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Happy Skin Turn Up The Heat Summer Collection: Swatches + Review….

I have a confession to make…I used to hate summer.  I didn't really like the outdoors.  And I'd gladly bury myself in blanket or layers of clothing during the cold season rather than go basking under the sun and getting a tan.  

Oh well, I was that boring! But not anymore.  I love having fair skin but I realized, I look a lot slimmer when I have a tan. (laughs)  During my recent vacation in the Philippines, I was mostly out (went to the beach, did a bit of hiking, rode zip lines, etc) and geesh, I had a great time! So yes, I'd choose to have summer any time.  Besides, if getting sun burnt is the only thing I'd  be worrying about during summer (or any time there is too much sun), it's nothing that my current holy grail sunblock won't be able to take care of.  

And the other thing I love about summer ? The makeup collections that have been coming up! You know, all that bright, summer-y colours that gives even the most sun kissed skin a pop.  I've seen the collections from some brands, but I got the most excited when I heard that Happy Skin is coming up with theirs! I was able to attend the event, and I was just so glad to see my blogger friends there..and of course, get first dibs on what the brand has to offer for summer.  

I've already posted deets about their new products but for today's post, I'll be telling you more about their summer makeup collection plus swatches!

Happy Skin Turn Up The Heat Summer 2014 Makeup Collection

The collection features three new sizzling shades of their bestselling Shut Up & Kiss Me lippies and two new summer hues of their Get Cheeky With Me blushes.

Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies

The new lippie shades come in a box set that sells for Php1249.  If you don't want to get all three, then buy them individually for Php549. You get to save if you buy the set and well, maybe give the other two shades that you like less to your girl friends.  But I bet, you'd end up keeping all three because they are all gorgeous!

Here are photos and swatches of the new limited edition Shut Up & Kiss Me lippies:

The Morning After - Sunset Kiss - Summer Crush

The Morning After

A mauve-y Lips But Better-kind of shade. Great for those who aren't into loud lip colours, but still want to have their puckers looking kissable. Knowing me, this is my fave among the three.

Sunset Kiss

A fiery red-orange that would look good on any skin tone, IMHO.  It brightens up the face and is great for those who want to make their lips stand out without being too bold.  If you love red lips but you think it's too strong for summer, then this shade can be the next best thing!  And to my surprise, even my husband seems to like it on me!  He hates it when I wear lip colours other than my usual nudes, but when he saw this on me he just asked what brand is it from.  So yes, this lippie rocks!

Summer Crush

A gorgeous, flirty pink that is warmer than Valentine Kiss (which is another amazing lip color from Happy Skin).  If I'll be asked to choose what is the perfect pink for me between the two, I'll choose this. It has the perfect mix of pink and red, that's brightens up the face without making you look too made up.  

Another great thing when you get these lippies in a set (aside from the savings) is that you can mix any two shades to come up with another shade. Heck, you can even mix all three if you want to!

Summer Crush + The Morning After = Dusky Pink 

Sunset Kiss + The Morning After = Creamy Coral

Sunset Kiss + Summer Crush = Pomelo

These lippies glide like butter on the lips and they apply evenly.  They last long too and even leaves a bit of stain, so you won't really end up without any color on your lips.  I find them very moisturising, you won't need to put on lip balm/moisturizer first.  The best thing about these lippies, most particularly the shades in this collection is that, they would look good on any skin tone!  So if you buy the set, there won't be a shade left unused. 

Just a word of caution though, these babies aren't transfer-proof. 

Get Cheeky With Me Blushes, Php699

If you love matching your lips with your blush, you're in luck because the new shades of Happy Skin's Get Cheeky With Me blushes also come in Sunset Kiss and The Morning After shades.

Sunset Kiss

I usually stay away from coral blushes because I tend to look muddy when I use them. But with this, I don't!  It gives me that perfect flush on my cheeks that best matches my current skin tone.  It's a dose of summer warmth wherever you go!

The Morning After

It's a good nude-ish pink for that effortless and natural glow.  I think this shade is perfect for a gorgeous blushing bride-look!

Aren't these colours amazing, or what!?

I love that these blushes come with a mirror.  The pan isn't that big, the size and shape actually remind me of Shu Uemura blushes.  They are not chalky and the finish is matte, but not too matte.  The color is buildable and they are easy to apply and blend.  The feel light on the skin too!  If you happen to apply a lot, I notice that it would still look natural.  And like the lippies, these shades would also look good on any skin tone.  

I've been using the lippies and the blushes for weeks now and I'm glad that I didn't get any allergic reactions.  By the way, these are unscented too!

I am so happy with these products that I highly recommend them.  They aren't just makeup, but skincare makeup because they are also infused with high quality, skin-caring ingredients. Indeed, Happy Skin makes skin happier and more beautiful!

I still have a lot of Happy Skin products to review, so stay tuned!  For those in PH, you can buy Happy Skin from selected Beauty Bar and Plains and Prints branches.  You can buy online too! 

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