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The Body Shop Spring 2014 Collection + More...

Hi, my loves!  And so I went POOF on a few days again.  But no, it's not because I'm back to studying for another certification exam but because of I've been..well, watching too much TV.  (laughs)  I've recently got copies of The Vampire Diaries and have been watching it like crazy for days.  'twas like I've been glued to my seat and nothing else matters!  LOL.  But the good thing about it is, I haven't been eating much. I guess seeing Damon (the hot Ian Somerhalder) is more than enough to keep me full.  Hahah!

Anyways, for today I want to share with you some of the awesome goodies I got as gifts from our friends from The Body Shop UAE (thanks!).  As you all know, their Spring 2014 collection is now out and so that's the first I'd be showing you…plus, some more! 

(Thanks to The Body Shop UAE for these gifts!)

First up is their new Shimmer Cubes:

Shimmer Cubes Palette #26: Hot Pink

 Shimmer Cubes Palette #30: Spring Bronze

 Both palettes are just perfect for Spring.  I've been partial to pinks but honestly, my vote goes to the palette #30 this time.  The colours are just so pretty, and well, pretty much suit any eye colour.  If you'd like to sport a bolder look, go ahead and whip up an FOTD with this palette. All the colours work well with each other for that perfect, bold smokey eye.  On days you'd like to exude that sweet, girly side of yours, Palette #26 is your best bet!

These shimmer cubes last forever and they stay put even when used without a primer.  Check out my review on their Lily Cole limited edition shimmer cubes here.

 Lip Gloss in Vanilla and Rose

These are scented and very lightly tinted lip glosses, which you can use on its own for a glossy high-shine finish or on top of your favourite lip color.  They are lightweight and non-sticky with a delicious scent, I had to keep myself from licking them off my lips!

And to complete your Spring look, and what excites me the most, is their Limited Edition Hair Chalks:

 Hair Chalks in Tickle Me Pink and Falling for Blue

 I came across hair chalks when I gifted a set to my niece some years ago.  I bought it from a toy store back home.  I myself got excited that I had to force my niece to open it immediately so we can try it out. Hahaha, I should've gotten one for myself!  But after trying it, I was thankful I didn't because they weren't as pigmented as I hoped them to be. It was okay for my 8-year old niece though, it has to be! 

But no, these hair chalks from The Body Shop surely did not disappoint!  The pigmentation is so great and the staying power is good too, considering I didn't set it with a hairspray as recommended.

Both colors showed on my hair, and washed out easily when I took a bath.  These hair chalks are a great way to put a "seasonal spring" on your hair, and will definitely make heads turn.  I wish they make this permanent and well, come up with a lot more colours!

Their Spring 2014 are still available in stores and you might want to check them out most especially the hair chalks before they go POOF!

Special Edition Blue Berry Body Butter

I love their body butters!  And this is no exception. The texture is thick as this intends to provide intense moisture, but still it gets easily absorbed by the skin. This by far is their best smelling body butter for me! It smells like real, fresh blueberries and still doesn't come off overpowering.  I love, love, love this!  I am definitely going back to get myself a backup.  My husband can be quite picky when it comes to scents and this one got his thumb of approval!

Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In Oil

Wake up to beautiful skin with new Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil, a technical innovation combining the power of a serum and oil to indulge, replenish and recharge skin with moisture overnight.

This baby is your "sleep-in-a-bottle" as it claims to make your skin look well-rested, as if you had an 8-hr sleep!  I've tried a product before that promises the same thing but because of its price tag, I wasn't able to buy a back up after my first purchase. Now this baby is much more affordable and being their Vitamin E range loved by many, I'm sure this one's not gonna be an exception.  

This too, gets easily absorbed by the skin and leaves it soft.  I am so itching to try this on my face but I still have a few weeks to go on my Obagi Nuderm regimen so I'm putting this off for now.  I will definitely try it when I get my chance and of course, will review this for you too!

Again, thanks to The Body Shop UAE for these gifts.  
I can't wait to come up with some makeup looks and a more detailed review soon!

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