Saturday, January 4, 2014

Product Review: Vidal Sassoon Magic Style Activator (For Curl)...

I remember someone telling me in the past that curly hair is much more less maintenance than straight hair. She said at least you'd no longer have to blow/air dry or iron it if you have wavy hair.  And that you'll always have fabulous-looking hair, without the need to go to the salon.  Fortunately for her, I can't seem to remember who she was. Because honestly, I want to wring her neck for talking me into having my hair curled! 

Okay, I'm kidding.  
Or maybe not!

Anyways, now that I am stuck to having curly hair for a few months more..or maybe years, I am always on the look out for products that will keep my hair from looking overly-dry…or dead.  The water here in Dubai isn't helping either, making it more dry and prone to split ends.  I actually had to cut some 5-inches of my hair last month and quite happy about it because, it did help my hair look a bit more alive than it was for the past few months. Now my challenge is to keep it looking like that else, I would have to chop off more. Which is not really an option for me right now, considering my face grew twice its usual size.  Yeah, I am that chubbeeeh!

I've tried using different brands of hair mousse in the past and though they did help in giving me luscious-looking locks, I just hate when it makes my hair look dry after a few hours.  I also didn't like that my hair feels stiff and crunchy.  I'm also using some hair oils and they work fine, making my hair look shiny and all, but they fail in keeping the curls.  

My good friend, Phoebe, might have known that I am getting kunsumido with my hair that she decided to send me the Vidalsassoon Magic Style Activator for curly hair.  I'm pretty sure that by now you already know that Vidalsassoon is back in the Philippines.  I remember using their shampoo and conditioner in the past, but I can't remember if they also have this hair serum.  Maybe they do, but I just didn't care because I have straight hair back then.

Vidal Sassoon Magic Style Activator (for Curl), Php 349/30ml

This leave-on hair treatment is said to keep hair moisturised making it more manageable to styling and free from frizz.  I was skeptical at first, because most of the products I've tried will just either moisturise or keep the curls, and not do both at the same time.  

Now, the question is, does it work?

First, let me show a photo of my hair when I didn't put anything after I washed and dried my hair:

(please excuse the pimple marks)

Hair would look just a bit wavy without any product on.  

And this is how it looks like with Vidal Sassoon:

Notice how my hair looks a lot more curly.  This is an hour or so after applying the style activator onto my damp hair.

And this is how my hair would look like after a few more hours:

Sorry, I can't find a more decent photo with my hair all dried…so excuse the goof ball in me here.

Anyways, after a few more hours with the Magic Style Activator on my hair, it loses the wet look but not the curls.  If you touch it, it doesn't feel crunchy or dry at all.  Not greasy too! Hair feels soft, you can actually run your fingers thru it and still not lose the curls.  When using a mousse, it's not advisable to continue touching your hair once it sets, because it will look frizzy.  

So this product is an absolute winner! It's a must have! If you haven't tried this and you are having the same hair issues like I do, try this!  

What I have is the 30ml bottled pump, but I've read that there's a 100ml size of this too! I need that bigger bottle because is just AMAZING and I absolutely love it.  Good thing, my Sampleroom family also sent me Vidal Sassoon products so now I have two of this, plus the shampoo, conditioner and the other hair treatment.  But yeah, I need to get more stocks.  Unfortunately, Vidal Sassoon is not available here in Dubai so I might have to ask my Mom to send me more of this.  Yuhooo, calling my uber-gorgeous Mom! 

Oh, another thing I love about it is the smell. It's kinda strong but the irritating kind of strong smell that will turn you off. The scent does tone down a bit after a few hours but it stays on.  I can still smell it the following day!

I apply it by spreading the product onto my palms and applying it on my hair starting from the ends. Then I scrunch the hair upwards, just like what I do when I'm using other hair products.

As per instructions, you only need 2-3 pumps of this each time.  I don't have thick hair but I use around 4 pumps of this, so if you have really thick hair, this small bottle will be used up in no time.  It doesn't come cheap too, but hey, it works!  I've tried much expensive brands in the past, but nothing gave me the same effect that this product gives.  So I really don't mind the price tag.  

You can get this baby for free (you only have to pay for the shipping) from Sampleroom.  I've just checked and there are still available samples (full-sized, actually!) so if you still have remaining points, you might want to give this a try.  Or if you haven't signed up yet, do sign up!  You won't regret it, I promise.  And we'd be roomies!

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Aya said...

Thanks for the review! I love their shampoo and conditioner (ordered from Sample Room too hihi). I'm gonna try this one next. I just ran out of my spray thingy for my curls :D

Unknown said...

Oh you should really try this Aya, it's the best hair treatment for curls I've tried so far! ;)

Pinkoolaid said...

Nice! this looks like a good product. It's great that there's more products in the market for curly haired people now. It was so hard to find stuff like these wayback when my hair was permed :s

ghreizy said...

wooow! I've been looking a good leave-on hair treatment for my curls. too bad I dont have enough points in sample room :) thanks for the review!

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