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Product Review: Essence STAYS No Matter What Waterproof Eyeliner Pen...

FEBRUARY is over…so hello there, MARCH!  Time flies supeeeeer fast!  And I am counting the days starting today, because…I am going home for a vacation!  

Uhmm, technically it's not really a vacation because I've been on vacation since August.  I haven't been working since July and I must admit, I miss going to work.  I've worked for the last 13 years straight so being just a stay-at-home wifey is all new to me.  I know I've been so stressed from my last job, but I guess I've had enough vacation already!  I want to get my ass back to working soon!
(crossing fingers)

Okay, back to regular programming… 

I've been asked a lot of times already what makeup products I won't be able to live without. Well, an eyebrow makeup tops the list…and an eyeliner comes second. Had I known my eyes would look prettier with a liner, I should've learned using one way back school days!  (laughs) I've already found my HG eyeliner in K-Palette (check out my review here and also here) but unfortunately, they're not available here in the UAE.  I'm already running low on my favourite eyeliner so I need to find an alternative ASAP!  I also use a gel liner, but I find using a felt-tip liner easier and quicker. 

I was doing my grocery one day when I found Essence products.  I've heard about Essence and how good some of their products are, but haven't tried any yet.  I wasn't really planning to buy makeup but since my K-Palette is soon coming to its end, and this Essence liner is so cheap (AED 18, if I remember it right), I got one.  I've put my K-Palette liner to rest for the meantime and have been using this for weeks now.  So for today, I'll be sharing with you my thoughts about this eyeliner and if it's really something that could replace my beloved K-Palette.

ESSENCE Stays No Matter What Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Midnight Black

It says waterproof, partyproof and lifeproof.  Too confident, you think? Well, let's see if it lives up to its claims.

Like my K-Palette liner, this one also comes with a felt-tip.  But this one's more sturdy so drawing a line is easier, most especially if you're a newbie.

This liner can both draw thick and thin lines, it just depends on how heavy your hand is when using it.  It applies smoothly, without tugging the skin. It dries very fast too!

Is it smudge-proof?  Yes. Swatches above have been rubbed vigorously and there's a bit of fading, but they still look okay.

Is it waterproof?  No. As you can see on the photos above, the swatches faded when put directly under the water.  I also tried dipping the swatches in a tub of water and the same thing happened.

So no, do not attempt to use it if you're going swimming!

As you can see, there's a bit of stain left even after the swatches have been put under water and smudged after.  It stays on not until you'd wash it thoroughly with soap and water, or with a good cleansing oil.

It's not as black as I want it to be, so I have to go over the line one more time to get that intensity I want.

And here's how it looks like on my eyelids after cleansing using Ponds Cold Cream:

I panicked the first time I've used it and saw that it has stained my lids.  But it's nothing that a good cleansing oil or makeup remover won't be able to take care of. 

What I Like:
The packaging. I love that the letters are sort of neon, makes it easier to see even in the dark.  Also, the letters don't fade.  I've been using it for weeks and I don't see any fading. 
Easy to use, perfect for newbies. Doing a cat-eye is a breeze!
The felt tip remains sturdy.
Applies smoothly, no tugging of the skin.
It dries fast.  But if you're just starting to use an eyeliner, this could be a problem. You have to move fast in case you make a mistake.
No allergic reactions.
It stays put, no smudging as long as it does't get wet. 
So affordable.  It costs AED 18 at Geant Supermarket.

What I Don't Like:
It's not as pigmented as I want it to be.
Not waterproof.
It leaves a faint stain on the skin, which can really be bothersome most especially if you don't have anything to remove it immediately with.  

Will I repurchase?
No.  I've read that their liquid liner is better so I might check that out instead.  

So yes, I can say that this won't be able to replace my HG eyeliner.  I'll be going home in 3 weeks and I'm gonna make sure to hoard buy backups. 

Have you tried any Essence products?  I also got myself their mattifying loose powder, and I love it. But because my skin is still peeling, using it just makes the peeling a lot more obvious so I stopped using it for now.  I'll go back at it again once my skin becomes more behaved.

'Til my next review!  

Weeeee!  It's March and I'm seeing my family sooooonnn!  

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Sharina said...

I bought the blue and black fat but stout liquid liner and it's blacker than this! It's waterproof, rin! :) Php150 lang!

Unknown said...

Hmm, will check here kung meron! hahahah I am starting to like Essence products, mura pa! Sharina

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