Friday, December 6, 2013

OROS Perfume Launch at The Armani Hotel...

OROS (Spanish term for Gold), a high-end French fragrance brand launched two luxury fragrances at the swanky ballroom of the Armani Hotel last November 25: the Oros Pour Homme and Oros Pour Femme.

Both perfumes are encased in a luxurious, handcrafted bottles with a dozen crystals that represents the wearer's persona and sophistication for each month throughout the year, while the Swarovski stud on the cap imparts opulence as its the crowning glory.

Oros Pour Homme

Offered in a robust black bottle, it exemplifies an intrepid, masculine and charismatic theme. This all-pervasive scent gives to its wearer an esoteric and fascinating feel enjoyed by men who are avid for energy, sports and adventure. The fragrance opens with citrus accords paired up with pink pepper and continues to a sensual blend of spices and jasmine. The dry-down at the end uses a mix of guaicwood, patchouli and sandalwood.

Oros Pour Femme
Presented in a sleek graceful clear glass bottle, the scent is described as elegant, provocative and free spirited, full of passion and emotion. It combines floral elements with the glamorous sensuality of an Oros woman. It opens to sparkling notes of bergamot, pear and lily and reveals a sensuous floral combination of ylang-ylang, absolute tuberose and absolute jasmine. The dry-down of the scent combines white musk, patchouli and amber.

"Both fragrances were created by Armaf Inc. France, with the help of connoisseurs, who have played an immense role in making OROS a unique fragrance, and added personality to the packaging." explained Amit Vardhan, Sales and Marketing Director of Sterling Parfums.  

As per Kanika Kumar, Brand Manager of Armaf, "The luxurious French duo is developed using natural oils and special aromatic ingredients making the fragrances irresistible and incredibly long-lasting."

At the event, we were given a chance to try out the scents and I actually liked the Pour Homme more. It's fresh and citrusy, which I prefer when it comes to fragrances. The Pour Femme on the other hand smells sexy, and would be great for date nights.

The event was also graced by the great illusionist from Argentina, Gaston Quieto, who performed some magic.  I usually don't pay attention to magic shows, but I got curious after I saw how excited the audience were when the host announced his presence. And boy, I'm glad I did.  Aside from his great magic tricks, he also have a very good sense of humour, making the audience really pay attention.

OROS, developed by Armaf Inc. France, is manufactured by Sterling Parfums, one of the leading and largest perfume manufacturers in the region. It will be exclusively distributed by MULTIPLEX International LLC in the UAE and will be available starting the 15th of December at prestigious retail outlets and leading perfumeries.

So if you haven't gotten presents for your best girl friends and/or significant other, this would be a great gift idea. 

According to Rakesh Puri, Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Parfums, "OROS fragrances will also be available in 81 countries across the world, from Japan to US within 60 days of launch."

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