Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Product Review: Clean Brush Shampoo...

Do you like cleaning your makeup brushes?  And when I say cleaning, I do mean really cleaning them, not just wiping them with wet wipes. I think if you only have a few brushes, then this wouldn't be too taxing.  But if you are a makeup artist or simply one who loves collecting brushes, then I am sure you dread the day when you have to give your brushes a bath. 

I usually wash my brushes using my trusted baby milk wash from J&J but for deep cleaning, I also use an antibacterial dishwashing liquid.  I pour some dishwashing liquid in one bowl and the milk wash in another.   Then I dip each of the brushes first in the one with the dishwashing liquid.  This basically helps loosen the dirt from the brush most especially from those that I use with creams/liquids.  Then I swirl each brush against the palm of my hand then rinse it with water.   And because I still hate the fact that I am using something on my face that I've washed with dishwashing liquid, I then dip each of the brushes in the bowl with the baby milk wash, swirl it against the palm of my hand while under running water.  And that's it, that's how I clean my brushes.  And yes, I hate it.  (laughs)  It just takes a lot of time!

But after getting my hands on the Clean Brush Shampoo (thanks Digitaltraincase!) I now actually look forward to cleaning my brushes!

Clean Brush Shampoo
(Php 1050 / 4 oz)

This product is made by Jessica Ochs, a makeup artist herself, in the quest of finding an effective and efficient brush cleaner.  There are 5 available scents (Lemon, Lavander, Rose, Grapefruit and Unscented) and you can choose between two formulations:  Olive Oil (for conditioning, best for brushes with natural hairs) and Goat's Milk (for whitening stained brushes).

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Skin Turn Up The Heat Summer Collection: Swatches + Review….

I have a confession to make…I used to hate summer.  I didn't really like the outdoors.  And I'd gladly bury myself in blanket or layers of clothing during the cold season rather than go basking under the sun and getting a tan.  

Oh well, I was that boring! But not anymore.  I love having fair skin but I realized, I look a lot slimmer when I have a tan. (laughs)  During my recent vacation in the Philippines, I was mostly out (went to the beach, did a bit of hiking, rode zip lines, etc) and geesh, I had a great time! So yes, I'd choose to have summer any time.  Besides, if getting sun burnt is the only thing I'd  be worrying about during summer (or any time there is too much sun), it's nothing that my current holy grail sunblock won't be able to take care of.  

And the other thing I love about summer ? The makeup collections that have been coming up! You know, all that bright, summer-y colours that gives even the most sun kissed skin a pop.  I've seen the collections from some brands, but I got the most excited when I heard that Happy Skin is coming up with theirs! I was able to attend the event, and I was just so glad to see my blogger friends there..and of course, get first dibs on what the brand has to offer for summer.  

I've already posted deets about their new products but for today's post, I'll be telling you more about their summer makeup collection plus swatches!

Happy Skin Turn Up The Heat Summer 2014 Makeup Collection

The collection features three new sizzling shades of their bestselling Shut Up & Kiss Me lippies and two new summer hues of their Get Cheeky With Me blushes.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Contest Alert: Win a 6-month subscription with Glambox Middle East...

Hi, my loves! 

 For months now, I've been sharing with you an unboxing post of my boxes from Glambox Middle East.  Since I so love surprises, I always look forward to receiving my box.  It certainly feels like Christmas morning whenever I do!  And well, I'm sure you'd want to feel the same too!  

So…I'll be giving away a 6-month subscription with Glambox  to one lucky reader! 
(thanks Glambox Middle East for making this possible) 

Here's how:

1. Follow Me (Iambrigitte) and Glambox Middle East (GlamboxME) on Instagram
2. Answer the question: What brand/product would you want to see inside Glambox? And send your answer with your Instagram account to

Contest ends on April 30 and is open to all UAE residents.  

I'll be waiting for your entries!

Please like me on Facebook ( IambrigittePage ) and follow me on Twitter (_IAmBrigitte_) and Instagram (Iambrigitte)
Sunday, April 20, 2014

Be protected and stay young in the sun with Belo SunExpert Sunblocks...

If you like the outdoors, going to the beach and basking under the sun, you gotta make sure that your skin is well-protected from all the sun's harmful rays.  That means slapping on sunblock, baby!  And let's face it, not all sunblock are pleasant.  Some have an awful scent it's like you just came out of a chemistry lab after using it.  Some can be oh-so-damn sticky and greasy that you'd feel uneasy and make you less enjoy your outdoor activities.  And yes, there are some that would leave a whitish cast on and off photos, and who would like to look less pretty like that!?  Any one?

Now you don't have to worry about all those because with Belo Sun Expert Sunblocks, you only get to worry how to enjoy being out in the sun more.

Belo SunExpert Sunblocks

I got these babies from Sample Room and yes, they are in full-sizes!  I've tried their sunblock for the face and body in the past and found them to be really worth their price (they don't come cheap).  And They are one of the best I've tried, IMHO!

Unboxing my April box from Glambox + get a free 12-month subscription via the promo code GBFREE...

…aaannnd I am back here in the sandpit after a 3-week vacation in the Philippines!  It was short, but I've enjoyed every single minute of it. We've gone to a number of places and I can't wait to share with you photos (plus reviews) soon!

For today, let me share with you first this month's box from Glambox.  This box arrived way earlier than the usual and while I was still in PH, so sorry for sharing this with you just now.

I've read that a lot of people weren't really that happy with last month's box.  But with this month's box, Glambox definitely made sure to make up for that disappointment.  Take a look what's waiting for you in this box:

This box is a complete package: it has skincare, makeup and a beauty tool.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Skin Turn Up the Heat Summer Collection 2014 Launch...

When Happy Skin launched in the Philippines last October, I was already in the UAE that I had no choice but to just drool over the photos of my friends getting their hands on the Happy Skin products.  I went green with envy seeing my fellow bloggers getting first dibs on one of the most talked about brands to date.  And so, when I learned that Happy Skin is launching their Summer Collection while I'll be having my vacation in PH, I really got so excited.  And I even got more excited when I finally got the invite!  Of course, what made me look forward to the event more was that I'd be able to see some of my good friends after a long time.  

The event was held a day after we arrived from Palawan, and though I was all tired (and burnt), I told myself this is one event I wouldn't dare miss.  It was held at 71 Gramercy in Makati, and I was told it was one of the newest "IN" place nowadays.

Just seeing this cute registration counter makes me want to go back to the beach and get a tan all day!

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