Monday, January 13, 2014

Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail Polish by Kate in Rock 'N Roll….

I left my collection of nail polishes at home.  And though it isn't that big, it took me years to come up such a collection.  I was not really into nail colours until I started getting samples from brands back in PH and also when Sol started having the most-sought brands of polishes available thru Digitaltraincase.  Well, she got addicted (aren't you still? haahha) to it first then she decided to help her fellow addicts get their hands on them too.  

Now, I don't think I'm gonna start with a nail polish collection again soon but I admit, I am checking out some brands that we don't have back home.  And of course, the most accessible to me would be those from Rimmel because it's available in Spinneys, which is by the way my favourite grocery here in Dubai.  If it's not yet our Market Day and I need a few stuff in the kitchen, I go to Spinneys.  But please don't let X know that I check out the cosmetics section first!

Since I can't wear red on my lips (I'm not used to it and X hates it), I'll wear it on my nails instead! So yes, I am starting my collection with this beautiful sexy red shade.  Oh, sorry, I did say I'm not starting a collection nga pala!  Geesh, I'm buking!

Rimmel London Salon Pro by Kate Nail Polish in Rock 'N Roll

According to Rimmel, this stays up to 10 days with no chipping and gives off a gel shine finish.

The brush is kinda thick and wide, and I'm guessing that those with small nails will hate it.  But I do find it good.  In three strokes, you'll have your entire nail covered.  I don't know with the other shades, but this particular shade goes opaque even in just one layer.    And yes, it dries quickly and gives a really shiny finish even without a top coat.  It has a gel-like formulation that is quite thick too, so you might want to brush off the excess first before applying on your nails.  

Rimmel promises a 10-day chip free nails with this, but in my case, it didn't live up to its claim.  It started to chip off on the 4th day, which by the way is already good in my case.  I do house chores and I type a lot too! But yes, the shine remains consistent, as if it has just been freshly applied.  

Priced at AED 26, so you won't really be burning a hole in your pocket should you intend to start a nail polish collection with this brand. 

I'll try to check out more shades next time.

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