Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday Makeup Looks: Smokey Golds...

And I'm back for another Holiday Makeup Look!  I know this isn't the first time you'd see a smokey gold makeup look from me but hey, I've used gold glitters this time…it does make it different, right!? Right!? Please say right. I beg you.

Anyway, here's the look:

I was supposed to do a video tutorial for this one but if I did, this post won't make it this year…maybe after a couple of months!  Geesh, I have a number of videos I've been meaning to edit but procrastination always gets the best of me.  So I hope a photo tutorial would do for now...

1. For this look, I didn't do my foundation first.  Instead, I went straight to doing my brows

2.  Apply an eyeshadow primer (UDPP in Eden) all over the lid  

3.  Using a fluffy blending brush (MAC 224), I applied MAC eyeshadow in Bamboo (matte medium brown) on my crease starting from the outer corner of my eye.

4. Using a flat eye eyeshadow brush  (MAC 239), apply MAC eyeshadow in Amber Lights (coppery gold) on the lid.

5. Using a pointed eyeshadow brush (Charm pencil brush), trace the outer-V of your eye with MAC eyeshadow in Carbon (matte black).

6. Using a smaller fluffy blending brush (MAC 222) blend the black eyeshadow to get rid of the harsh lines.  Bring some of the colour onto the inner crease too.

7. Using a flat synthetic eyeshadow brush, apply gold glitter eyeshadow on the area where you applied the MAC Amber Lights.  I used Barry M. fine glitter dust in Gold. To make it stick on to my lid, I applied a bit of petroleum jelly as base.  I don't really recommend it though as it'll make your eyeshadow crease but I didn't have a choice.  Now I have a reason to buy myself that Too Faced Glitter Gel soon!

8. Before applying my falsies, I like to apply my eyeliner thinly at first.  

9.  While waiting for the lash glue to become tacky, curl your lashes then using a tweezer, apply your falsies.  I also use a mascara to bind my natural lashes with the falsies.

After the eye makeup, I then proceeded with the rest of my makeup.

Sephora 10-hr Wear Perfection Foundation, 
Sephora 8Hr Mattifying Pressed Powder
Sleek Face Contour Kit
Ultraflesh Shinebox for the cheeks
 MAC l/s in Ruby Woo + Estee Lauder lipgloss

I hope you like it!

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Unknown said...

Wow this look is perfect! I love all the looks that you do, you're so talented! xoxo

Juvy said...

I Love your tutorial! <3

aestheticallysavvy said...


Unknown said...

thanks so much! :) Jemimah, Juvy and aestheticallysavvy !

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