Friday, November 29, 2013

SOFFIA Opulence Makeup Brushes are now available!

Don't you just love people who inspire you to do better and be the best that you can be? That's exactly how my good friend, Sophie, is to me. And I'm sure, to most of you too who know her. I first met her during one of her mineral makeup meet up days and I still remember how she taught me to apply mineral foundation.  She became my classmate back in makeup school and since then, we've been friends.  Well, that is despite our silly fights over really petty things...that are actually mostly her fault.  Hahhaa, I'm just kidding! 

She came up with her own brushes, Charm.  And from those cute pink brushes came the more sophisticated looking ones.  Remember her Travel Pro set that comes in dark pink ferrule and black handle?  'twas my favourite travel set, until the Sonia travel set (gold ferrule, black handle + leopard print bag) came in. Of course, who wouldn't know about her Charm Essentials Vegan Brush Set and her Pro Brush Set?  Her brushes just keep getting better in time.  

And now, she did it again.  She recently launched a new set of brushes and this time, she named it after herself...SOFFIA.  Well, of course it's with a different spelling but it still sounds like her name, which is usually associated to being sexy, smart and witty.  If you've heard about Sophia Loren and Sofia Vergara, you'll know what I mean.  And do you know that the name Sophia means "Wisdom" in Greek?  I must say, these words are just a few that can describe my girl Sophie. 

Now let's talk about her new brushes:

SOFFIA makeup brushes, with its rare, world-class Lush Opulence bristles will give you the treat of a lifetime - lush, luxurious velvet-like bristles that glide on your skin, resulting in a beautiful, flawless finish.  They are made with expert craftsmanship and designed to function with expert precision for that perfect makeup look that we all aspire for! Most of the brushes are made from the softest, most luxurious grade of synthetic hair - you won't find it anywhere else!  It's quite rare and inspired by the Japanese squirrel.  These brushes are made with Japanese techniques and standards.

There are 8 brushes in the SOFFIA line and I'm just so lucky to have the six.  I actually got them a day before I left Manila and my dear Sophie personally handed these babies to me.  We've been excited for these new brushes to come out since the first time she brought some samples for us to test months ago. And they're now available!
Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hard Rock Cafe's Memorabilia Tour: 50 Years of Rock and Fashion now in Dubai!

To all music fans out there, the Hard Rock Cafe's Travelling Memorabilia is now here in Dubai for a week, showcasing 10 outfits worn by music superstars of the last 50 years.

I was among the first ones who were given a chance to check out this collection they call Treasures of the Hard Rock Cafe: 50 Years of Rock and Fashion, and I must say, some of the pieces definitely brought back a lot of memories!

You aren't a Britney fan if you have no idea where she used this costume! LOL! Her song (You Drive Me) Crazy is one of my ultimate LSS (Last Song Syndrome) back in the days. I had the song playing in my mind right after seeing this item. Now I want her music back to my playlist. I must admit, I love Britney until now.

I love Justin as much as I love Britney, and I was one of those who got broken hearted when they broke up.  I was like "But they look so good together! And they are both so good with music! I wanna dieeee!" Okay, I'm kidding with that last line.  

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Johnson's Face Care Facial Cleansing Wipes Review...

Too tired of going thru your usual facial cleaning before snooze time after a day of wearing makeup?  Use facial cleansing wipes!  Make sure to have some on your bedside table so you can just pull a sheet and start removing all that makeup off your face.  Of course, make sure that what you're using is really good...something that can not only cleanse, but also take care of your skin.

In the past, I've only tried makeup remover wipes from Revlon, Purederm, Neutrogena and Celeteque. From the four, my favorite has got to be Purederm, as it also has anti-acne properties because of the Salicylic Acid.  Too bad I wasn't able to bring some because it was out-of-stock! It always is! 

I didn't worry too much though, as I'm sure I'll get to find another good brand of facial wipes here in Dubai.  I have seen lots, but I chose the one brand that I'm sure is gentle enough even on babies' skin...Johnsons!

Johnson's Face Care Facial Cleaning Wipes 
(for all skin types)
Enriched with essential, skin-loving minerals and vitamins, our wipes gently sweep away make-up and impurities whilst caring for all skin types. Skin is cleansed, soft and cared for.  Dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin. Removes even waterproof mascara.

