Friday, January 24, 2014

My Brazilian Wax Experience at NStyle Nail Lounge...

A few months ago, I posted my BW experience at Sisters Beauty Lounge. And though I liked it (except for the attendant not stepping out of the room when I was asked to remove my undies, LoL!) I decided to check out other beauty salons that offer brazilian waxing when it was time again for another session.  I initially went to Profile Salon inside  Harvey Nichols in MoE but their waxing service is already fully booked.  I asked if I can get a haircut instead and yes, they are also full!  Darn, this salon might be really good because they are really in-demand.  I was told to call for an appointment first,  so I can be sure to have a slot when I go there next time.

I was disappointed and thought of just going home instead, but I just hate not being able to do the things I intended to do on a certain day.  Besides, i'm already due (yes, it's that important! Hahha) for a brazilian wax.  I don't do it monthly just because I don't really have much hair down there (ugh, TMI!?) so I put it on schedule to be done every two months. And it's been two months since my last, so I just have to get it done! (insert frustrated face here)

But okay, fine..I guess I can wait for a few more days.  I just told myself that I'll drop by Profile Salon to set up an appointment for a brazilian wax before I go home.  I decided to   drop by Sephora first to check out if they have stocks of UD Naked 3 when I saw the NStyle Nail Lounge.  Ohh, I just remembered I am in a bad need of a foot spa too!   So I went in and inquired.  Yes, they do have available slots and guess what, they have waxing services too!  YEY!  "How about haircut?" I asked.  And whoa, they have that too! I think they need to change their name into something that won't make people think they only do nail services, no?  

So I initially booked for a brazilian wax, filled out a customer information form and then I was immediately ushered to their waxing room.  

This time, the attendant stepped out of the room after asking me to remove my undies and knocked first before entering the room again…whew!   The attendant was again a kabayan and we had a bit of kwentuhan about life in Dubai during the session, making the experience less awkward and well, made me think less about the pain. 

They use hot aloe wax and unlike Sisters Beauty Lounge, they also use waxing strips.  The attendant would first pat some baby powder on the area, apply the wax then cover it with the strip and finally, pull the strip off.  The session was just short, around 15 minutes or less, I think.  I even had to check down there if it was indeed finished. (laughs) I don't remember any cream applied before or after the session. Looking back, I remember some cream or gel being applied before and after my BW session at Beauty Sisters Lounge. At NStyle, there was none.

What I like:
Friendly staff.

Fast service.  The attendant must be already an expert on what she does to be able to finish in less than 15 minutes.

It's cheaper than that of Sisters Beauty Lounge.  I paid AED 100 for a full brazilian wax. (With SBL, it's AED 160 for Lycon and 120 for the regular wax)

What I don't like:
If you'd notice the photo I took of the bed, they only have a towel on top of the beddings. Now I'm not sure if they change that for each client. They do have extra towels on the wall though. With Sisters Beauty, aside from the beddings, they also have a paper cover on top which they change after a session with a client.  Well, I assume that they do because it gets wrinkled up after and the next client would definitely notice that somebody else have laid on it if they don't change it.

I had some rashes a few hours after my session.  I'm not sure if it's because of the wax or the powder though.  I think I would appreciate some pre- and post-wax creams or gels. 

I noticed that in just a few days, I see some hair growth already.  On my previous waxing sessions, a full week would pass without any hair growth.  

So basically, I prefer the experience I had with Sisters Beauty.  My "down there" remained smooth for a week at least, and I didn't get any rashes.  They only have one kind of wax because I only saw one price for each type of waxing service they offer.  They are cheaper, but I don't really mind paying a few more bucks as long as I'd be allergy-free. Maybe it's just me being allergic to something they have used on me, so I'm not gonna tell you to not try their waxing services. If you want to try, by all means, try and check for yourself.  Just remember that we have different skin types and reactions to stuff. If something doesn't work for me, it doesn't automatically mean that it won't also work for everybody. 

By the way, I also got a haircut and a pedicure. I love my haircut, but not the price (laughs). What I most love about it is that they don't hard sell.  They won't even let you have some things done when they think you don't need it or when they think you hair's not up for it.  I asked them if they can change my over-all hair colour to something darker because I can already see my roots and a darker shade would make my hair look healthier. The stylist told me to hold it off for a few more months because my hair is dry and would need to recover first.  She said I can go back after two or three months to have my hair checked first and see if my hair's ready for another colouring. I've been to some salons in the past where the stylist would even tell you how bad your hair looks just to be able to sell more of their services. Don't you just hate that?

As for the pedicure, the kabayan who did it is so good and very meticulous.  She's very soft-spoken too. Too bad I forgot her name.  

By the way, they also have facial and massage services.  Now, don't you also think they need to change their name?  Perhaps, it would be better if it's just NStyle Lounge or NStyle Beauty Lounge. 

I'll be due again for another BW soon.  Maybe I'll try Profile Salon next.


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Mai said...

I need to go for a Brazilian but I'm too shy, and I always worry about what the lady think ( I'm a very nervous selfcon cat haha) ... So, do they wax off everything, as in EVERYTHING? Or there is a no no area they never go approach ?

Unknown said...

hi Mai actually you have an option just to have the hairs at the sides removed. in my case i always go for full brazilian hihi. in PH, there's an option to leave it in a small triangular shape pa LOL! i used to be really shy, most especially during my first and second sessions, but i just try to think that the attendants are used to it na and that there's no need for me to be embarrassed about it. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Brigitte! :) I'm still a Brazilian wax virgin and I've decided to change the status soon.. Ha! So I was looking up for reviews about waxing salons here in Dubai and saw yours. I want to try Sisters beauty lounge but I think it's a little bit expensive than the salons near my work place in JLT that costs 85-100dhs only.. (That's why i'm having second thoughts!) Is it worth it doing brazilian wax at SBL? Do they have aftercare to prevent ingrown hairs? And any tips for a first timer? :D Two thumbs up on your blog sistah!

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