Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nail Paints by Barry M...

Oh yes, I'm baaccck!  I know, it's not the first time I went MIA on this blog so I'm pretty sure you're already used to that. But I still want to explain myself why.  The reason of my sort of blogging-hiatus for some weeks was I focused on studying!  Yep, I finally decided on pushing thru with some certifications in line with my field and I took the first one last Thursday.  And I passed!  Woo-hoo!  Okay, it may not really be a big deal but I wasn't really expecting that I would pass.  I had a hard time studying (old age, maybe?) and I admit, I'd rather read about makeup.  So, I was literally trying so hard to stuff my little brain with a lot of geeky information. I could hear my heart beating so fast as I get nearer to the end of the exam. And when the score flashed at the end, I was like.."Oh yeaaah!"

 Funny that someone actually thought that the reason why I haven't been writing much is that because, I am no longer getting as much products as I used to. Well, I admit that I do miss getting gifts from our friends in PR but let me tell you that first, I still have a lot of stuff to write about. And second, I started this blog writing about stuff I bought with my own money and I still buy despite being able to get a lot of stuff for free. So not getting as much free stuff won't be an issue for me.  It will never be, and I promise you that.  I am still new here in Dubai and slowly getting invites on some events. Thanks also to my fellow bloggers and kabayan Rosel and Sheila for introducing me to some of the PRs here.  Maybe time will come, I'll be as active in events as I was before.  

Okaaay, enough blabbing. LOL!  Today, I want to show you an addition to my teeny-weeny nail polish collection…the Nail Paints from Barry M.
(no, not Manilow!)

Bright Purple

I call this the Barney shade!  I love, love this color…and yes, it's so 2014!  Radiant Orchid-ish, yes?  It's so bright and is a perfect summer color!  It does make my skin look whiter too. I'm not really fond of wearing loud colours on my hands anymore so I'm thinking of using this on my toe nails instead.  



For my hands, I prefer nude-ish shades that's why I got this. It came out too dark than I expected but I still like it. Maybe next time, I'll opt for just a single coat so it will be toned down.  Mr. X prefers this shade too!  

These Nail Paints cost AED20/each and the cheapest nail polish I've encountered here in Dubai so far. They are so pigmented, well at least these two that I've tried. Easy to apply and no need for a shiny top coat.  Take note that the above swatches don't have any top coat.  It dries fast and it takes 4-5 days before it starts to chip.  It doesn't leave my nails yellowish too! Again, I highly recommend getting them if you are starting on building your nail polish collection and you don't want to spend much moolah.  

Barry M. has other nail polish variants like the mattes and the glittery ones that I'll be checking out next. 
So stay tuned!

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Roch said...

How much does one nail polish usually cost in Dubai and how much is service charged at nail spa salons for manicure?

Unknown said...

Hi! It depends on the brand...I've only tried Rimmel (26-30 dhs) while this one is 20Dhs. There are different lines available too for eqch brand and the price varies. As for how much a manicure usually costs, i think it ranges from 80-100 Dhs in salons. I've only tried Nstyle at MoE and I paid 90Dhs for a pedicure. :)

Unknown said...

will let my wife read this, thanks for sharing!! :)

Lornajane Altura said...

I like the Barney Shade :)

Unknown said...

These are beautiful - my mother's favorite colors too. :) I'd love to try this brand some day.

Unknown said...

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