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Product Review: INGLOT Lip Pencil/Crayon #12...

And so I'm back with another lip product to show you.  And if you are thinking it's just another nude-ish/peachy/MLBB shade, then you are soooo RIGHT!

What can I do, they are the colours I am most comfortable with.  And husband-approved too, well at least in my case.  If you follow me on Instagram, you'd see a post of me wearing a loud pink lippie (Rimmel Apocalips in Nova) and guess what, Mr. X immediately gave me a stare.  No words needed, it just means "take that off!" (laughs)  Of course, I didn't budge.  But he didn't look so pleased and kept on rolling his eyes on me whenever I go checking on my puckers.  Ohh, (some) men just don't understand!

Anyway, let's go back to this most recent lip product purchase of mine…the INGLOT AMC Lip Pencil/Crayon in #12.

 INGLOT AMC Lip Pencil/Crayon #12

According to the INGLOT website, it has Avocado oil that moisturizes, smoothens and regenerates the lips and with a formula that ensures a long lasting even coverage with a velvety matte finish.  It's Paraban-free too and another best thing, it is not tested on animals.


Now the shade that I got is more on the peachy side. It kinda reminds me of my ultimate favourite MAC Peachstock (and yes, that's another reason why I chose this among other colours available!) but a tad darker.  

I think this lip crayons had a packaging makeover because on some old reviews I've read, the packaging doesn't include a sharpener.  And this one that I got actually has one!

How to use:  Just place the sharpener over the pencil then turn it clockwise. 

Now, I'm not really sure if I would be using the sharpener on this one because it would mean wasting some of the product.  I am not doing makeup on clients anymore (for now) so this baby is just for my personal use and I don't think I need to be that concern with hygiene with this. If ever, I can just wipe it against a wet wipe/tissue.  And second, if I would prefer the tip to remain (sort of) pointed for a more precise application, then I just have to be more strategic in using it. And I mean swiping the sides on my lips instead of the pointed tip. Ugh, I suck in giving directions.

Now, on to the swatches:

One Swipe - Three Swipes 

As you can see, this has a great pigmentation.  It also applies easily and smoothly on the lips. But since this is in matte formulation, you might want to make sure you've exfoliated and moisturised your lips first.

Uhm, please excuse the bare face plus the whole lot of blemishes and redness.  I am still on the Obagi Nuderm regimen so my face looks sensitive and raw.

Anyways, this is my current favourite MLBB shade.  I actually use this everyday, even when I'm not wearing any other makeup.  I think this actually helps me look a lot more forgiving than being totally bare-faced.  And of course, your smokey eyes would also rock when paired with this lippie!

What I like:

It's a great everyday lip color.  The shade doesn't wash me out, and for reference, I am a MAC NC25. 
It glides easily on the lips and applies evenly
Feels light on the lips and I don't experience any irritation
Has a great pigmentation that stays on for a good 4-5 hours (no eating)
Can be used as a lip liner and a lip color
It's transfer-proof once it dries
Fragrance-free and taste-free
Lightweight packaging that won't take much space in my makeup kit
It comes with a sharpener which I know is a big plus for some!
It's matte but is not drying on the lips.  Just be sure to exfoliate and moisturise your lips first
Paraben-free and not tested on animals

What I don't like:

Shade names come in numbers.  I hope they come up with a more descriptive shade names in the future!
May accentuate lip dryness if you don't exfoliate and moisturise first.
A bit expensive as it costs AED 80 (will have to double-check), but hey, INGLOT isn't a drugstore brand anyway!

Overall, I am liking this INGLOT Lip Crayon.  Like I've said, I use it everyday! But I won't be buying this again..not in the same shade, that is!  I would love to explore the other shades next time. 

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