Thursday, July 31, 2014

Product Review: Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara….

I wasn't born with long, luscious lashes so whenever there's a new mascara in the market which promises to make my lashes appear more vava-voom, you can bet I'll be all up for it. I am almost done with my second tube of the Lancome Hypnose Star Waterproof Mascara and though I still have another Lancome mascara in my kit, I wanted to try something else. Probably something that doesn't come with a hefty price tag (Lancome costs Php2k a pop!) so just in case I'd end up loving it, my wallet won't end up crying. Haha!  

So when I got my July Glambox, and found this Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara (such a mouthful, whew!) in it, I was just too happy. I've read a lot of good reviews regarding this mascara and I had high hopes that this will work great for me too!

Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara 

As per the brand's website, this mascara has the combination of a volumizing base and an intensifying lacquer that will take your lashes to the extreme.  
Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Had A Change of Heart....

And so the time has come...I never thought I'd come to a point that I'll consider it. I don't want to brag or something, but I know I am quite good at it. People told me that I am, as well. But I guess, people just get tired of things they have to do most especially if it's becoming a routine. So don't do it, you might say. And what? Look weird? If I don't do it, then I'd be laughed at...or stared at. I remember an ex-officemate of mine who I think got the shock of her life when she saw me one early morning. Okay, I might be exaggerating here, but she was really like "WTF, is that you? What happened!?"

Me: Well, it's way too early so I haven't had the chance to draw my brows yet.


Yes, I am talking about my brows! I'm sure by now you'd agree that I really l look different without my drawn brows. And I am so sure you'd rather see me with them than without. 'fess up, I know you do! Hahahah.

Anyway, I am thinking of getting them semi-permanently drawn, or embroidered...or perhaps to put it simply, tattooed. But I don't like the usual tattoo that turns green over time. I want to look it as natural as possible. I've been reading about Browhaus' Brow Resurrection again (read it when I first heard of it years ago) and I am seriously thinking of having it done. Why? Simply because I want to look as human as possible even in the early morning! Yes, I look like an alien without my brows. Seriously, a friend of mine called me that when we had a sleep over and saw me without my fabulous drawn brows. She's no longer my friend, just in case you want to know. Wahahha, kiddin!

Here are some photos I got from the Browhaus website:

(photo credits: BrowHaus)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

L'oreal Infallible Two-Step Lipstick in Red Infallible...

I am not a fan of lipsticks.  Because 1) I tend to lick/bite my lips often and so I end up messing up my lip color,  2) I rarely come across a lipstick that doesn't feel heavy on the lips or makes my lips dry and lastly, 3) I don't usually touch up after I put my makeup in the morning so if the lipstick isn't really long-wearing, my lips would be bare in 1-2hrs.

So when I won this L'oreal Infallible 2-Step lipstick from a contest in Instagram (which took almost 3 months to get it, bleh!) I thought it could be the answer to a polished-looking lips all throughout the day.  

L'oreal Infallible 2-Step Lipstick in Red Infallible

According to the L'oreal website, this is their first long wear 2-step lip colour with hyaluronic gel for 24HR triple action: 

All day smoothness for colour that never dries
All day hydration for endless comfort
All day resistance for colour that never fades
Monday, July 21, 2014

Beat The Summer Heat With The Body Shop Body Sorbets!

July is almost over and in a week, so is Ramadan. For those wondering how is it to live in a Muslim country during Ramadan,  it's not really difficult. You just can't do your usual munching and drinking while at your desk, and it's not really because it's forbidden, but it's more like about respect.  Our Muslim brothers and sisters refrain from any food and drink from just before dawn until sunset and I think this year, their fasting takes about 20hrs a day because it's summer time.  Yes, they can be used to it already but still, they would appreciate if people around them won't be tempting them with food or drinks.  In our office, most of my team mates are Muslims but they told me I can eat/drink as long as I keep it discreet. Maybe they know I am usually stuck at my desk and they notice that I hardly go down to our pantry to eat or drink. 

Anyway, I wish I can say the same thing for summer…I mean, that it's gonna end soon. It's so freaking humid here and the average temperature is what, 43C? Work hours is lessened by two hours during Ramadan, but instead of going home at 4, I still go home at 6 because it's like there's a tambutso (engine exhaust) pointed at your face when you go out. As in super init!  The sun's still up even at past 7pm and the heat feels like it's piercing through the skin.   So when I get home, I want to jump right into the shower to cool off.  But of course I can't, mapapasma ako.  Sorry, I'll update this post once I get a proper translation of pasma in English. But basically, when you're body is tired, you need to give it a rest first before you get it wet or else, you'll get sick.  It's also called pasma when your hands are always sweaty and when they shake…well, at least that's what I know about it. Tee-hee! 

In this kind of scorching heat, we need products that can cool down our skin while giving it the moisture it needs.  And since it's summer, anything fruity is very much welcome.   If you are looking for such product, then you should try the Body Sorbet from The Body Shop:

The Body Shop Body Sorbet
Scoop an industry first with these cool body moisturizers infused with your favourite scents! Our breakthrough sorbet texture instantly melts into skin for a frosty burst of fresh moisture, keeping you hydrated without the sticky feeling. Made with 100% organic community fair trade Aloe Vera from Guatemala to comfort, cool and soothe thirsty skin.

