:

The Lincoln Memorial

Ugh, how come I look like I'm a kid enjoying a time in Disneyland?

The statue is so huge, and can I say creepy too?  But that's just me being coward.  I feel like the statue's going to move or blink.

Right across the Lincoln Memorial is the Washington Monument:

The Washington Monument is the world's tallest stone structure and tallest obelisk, built to commemorate George Washington.

That time, the structure closed to the public and is undergoing repairs because of the damage caused by an earthquake two years ago.  

And here's more photos courtesy of Kuya Cyril who's trying to practice his photography "skills" with me and Mr. X as subjects (LoL):

with Kuya Cyril

The trip was short, but the 5hr-drive was so worth it.  We passed by Pentagon too, but we weren't really sure at first if it was indeed the Pentagon so I didn't take a photo.  

By the way, we stayed at Crowne Plaza Hotel:

Kudos to the lady at their reception for giving us a lot of information on how to go around without having to drive.  She's so polite and accommodating and even offered us maps.  I know it's really something to be expected from them, but I really felt her warmth and her sincerity while giving us directions.  And well, not everyone is like that.

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