Expiration Date: 2 years+ from date of production...not bad!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My (Lycon) Brazilian Wax experience at Sisters Beauty Lounge...

Like most of you, I am also a Brazilian Wax virgin...until I decided to finally have it done a month before I left Manila.  A lot of my friends have been telling me to undergo waxing, but the thought of spreading your legs in front of a total stranger and getting your hairs down there pulled by that stranger was something I didn't know I can do.  Until one day, while walking around Greenbelt 5 and left with nothing to do, I finally decided to do it and I'm just so glad I chose Strip to de-virginize me and welcome me into the world of waxing.  And like what my friends say, it's indeed true that once you've tried waxing, you'll never go back to shaving. I was supposed to try another waxing salon before I leave but I decided to go back to Strip.  So yeah, my first two wax sessions were with Strip and both are really good experiences.  

When I got here in Dubai, I just knew that I wouldn't have a hard time looking for waxing salons.  I'm pretty sure there would be lots around, given that spending time at the beach is one of the favorite past times here. And besides, brazilian waxing is not something new anymore.  My former officemate (also a Pinay) have been doing it for years, and most of my friends have tried it too.  I was actually the late bloomer, hahaha.

Looking online, I found Sisters Beauty Lounge. It's a full concept beauty lounge that can meet all your beauty needs.  They offer hair and nail services, facials, massages, body treatments and yes, hair removal.  They have a lot of branches and the nearest to me would be their branch at MOE.  It's easy to find them too.  Just go to the ground level of Fashion Dome area, take the exit and then turn right. 

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks...

Months ago, The Body Shop launched a new line of lipsticks called Colour Crush that is said to have replaced their Colour Glide lipsticks.  There are 24 shades available split into groups of reds, pinks and browns.

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks

According to The Body Shop website, these lipsticks give a stunning pop of color and rich moisture and are infused with a subtle rose scent.

For today, I'll be sharing with you swatches of the two shades that I got (thanks a bunch, Dinna!) and a bit of review.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kiss and makeup with MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme...

Are there products that you didn't like the first time you used it and then you've changed your mind after giving it another chance? I think I have a lot. You see, I must confess that some of the makeup products that I buy is usually out of curiosity, or I just want to join the hype like everybody else.  I knowww, that's bad.  But then again, most of these stuff find their way to my heart.  The second, or third time I use them, I just fall in love with it and so they make it to my HG list.  Now the hardest thing is, realizing that the product is either discontinued...or limited edition.

Sucks, right?

I thought I'll never be put in that situation again, until now.  

Here's one product that my eyebrows would love to use until the end of time, if and only if MAC decides to bring it back and make it permanent...

MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme
Long-wearing waterproof gel in a pot for giving precise definition to brows. Applies smoothly, sets quickly for the ultimate well-groomed brow.  Fills, lengthens and shapes for subtle to dramatic looks.

When this came out early this year as part of the Stylish Brow collection, I just knew I had to get one.  And I did, including the brow brush (MAC 208) that came with it.  

MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in Dirty Blonde

When I first tried it, I didn't like it.  You see, I tend to be light-handed when I am drawing the shape of my brows. So when I used this to outline my brow shape, it came out too light.  I continued to fill in my brows, with the same pressure, and was still unhappy. I don't have much hair on my brows and this only made it too obvious.  By the way, I used the MAC 208.  

And so I set this baby aside for quite sometime (I knowww, I am that stupid) until one day I just can't seem to find where I put my usual eyebrow products and this is the only thing I could find.  Frustrated, I used this again but this time using my HG eyebrow brush from Charm.  And whoa, I changed my mind towards this baby that instant!

my brows with just the MAC brow gel creme

So what I learned is that you have to have a bit of heavy hand when applying this...only if you have non-existent brows like mine.  It also helps that the eyebrow brush that you use is dense, not as thin as the MAC 208 which I still use to draw my brow shape then go back to the Charm brush to fill in.  If you have a lot of hair on your brows, then you ought to be light-handed when using this or else, your brows will just look darker. 

