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Estee Lauder Makeup Artist's Portfolio: Swatches + Initial Thoughts...

One thing I love about Christmas is that some people would actually ask you what you want to get as a gift.  And at times like this, you better say what you really want!  Forget about being shy and voice out your heart's desires.  

Actually, those who really know me don't really have to ask me what I want. They should know already. It's makeup and it doesn't really have to be a high-end brand. Like, seriously!  I started my collection with local brands, even those being sold at bangketas!  (laughs) Well, any gift would do.  As they say, it's the thought that counts!

For today, let me show you one of the gifts I got from my Mom who actually didn't get surprised at all when I told her what I want...

Estee Lauder Makeup Artists' Portfolio Palette
(Holiday 2013 Collection)

I can say that this is the most bonggacious palette I ever got as a gift.  I originally asked for the set that includes a gold clutch but according to Mom, it's already sold out.  She didn't say she got me this instead so when she showed me what she'd be sending me when we Skype'd, I shrieked and literally jumped for joy!  

And I mean, who wouldn't be so happy!?  I guess for somebody who loves makeup so much, this is something worth jumping for. Geesh, I'll even do somersaults if I could! 

I tried searching for swatches of what's inside this gorgeous palette, but I wasn't able to find any.  So I figured, I'll show you instead.  

This is a book-style palette that opens up to reveal three sides.  It weighs less than a kilo, probably half and won't take too much of your baggage space if you'd want to bring this when you travel. The sides where the eyeshadows, lipcolors and blushes are covered by a transparent plastic so the colours won't overlap and to also protect them from dirt.  The shade name is also printed on the plastic that goes over the actual makeup pan so you'll know exactly what color you are using.

The left side has clear mirror that is honest.  Honest meaning, you see the real you.  Have you ever looked into a mirror and you see a thinner, or sometimes a fatter you?  This one's not like that.  In short, hindi siya sinungaling!  (It doesn't lie)  Well, at this point, I actually wish this mirror lies.  I mean, I'd love to see a thinner me.

This side also has some insert cards that are actually sample makeup looks you can copy.

The middle part, and my favourite part of the palette, has the 30 Pure Color eyeshadows and the mini brushes.

This isn't the first time I came across Estee Lauder's eyeshadows.  Me and my Mom have been buying their holiday sets for some years already and we love everything we get from the sets.  I think I still have the big gold palette of eyeshadows from their previous holiday collections and the eyeshadow palette from their Michael Kors X Estee Lauder collection. But I think this is the first time I'd be posting swatches for their eyeshadows.  So please, allow me...

First Row

Second Row

Third Row

Fourth Row

Fifth Row

Sixth Row

The eyeshadows have a smooth texture, blends easily and most of them are already pigmented even on the first swipe. Take note that I didn't use any primer on any of the swatches.  I've worn some of their eyeshadows before and they don't crease with a primer beneath. Soon, I'll try wearing them without a primer and let's see how good their staying power is.  

My favourites among these colours are: Ivory Slipper, Indescent Violet, Sugar Biscuit, Praline, Flirty Lilac, Wild Sable, Cobblestones, Amethyst Spark, Nude Fresco, Tempting Mocha…geesh, I think almost all of them!

the brushes

The brushes, sad to say, are something I won't use. I mean, they are usable but I still prefer using my brushes most especially for doing eye makeup.

The left fold of this side has two lip glosses, while the right fold has a double-ended eyeliner.

Shimmer lipgloss in Fuchsia Fantasy and Praline Paradise

I love, love their Pure Color lip glosses!  I remember last year, or was it the year before, when I got myself the holiday kit that has 5 (or 6) travel-sized lip glosses.  My ultimate favourite is the Brazen Berry, which I've been using on top of my MAC Peachstock as my to-go lip colour.

The glosses included in this palette are both gorgeous too!  You can use them on their own or as a topper to your lip color of choice. I bet you already know where I'm gonna partner these two!

Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner Duo 

This isn't the first time I had their Kajal Eyeliner, but to be honest, this is the first time I paid attention to it.  To my surprise, it applies easily and evenly without the need to go back and forth and it stays put!  But  it doesn't stay longer than 3hours if applied on the lower waterline. 

The third side has the lipsticks and the blushes plus a bronzer

There are 11 Pure Color Long Lasting and 4 Pure Color Crystal lipsticks in this set.  Now I'm just not sure which is which.

First Row

Second Row

Third Row

Bronzer + 3 Blushes

First Row 

Second Row

I love Estee Lauder Pure Color blushes, there's this blush palette that I've had for a long time but haven't really used until I discovered how lovely the colors are.  Too bad, I lost it somewhere. Hopefully their new owner loves them as much as I do.  I heard this Bronze Goddess bronzer is a must-have from Estee Lauder, I've used it twice already and I think it will take the place of my favourite contouring powder.

This baby costs Php3900 in Manila but I'm not sure if this is still available. I haven't checked an Estee Lauder counter here in Dubai so I don't know if this is available here either.  I'll update this post, just in case.  

I love this palette, not only because I can survive with just having this and my face products and my brushes but also because this was given to me by my Mom.  I actually had a hard time using them the first time because they are just too pretty and I don't want to get them dirty.  That's the hardest thing about using things that are just too pretty, no?

I'll be posting some looks using this palette soon, so watch out for it!

It's New Year's Eve later, I hope you'll have a blast.  But please do stay away from firecrackers, okay?  If you can't, at least be careful.


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Unknown said...

Fantastic choice of swatches there Brigitte! I'm glad you got one and I'm even happier for you because you got a great gift. I've been looking for makeup reviews high and low for this one so I'm glad I landed here, I even got as far to visiting Rea Pinpin makeup stylist's blog page. Came up empty but I did see some airbrush painting tips.

Would love to see other reviews if you decide to post again, keep being fabulous and stay strong no matter what you do.

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