Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Nude Eclipse and Nova...

Another Rimmel post!? What can I do, this brand is so addicting…and affordable too!  Ever since I got my hands on their eyebrow pencil years ago, I've wanted to try more of their products.  But Rimmel isn't available in PH, and though there are lots of online sellers, I still prefer to see and test the products first before buying.  So just imagine my joy when the nearest supermarket from where I live here in Dubai has Rimmel! If my favourite drugstore brand back in PH is Revlon and L'oreal, then it's got to be Rimmel here in UAE!

For today, let me share with you my most recent find from Rimmel. I'm sure you've read a bit (or probably, a lot) about this already because I think they have been around for a time now but I just want to give you my two-cents.    

 Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquers
Combines the colour of a lipstick and lacquer shine of a lip gloss. It's neither a lipstick nor a gloss…it's bigger than both!  The creamy conditioning formula features pure colour pigments, leaving lips vibrant and glossy. 

It has around 13 shades and in as much as I wanted to get all, I just settled for two (for now).

Nude Eclipse

A great nude lip colour which has some peach undertones.  


A very nice shade of pink that instantly brightens up your face.  Think Barbie Pink-kind of pink!

Nova - Nude Eclipse

Sorry, no photos of me wearing them for now.  My face is so red and peeling like crazy because of Obagi, but I promise I'll use these babies on my FOTDs soon.  For the meantime, I just want you to see how amazing they are. 

What I like:
The packaging.  It comes in a tube that starts as black from the lid and gradually turns to the actual shade of the lacquer at the end.  
The unique applicator. Unlike your usual doe-foot applicator, this one has a hole on it making it hold more product so you won't have to double dip into the tube.
It's so pigmented!  It offers full opacity in just one swipe.
The finish is really shiny at first but after it dries, it will look matte…but not totally matte.  
It's affordable with a price tag of AED 46 each.
It stays for a good 4-5hrs (no eating or drinking) before it starts to fade. But it does fade nicely (no patches) and NOVA also leaves a bit of tint.  
It doesn't bleed on the lips.
It's not drying on the lips, but not too moisturizing either.
It's not as sticky as the other lip glosses I've tried.
It has a weird fruity scent (like bananas?) which is not so noticeable for me but if you're the kind who hates any sort of scents then this might be an issue.

What I don't like:
The Nude colour tends to settle into the lines of my lips, so when I'm using that, I make sure that I prep my puckers with a lip balm first.
It's not transfer-proof, though they don't claim it to be like that.  
It can be quite tricky to apply. Here's what I do so I won't end up applying too much:  I use the side of the applicator with the hole first to deposit the colour then use the other side to distribute the colour. 

Overall, I am liking these Apocalips.  I have my eyes on the other shades, most especially the Apocaliptic, Celestial and Stellar.  I was supposed to get Apocaliptic first, but my love for Nudes won. (laughs)  And well, I guess I'm still too chicken to wear really bright colours.  Sniff.

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