Now I'm not saying this baby is easy to use.  This product sets and dries easily so if you happen to make a wrong move, you need to wipe it immediately or else you'd need a makeup remover to take it off. I don't recommend this for those who are newbies in drawing their eyebrows but hey, practice makes perfect!  If you're not confident enough, try using a brow pencil first to outline your brow shape then use this to fill in.  Go heavy-handed if you want to go dark, or use a light hand if you want the opposite.  

There were other shades available but Redhead is way too light for me and Deep Dark Brunette is well, too dark.  I opted for Dirty Blonde because it's almost the same as my haircolor the time  I got it.  Now, I realized I just made the right choice since  I can adjust the depth of the color depending on the amount of pressure I apply when using it.


At the above photo, I rubbed the swatches after letting it set for a few minutes and they didn't budge.

At the above photo, I placed the swatches under running water then rubbed the swatches again.  It smudged a bit but they still look mighty fine!

Using this assures you that your brows will stay put, the entire freaking time you want it to stay!  Rain or shine baby!

If you've watched my Eyebrow Tutorial, you'll see that I use a number of products to achieve decent-looking brows.  With this  baby, I don't need anything else!  Aside from I don't have to spend more moolah on eyebrow products, I also get to save a lot of time!  Yowza!

I still use the products in that tutorial though, it just depends what I see first when I open my drawers..or my mood.  (Laughs)

Here's one thing that confuses me though.  According to the product description from MAC, it "fills, lengthens and shapes..."  Lengthens?  Does this mean it is supposed to work like those lengthening mascaras? OR my brow hairs would grow faster? Anybody out there who can clear this out for me?

Anyhoo, the only thing that should remain my concern right now is what would I do when I run out of this?  I really hope MAC will make this permanent. Why on earth would you make something limited when it is this amazing!?  Whyyyyy!  I've used Makeup Forever's Eyebrow Corrector in the past and I can say it works just the same, but I honestly prefer this one from MAC. 

Hopefully this will be like the Candy Yum Yum lippie that MAC decided to make permanent.  Let's all cross our fingers, shall we!?

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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Bobbi Brown Gift Giving 2013 Collection...

With the Christmas season just around the corner, you should already have started ticking off items from your "Gifts to Buy" list.  Of course, it's still ideal (and practical) to have started earlier to avoid the holiday rush, but for those who are just starting or just about to start, worry not.  You still have roughly 6 weeks to go. But if you do have the means, start now.  Everybody wants a stress-free holiday shopping, don't we all?  

I've always thought that thinking of what gifts to buy to equally kikay girl friends or relatives is easy. And this year, Bobbi Brown made it a lot easier with their Bobbi Brown Holiday 2013 Gift Giving Collection!

The collection features an assortment of shimmery shades in silver, bronze and golden absolute must if you want to steal the spotlight this coming holiday season.

Let's take a closer look at the items, shall we?  

But first...

I'll be posting the Philippine prices for the items in the collection, as I only have this information from the press kit provided to me by our friends in Bobbi Brown PH. For prices here in UAE, I'll try to get the details plus as to when this collection will be available here.

And now back to more details for the items in this collection:

Lip Gloss Trio, Php 2400

Back by popular demand- the Lip Gloss Trio is available in an assortment of limited, flattering shades that are quintessentially Bobbi.

Pink Sugar Shimmer Lip Gloss, Bronzed Heater High Shimmer Lip Gloss, Dusty Rose Lip Gloss.


Lip and Eye Palettes in Everyday Pretty and Date Night, Php2000
These palm-sized palettes house two Eye Shadows and two Lip Colors plus a mini Lip Gloss, making them perfect for stocking stuffing and party hopping. 

Everyday Pretty Lip & Eye Palette: Pink Beige Lip Color, Mauve Lip Color, Bare Sparkle High Shimmer Lip Gloss, Ivory Eye Shadow, Chino Eye Shadow, Espresso Eye Shadow

Date Night Lip & Eye Palette: Sandwash Pink Lip Color, Berry Punch Lip Color, Diamond Pink High Shimmer Lip Gloss, Ivory Eye Shadow, Storm Cloud Eye Shadow, Caviar Eye Shadow

Smokey Warm and Smokey Cool Eyeshadow Palettes, Php2700
In a variety of nude to rich shades in cool and warm tones, these sleek compacts feature dazzling shades to add instant drama to your holiday look. Includes a Dual-Ended Eye Shadow and Eye Liner Brush

