Monday, May 12, 2014

Updates! Updates!

For those who have been following me on Instagram, you'd know that I'm not actually missing in action.  I'm still very much alive and kicking!  Though I haven't been active here on my blog, I'm posting updates on my Instagram and Facebook often.  I know I've said again and again, but I will try my best to update this blog as much as I can.  My life has again turned 180 degrees, and I'll tell you more about it in a bit. 

Last March, I went home for a 3-week vacation in PH.  I've been gone for more than 7 months, but when I got back, it actually felt like I never left. 

reunited with my baby MAC

I went home to attend my sister's college graduation. Can you believe how time flies?  And guess what, she's starting on her first job soon!  She had her first job interview a day before her graduation, and got the offer the same day!  I'm so excited for her. I still remember when I got the offer from my first job too!

During my 3-week vacation, all we did was to go out of town!  Mom made sure she had my schedule occupied. Hahah! Though I wasn't able to spend much time with my friends, I'm glad they understand my situation. I was still able to squeeze in an event and short meet ups with some of my good friends.   

For our out-of-town trips, first up is Palawan:

I will be posting more photos (plus hotel and restaurant reviews) soon!

I've been itching to get a really short haircut..and so I did, right after we got back from Palawan.

I love it.  Me thinks this suit me more.
What do you think?

Early this year, I saw photos of Mom at Kamay Ni Hesus in Quezon Province.  I told her I wanted to go there too, and so she included it in our itinerary:

At Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine

We heard that Bataan has its own zipline (located at Mt. Samat), so we decided to go and try it.  Me and my sis rode a zipline too back in Palawan.  And it's almost a kilometre long!  'twas so fun, but I think what I enjoyed the most was seeing my sister be on the verge of crying because of her fear of heights!  To think she was the one who convinced me to go up there!  I spent a good 30 minutes trying to convince her to finally let go and just enjoy the ride.

Guess what…my sister had her "moment" again at Bataan zip line.  She initially wanted to go first but ended letting everybody else go first instead.

And then, our trip to Baguio:

Before I left PH, we went to Baguio for lunch after hearing mass at Manaoag.  And then we went home right after buying loads of vegetables from the market.  Mom was all giddy, it was as if we won't be able to buy the same veggies from our hometown market!

Now, we really have two reasons why we went up to Baguio:

1.  To ride a bike with my sis and have our photo taken just like what we did some 15 years ago (left photo).  Mom loves the old photo so much that she wanted to have another photo taken now that we've grown.  Well, I don't think I actually changed so much! 

2. To eat our favourite ODOCS (One Day Old Chick).

We initially went to Burnham Park and tried looking for it. Apparently, they become available only in the late afternoon.  It was just almost lunch and we thought we'd fail finding it, but we saw a lot of it when we went to Mines View!  So how many did I eat?  I actually lost count!

Aside from the travels, there were a lot of endless eating.  I gained 3kgs in my entire stay!  Which of course I didn't mind because I had a lot of fun being with my family.

 Of course, everything must come to an end.  But it's not actually a goodbye, but a "see you later" because me and Mr. X are all set to go home for the holidays this year!  
(keeping our fingers crossed)

back to the sandpit and to my dear Mr. X

And so I did say earlier that my life has again turned 180 degrees, right?  It's  because after months of being a stay-at-home wife, I am now back to working!  

It's been months of interviews and finally, I got an offer!  I was actually still in PH when I got the job offer which I wasn't really expecting anymore because I already got a regret email before I left Dubai.  I was really surprised. God might have changed their minds, no? I've been hoping to get a job for months and honestly, I got disappointed and depressed too!  And just when I've finally accepted that it might not be in God's plan, that I just have to accept the situation I am in now and be happy with it…God gave me my wish!  I was so happy!  

Me and Mr. X had to do some adjustments as I'd be staying in Abu Dhabi during weekdays and will only be in Dubai for the weekends.  I'm so lucky he understands, and agreed to drive  to see me 2x during weekdays.  It's been like that for almost 3 weeks now and so far, we are doing okay.  Weekends for us is our time for a date, the laundry, some grocery and a whole lot of cooking!

after work, heels-free

I haven't been posting much here but I do post often in my Instagram.  But really, I will try harder to update this blog more.  I am not gonna promise anymore, but I will try my best.  Hopefully you won't get tired of checking this page out and please, don't get tired of me.


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