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Product Review: Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner...

For me, the next best thing one can learn when it comes to makeup (after drawing your brows, of course!) is lining the eyes. Lining the eyes give your eyes a whole new look. I wish I've known this technique a long time ago. Come to think of it, I do know about it..but I just don't know how to do it! (laughs)  It took me years to really master the art of lining the eyes. I've tried different styles, but my favourite has got to be the winged liner.  It makes one look sexy, sassy and nasty? (WUT!? LoL)  

I've been asked a lot of times how I do it. I remember making a video tutorial years ago on how I line my eyes, but 'twas not the kind of lining that I do now.  I wish I can make an updated video tutorial for you (obviously, I can't), but for now let me tell you how you can line your eyes so easy you won't need years of practice.

Say hello to your new best friend when it comes to lining your eyes, the Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner:

I got this sample from Glambox's May box. And I've been reaching out for it most of the time. I try not to actually, because I love using it so much I'm scared I'd run out of it before it becomes officially available in stores.

Among all the types of eyeliners I've tried, I am partial to gel liners because they are easy to use (can be tricky at first) and they usually deliver the most amazing pigmentation.  This new liner from Benefit promises to give us both: the ease of application plus a great pigmentation that's long lasting and would stay put until you decide to take it off. 

When I first heard that Benefit came up with an easy to use gel liner in pen form, I imagined it to be like the other retractable liners I've tried.   Sure there were some people who have written about it already, telling their readers how this new product looks like and how it works. But I chose not to read them as I was already expecting my sample from Glambox to arrive soon.  I want that element of surprise.  So when I finally got my hands on this super cute sample size, I was really surprised. Surprised in a good way, of course!

When you first take off the cap, you'll see this small orange sort-of-cork thing that is stuck at the tip of the liner.  While this kind of stuff gives you the impression that what you have on hand is new, I think it is also useful to keep it and stuck it right back when you're done using the liner to keep it from drying out. 

See that tiny hole? That is where the gel liner flows through when you twist the bottom of the pen.  If the liner is new, you'd need to twist a lot of times before the formula starts coming out. But make sure you have your eyes on the tip when you're twisting it. In my case, I got impatient after doing so for some time so I stopped looking at it and when I looked again, a big chunk of the liner was already out.

What makes it easy to use? It's the slanted, rubber tip (called Accuflex tip) that flexes and moves as you line your eyes.  It sorts of hugs your lashline giving no room for gaps when you line your eyes while ensuring a clean, even line.  Provided you don't have shaky hands of course!

As you can see, it's in a matte, jet-black finish. I think this one is the blackest liner I've tried so far. It dries fast, and when it dries, it really stays put!

Now on to the smudge and water tests:

Above photo is after I tried smudging the swatches.  There was a tiny bit of movement yes, but that was after smudging it so hard! Which of course, you won't do with your eyes.

I've placed it under running water and did the swatches go anywhere?  Nope.  It means you can definitely keep your sexy winged eyeliner when you go swimming with this on. 

Lastly, I gave the swatches some more rubbing while they're wet:

This time, the fading is a lot more noticeable and will definitely leave you with raccoon eyes if you rub your eyes so hard. But the question is, will you?  I mean, yes, you can be forgetful and may try to rub your eyes once in a while. But definitely not that kind of rubbing that I gave these swatches.  So yes, this liner is definitely smudge proof and waterproof.  I have oily lids and I was able to wear this liner for more than 10hrs without any smudging.

I like that you only need a little amount of product to give you that blackest black line. No need to go over the line twice!  I found that it tends to get flaky when you go over the same line twice so to keep that from happening, make sure you have enough product on the tip (two twists in my case for one eye) then push (or stamp) it onto the lash line then pull outwards.  

I start lining my eyes from the inner corners using the pointed end of the rubber tip and then I pull the tip outwards using small strokes. This makes sure that I have a thinner line on the inner corners, and the line goes thicker as I go outwards.  When I'm already on the outer corner of my eye, I twist the liner again and use the pointed end of the rubber tip to draw the wing. With the pointed tip on the part where the wing should end, I drag the liner going down so that the wing will meet the line I did on the lash line. A few more adjustments here and there and you're done! Geesh, sorry I am not really good in describing things…sniff! I should make a video on how to use it, soon! But I'm pretty sure you'll see a lot of how-to videos on this new liner from Benefit. One thing I can promise you, it really is easy to use!  

Here's another tip from Benefit on how to use their new liner most especially if you're a newbie:

The only thing I don't like about it is that the tip tends to get clumpy. What I do is wipe it against the back of my hand or a tissue, which sorts of waste some product.  

Benefit also launched a makeup remover, intended for their mascara and liner from their They're Real line.  That I would like to check out as well, as I am fond of using almost all waterproof products for my eye makeup. I can get away with using my trusted Ponds cold cream and my other makeup removers but if there's something that can take these waterproof stuff off in a jiffy, why the hell not!? 

I heard these new products from Benefit will be available at the counters before the end of this month. Hopefully, they won't be sold out on the first few hours as I really want to get my hands on a full size of this liner and the makeup remover as well.  I also don't know how much it will be sold here in the UAE, but I'll definitely update you as soon as I have that info.

For now, here's a few more looks using this new liner:

Until my next review!

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Anonymous said...

I really want to try this! maybe it's time for me to stop using gel liner plus my ever reliable brush for now! squeee! thanks for the review! gorgeous eye makeup, btw! xx

Unknown said...

I wan to try this! I'm really not good in applying gel liner but I love to use it :)

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