Smokey Cool Eye Palette: Ivory Eye Shadow, Graphite Sparkle Eye Shadow, Smokey Grey Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Truffle Eye Shadow, Platinum Sparkle Eye Shadow, Caviar Eye Shadow 
Smokey Warm Eye Palette: Ivory Eye Shadow, Antique Gold Metallic Eye Shadow, Blonde Eye Shadow, Golden Chocolate Metallic Eye Shadow, Chiffon Sparkle Eye Shadow, Espresso Eye Shadow

Sequin Shimmer Brick Eye Palette, Php2700
Featuring 10 eye shadows in a  range of cool, shimmery shades in silver, dusty rose and golden tones, this is the ultimate accessory for the eyes. Use the Eye Shadow Brush to apply an individual shade across the lower lids for a glistening look. Or, sweep the Eye Shadow Brush across all the shades in the palette to achieve a radiant sheen.

Nude Glow Shimmer Brick, Php3200
Featuring a range of gold and bronze shades, Bobbi’s Nude Glow Shimmer Brick adds a warm glow to the skin-it’s a fresh and fun twist on a fan-favorite.

Old Hollywood Mini Brush Set, Php4200
This compact Mini Brush Set is perfect to pop into your handbag for mid-day or mid-party touch-ups.Includes four mini brushes: Mini Face Blender Brush, Mini Eye Sweep Brush, Dual-Ended Mini Smokey Eye Liner & Angle Eye Shadow Brush and Mini Eye Brow Brush to create the perfect pretty or sultry eye.

Old Hollywood Travel Brush Set, Php7550
This essential brush set has all the tools you need to achieve a flawless look. A gorgeous light gold case with a black satin interior makes it a must-have for every fashionista.

Includes eight of Bobbi’s must-have brushes: Foundation Brush, Dual-Ended Concealer & Blending Brush, Retouching Brush, Touch Up Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush, Smokey Eye Liner Brush.

Old Hollywood Traincase, Php 12800
Bobbi’s updated take on a vintage train case, this sleek gold compartmentalized zip-top case neatly houses all your Bobbi Brown makeup and brushes. The durable exterior makes it your ideal travel companion.

Old Hollywood Beauty Trunk, Php21600 
A makeup aficionado’s dream, this sleek gold case with interior mirror and numerous compartments makes for efficient organization and show-stopping display of your Bobbi Brown makeup, skincare and brushes

And of course, the "Star" of the collection...
Twilight Pink Lip and Eye Palette, Php 4300.
This double-decker compact includes everything you need to play up your eyes and lips all party season long. This palette offers 10 gorgeous eye shadows in a variety of textures- from metallic to sparkle to shimmer-and four pretty lip shades, plus a mini lip and mini eye shadow brush. 
Shades: Ivory Eye Shadow, Dusk Sparkle Shadow, Canary Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Cool Ivory Eye Shadow, Nude Eye Shadow, Slate Eye Shadow, Opal Sparkle Eye Shadow, Truffle Eye Shadow, Twilight Pink Metallic Eye Shadow, Espresso Eye Shadow, Twilight Pink Creamy Lip Color, Nude Pink Creamy Lip Color, Pale Mauve Creamy Lip Color, Bronze Pink Creamy Lip Color

If you didn't feel even a wee bit of excitement from this collection, can you at least tell me what's your secret?  Because I am literally drooling! Hahaha!  The Twilight Pink palette definitely tops my list.  I remember getting almost the same palette last 2010, the Pretty in a Box palette.  It's gorgeous and I don't mind getting another one this Christmas, as a gift!  Ugh, I need to get a job soon. 

I would also love to get the Shimmer Brick Eyeshadow palette, the Smokey Cool and Warm Palettes, the Travel Brush Set and the Beauty Trunk!  Too much!? Well, dreaming is free so don't dare stop me. (laughs) But if you want to make my dream come true, you are most welcome to do so!

Everything is limited edition, so if there's anything that you like in this collection, watch out for it this mid-November at the Rustan's counters nearest you.  As for those here in Dubai, I'll try to get some information for you too!  

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