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Product Review: Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation and Pressed Powder...

I was still in Manila when I first read about this Nearly Naked line from Revlon.  I hoped and prayed that it becomes available because I was really itching to try it.  I know I have a lot of foundations/powders already..but, its promise of natural-looking makeup is just so hard to ignore.  Who doesn't want that anyway? And one more thing...a girl can never have too much makeup, right? So what the heck, I am so gonna get it once it becomes available was what I told myself. 

I left mid-August, and still no signs of Revlon Nearly Naked. 

Disappointed?  A bit.  But not for long.  Because I was on my way to the US...and that's where the reviews about this new line are coming from. Yey! I went straight to the Revlon section on my very first trip to the CVS pharmacy near our hotel.  I was that excited!

REVLON Nearly Naked Makeup (Liquid Foundation) and Pressed Powder

Both products, according to Revlon, assures you of natural-looking made up skin. Want to know how it fares on my uber-oily skin?  More after the jump!

For my review, let's talk about the Nearly Naked Makeup first:

REVLON Nearly Naked Makeup
Makeup so refreshingly light, it melts right in, creating a fresh even look.  So the only one that knows you are wearing makeup is you.  Blends seamlessly, buildable coverage.

Just like the Colorstay liquid foundation, this comes in a glass bottle which I'm not too happy about since glass bottles and me don't really get along well.  I also wish it comes with a pump, as it's a lot more hygienic that way and the amount of product that comes out of the bottle is more controlled. 

I got the shade in Shell, as I was unsure if Nude is not a bit dark on me. Most of the time, I just get a foundation that is lighter than my shade then I just set it with a darker shade or powder.  Or sometimes, it just sort of adjust to my skin tone after it sets...probably because I'm acidic.

For this review, I just applied a moisturizing sunblock after toning and skipped the face primer so I can really check whether it would stay put on my oily, blemished skin.

Yeah, breakouts galore...I badly need a facial!  
If you're also here in Dubai and happen to know a good facial center, please let me know!

after a layer, applied by fingers

As you can see, it was already able to cover some of the redness.

after another layer, still applied using fingers

By this time, redness have been significantly covered...but not totally.  The blemishes on my cheeks and forehead are still visible.     

I discovered that the technique for this product is to apply it in thin layers then wait for a few minutes for it to set.  On the first layer, it actually looked like I didn't put anything on but after a few minutes, I was surprised to see that it was able to cover some of my redness.  And after the second layer, I felt like I don't need to use a separate concealer.  Instead, I just pat on another thin layer on the blemishes on my cheeks and forehead and's as if I've used a concealer.  Well, I did use a concealer, but only on my under eye area.

It feels light on the skin, and well, looks skin-like too. The coverage is light to medium, and it really does a good job in evening out the skin. Finish is dewy matte, which makes it look more natural.

It has SPF20, but it still looks okay in pictures taken with flash.  It has a thin liquid consistency, which I think would work better when applied using fingers instead of a brush. 

bare face - after a layer - after two layers (entire face) + another layer on blemishes

Next, we go to the Pressed Powder:

REVLON Nearly Naked Pressed Powder 
Undetectable coverage. Unbelievable complexion. Makeup so refreshingly light it melts right in, creating a fresh, even look.  Pressed powder blends seamlessly with a lightweight feel.

It comes with a small mirror and a small powder puff.  I'm pretty sure you'd agree with me if I say, it would be a lot better if those two are actually bigger.

I usually throw away the sponge, or the brush that comes with the powders but in this case, I didn't.  I find it very useful, since it's what I use to set the makeup by dabbing/patting it on my face instead of swiping.  Then, I use a stippling powder brush after to take away the excess.

one swipe - three swipes

As you can see at the above photo, the powder is really sheer but can be built to provide more coverage.  It's something that you cannot use on its own, unless you have a good-looking skin to begin with.  

after setting with the pressed powder

Finish is matte and the powder provides that last bit of coverage needed to even out my skin a bit more.  As you can see, it looks powdery but give it a few more minutes and it will look more natural. 

Here's how it looks like after I did my brows, eyeliner and some contouring:

Finish is more like dewy-matte.  Probably because I didn't use a primer?  Well, I did try using it with a primer underneath and it would still give me this kind of finish.  I used to go after really matte-looking finishes, but I realized that looking dewy is much better since it makes you look younger and more glowing.

after 2hrs - after 4hrs - after 7hrs

Take note that on the 4th hour, I used an oil blotting sheet on my T-zone and on the sides of my nose.  Makeup is still intact and the redness are still covered.  

After another 3 hours, my T-zone and sides of my nose are oily again and this time, the redness are beginning to be visible.  But overall, it still looks good. Remember, I didn't use a primer and to still look presentable after 7 hours is already something. So yeah, staying power of this duo is quite good.  

I've already tried using a primer first and oilies started creeping their way through by the 4th hour.  So if you have oily skin like mine, using a primer beneath would help.  This combo won't keep you from oiling up but it won't make you oilier than your usual...well, at least in my case.

I can say that either of the products can be used on its own. The liquid foundation needs to be set with a powder, else it will slide off your face.  And the pressed powder cannot be used on its own as well, unless you have great skin to begin with.

I would recommend this to those who want natural-looking finish makeup, don't really have much to cover (but I do have a lot and this combo works great on me!) and don't mind to use oil blotting sheets from time to time. 

I am liking this combo and I think I'm going to re-purchase. I have no idea how much they cost here in UAE but in the US, they are priced at $9.99 and I actually got them with the "buy one, get the other at half the price" deal. 

If you've tried this, let me know if you like it.  And if you haven't, would you give it a try?  They say it's comparable to Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation, which I also have but it's still in a box on transit going here.  And I already sort of forgot how it fares on my skin. I'll try to make a comparative review on them once I get the rest of my stuff from back home.

It's midweek, and 21 days before Christmas!

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Unknown said...

i think the revlon nearly naked foundie costs around 78dhs if i am not mistaken. i am hesitating to try it because it may not be enough to cover my blemishes but after seeing this review im sold! thanks for another great review :)

Iambrigitte said...

thanks for dropping by jenisse ! :)

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