Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Makeup Look: Neutrals...

And so I am back with my (boring) make up looks!  But hopefully, you'd bear with me because I so missed putting on makeup after months of just staying at home. Honestly, I think my so-called makeup skills have gone rusty. And I need to practice more. Unfortunately, I don't think I'd be back to doing makeup on other people soon so I only have myself to practice on.  

I'm glad that most women in the office where I work wear makeup, so I'm not really the odd (wo)man out. (laughs)  And I don't think they would get shocked should I decide to wear my "Happy Friday" (now called Happy Thursday) look everyday either. So hopefully, I'd be back to wearing colourful makeup looks soon.  And maybe, just maybe, have time to do tutorials again.  Yes?

For a start, how about some neutrals?  (What! Neutrals again!??) I know right. Hahaha! But that's just to get the ball rolling.  Hopefully.

L'oreal Eyebrow Pencil
In2it Brow Powder palette
Sephora Colorguard Eyeshadow Primer
Naked 2 eyeshadows in Verve (lid), Busted (crease) and Blackout (outer-v)
Happy Skin Eye Am Here to Stay Gel Pencil eyeliner in Perfect Black (waterline)

Shiseido Refining Makeup Primer
MAC Select Cover Up Concealer in NW20 (under eyes)
Happy Skin Feeling Sculptural Face Contour Kit
Happy Skin blush in First Kiss

It's almost 2 months since I started working again.  Can you believe that? It feels like it was just yesterday when I was on my way to my first day on my new job.  I am still getting the hang of things and is usually too pooped to do something else after  a day's work. But I get to learn a lot of things and my officemates have been so helpful with everything.  

I am the only Pinay in the team, and I can say it was challenging at first because though I'm used to working with people from other cultures before, at least there are fellow Pinoys in the group.  I still need to be more assertive, less shy (yes, I can be shy!) and well, bleed less when I start to run out of english. (laughs) The guys in the group were so serious and uptight at first, but now they are starting to crack up. They try to teach me Arabic and Indian words, and I teach them (gay) tagalog words in return!

Have a happy Tuesday, my loves and keep on flashing those pearly whites!
Stay happy!

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Unknown said...

lovely makeup dear!!! enjoy work! ^_^

Unknown said...

thanks sis! :) Beverly Anne

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