Friday, January 3, 2014

Bobbi Brown Twilight Pink Lip and Eye Palette: Swatches and Initial Thoughts...

I think one thing that I won't be able to change about me this year would be my love for makeup.  I started collecting makeup even when I still don't know how to use them properly.  (laughs) I don't know, but I just feel a lot better after shopping for makeup.  Ask me to choose between a new bag or clothes and makeup and I'll happily choose the latter every time.  Ask me what I want as a gift and I'll say makeup without blinking.  I'm not sure until when this "addiction" if you might want to call it like that would last, but what I know is that I love collecting makeup. Actually, it has been lessened a bit already because before, I would buy any makeup as long as it looks beautiful.  Now, I read reviews online or buy from brands which I know really produce good-quality makeup.  So I guess, I'm not as worse as before.

And what makes me even happier is when people around me support me, even though they would sometimes wonder when will this ever end.  They would say I have a makeup collection already enough to last me a lifetime (ugh, they are exaggerating of course!) but at the end of the day, it's always about giving me what I want.  I'm spoiled, me thinks.  But I guess, it's just because they love me. 

I first saw the Bobbi Brown Twilight Pink Lip and Eye palette when I was sent a PR material for the brand's holiday collection. I had my eyes set on this palette, and wondered how am I ever going to get my hands on it. Well, being unemployed somehow stops me to go splurging like I've used to.  So I told myself, I'm gonna miss this beauty and was just about to put it in my "…the ones that got away" list when I saw Mom post a photo of this in her Instagram.  I liked and commented how much I like it and she asked me if I want this or the Estee Lauder that I first requested from her.  I said both, and didn't hear anything more about this from her.  So I thought, she's not up for it.  And well, I can't be spoiled all the time, right!?

But then, I was too surprised when she sent it to me plus the Estee Lauder Makeup Artists' Portfolio palette.  Apparently, she really bought it for me.  Awww, my Mom really knows best!

Now, who doesn't love the sleek, black packaging of Bobbi Brown? It spells class and sophistication all over!

Isn't this a beauty!? 

Just like the Pretty in a Box palette which I also have, this contains 10 gorgeous eye shadow and lipcolors that are all very Bobbi. It also has a big mirror and two brushes: an eyeshadow brush and a lip brush.  It's in a double decker palette, and yet so incredibly lightweight so no fuzz carrying it around.

Now on to the swatches:

 Top: Ivory (creamy matte white), Dusk (sparkly pink), Canary (shimmery pale gold), Cool Ivory (matte light gray), Nude (matte muted peach)

Bottom: Slate (matte medium gray), Opal (sparkly silver), Truffle (matte tray pink), Twilight Pink (shimmery peachy pink), Espresso (matte dark chocolate brown) 

(swatches here are swiped once)

(swatches here are swiped twice)

 Twilight Pink, Nude Pink, Pale Mauve, Bronzed Pink

As you can see, the eyeshadows are pretty much sheer but pigmentation can be built.  And that's exactly what I love about Bobbi Brown eyeshadows: you won't have the problem of putting too much colour at once.  If you have oily lids, using a primer beneath would really help with the creasing and amping up the colour a bit.  This palette has a variety of different textures like matte, sparkle and shimmer so you'd be able to create a lot of different makeup looks.  The lip colours on the other hand are just perfect to be worn alone or used on top of your favourite lipstick shade.  

If you already have a nude palette that works for you, then I guess this isn't really a must-have.  But if you love Bobbi Brown and you love collecting limited edition stuff, then this would be a great addition to your collection.  In my case, Bobbi Brown palettes are always welcome in my stash so I'm glad I got this.  What makes it even more special is that Mom gave this to me, buying this even before I asked her to…because she knows what I would love best.

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