Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hard Rock Cafe's Memorabilia Tour: 50 Years of Rock and Fashion now in Dubai!

To all music fans out there, the Hard Rock Cafe's Travelling Memorabilia is now here in Dubai for a week, showcasing 10 outfits worn by music superstars of the last 50 years.

I was among the first ones who were given a chance to check out this collection they call Treasures of the Hard Rock Cafe: 50 Years of Rock and Fashion, and I must say, some of the pieces definitely brought back a lot of memories!

You aren't a Britney fan if you have no idea where she used this costume! LOL! Her song (You Drive Me) Crazy is one of my ultimate LSS (Last Song Syndrome) back in the days. I had the song playing in my mind right after seeing this item. Now I want her music back to my playlist. I must admit, I love Britney until now.

I love Justin as much as I love Britney, and I was one of those who got broken hearted when they broke up.  I was like "But they look so good together! And they are both so good with music! I wanna dieeee!" Okay, I'm kidding with that last line.  

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Beth Thomas (Sales & Marketing Manager, Hard Rock Cafe) and Donny Rudolf (Vibe Host & Memorabilia Expert)

The collection has been on tour starting February of this year and its next stop will be in India.  The travelling memorabilia will be at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dubai Festival City until December 2. So if you're a fan, you definitely don't want to miss it.

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AskMeWhats said...

aww thanks for sharing this, parang nag travel din ako with you sa Hard Rock :) miss you

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