I'm not so sure if these body sorbets are a new invention but this is the first time I got to try something like this. I've tried some cooling lotions in the past but the cooling sensation is mainly because of menthol in it. In these body sorbets, it's because of the Aloe Vera content.
Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette: Is it really worth it?

I've started reading about these Hourglass Ambient Powders online last year and I've really wanted to try them out since then, but they're not available in stores here in UAE. Online stores yes, but not in the malls.  I do sometimes buy makeup online but for foundations and powders, I would want to try them first before I buy them.  I still sometimes end up with a wrong shade when I buy these makeup products in a store, so how much more when I buy them online?  (laughs)  But I guess my curiosity has been piqued to its maximum level so I went online, carted this from Alshop and proceeded with checkout. 

I got the package after three days, together with the Coastalscents eyeshadow primer (which I'd be telling you about on a separate post) and I just got too excited I started ripping off the plastic as soon as the courier handed it over.  Hahah!

Packaging is made of plastic, but since it's metallic, it doesn't look cheap. It looks sleek and luxe, which is expected considering it comes with a hefty price tag.   I love that it has a big mirror, but I do wish that it comes with a brush too!  Asking for too much?  Maybe, but who knows, they might just consider it. Hehehe. Anyway, what I don't like about the packaging is that I get fingerprints all over it each time I use it. And oh, I also wish it comes with a pouch so it won't get scratched inside my makeup kit.  

When I first opened the palette, I was like "Uh-oh!" Don't get me wrong, they are gorgeous but 1) I saw shimmers, and for an oily-skinned person like me, this is an absolute no-no. That's why I'm not really a fan of anything that has shimmers (unless it's for the eyes and lips), and 2) I don't think any of the three shades matches my skin tone. 

GASP!  So is it AED279 down the drain?
(Dum dum dum dum)
Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My July box from Glambox Middle East...

I know I oftentimes call myself weird, but here's something that will make you agree with me:  

If there's work the following day, my mind won't stop thinking about the things I'd be doing at work. It's like my mind's already planning the entire next day for me.  And I just can't stop it.  My body's tired and I can be so sleepy but my mind won't just shut off!  If it's a weekend the next day, it's automatic…I go off to dreamland as soon as I go to bed.  Now, as I am typing this post, it's almost 2am.  I try to get off my mind about my work tomorrow by blogging and hopefully my mind would then be ready to hit the sack when I'm done.  I normally go to sleep at around 3am on weekdays. So that explains these humungous eye bags.

I was thinking of what to tell you next after my Viseart post then I remembered my July Glambox.  Usually, I get the box around 3rd week of the month but this one I got early…like a few days before July!  How cool is that!?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Viseart Matte Eyeshadows Palette...

Some days ago at work while in the middle of something, I took a pause and asked myself, "Are you okay?"  I did say I am but another question popped, "Are you sure?"  Again, I said yes but that tiny voice persisted, "Are you really, really sure?"  Annoyed, I again answered back, "Yes."

I'm not losing my mind, okay. (laughs) But sometimes it's easier to just say you are okay than to go explaining why you're not. YES!? Usually, I'd love to say what's in my mind but lately, I tend to just keep my mouth shut and pretend there's nothing that bothers me.  Why? Because 1) I'm scared people will get tired of listening and trying to understand what I feel and 2) oftentimes I get told that what I feel is not right.  And therefore, I get confused and then I start to doubt myself. 

So yeah, just say you're okay and things will be a lot simpler…but that's just me.  

Anyway, if you're following me on Instagram and Facebook, you'll know that I received a box of goodies from the Philippines. It has clothes, shoes, food, stuff that my Sample Room family have been sending me for the past three months and of course, some new toys.  And nope, when I say toys, it doesn't mean children's toys...or adult toys! (laughs) It's makeup, of course! So stay tuned for some upcoming posts where I'd be showing you some of the "toys" I got.  

For today, I'll show you this one makeup item that I've been trying to keep myself from buying...the Viseart matte eyeshadow palette.

I've seen swatches and read reviews about this baby but I was able to hold myself back from getting one because...I have enough eyeshadows to last me a lifetime! I went gaga over collecting eyeshadows some years back and until now, I haven't touched some of them while some I was only able to use a number of times. So I've been telling myself, "No more buying eyeshadows, Brigitte!"  But then I finally gave in.  Why? Well, most of my eyeshadows are shimmery and I am not getting any younger so I figured I might as well get more mattes because shimmery eyeshadows don't go well with mature skin.  HAH!  See, I am finally accepting my age. (laughs)  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Product Review: Happy Skin Make a Clean Sweep...

When it comes to removing my makeup, the Ponds Cold Cream is still my all-time favourite.  Make me choose between that and say, the Dermalogica Pre-cleanse (which I like too and is currently my favourite cleansing oil), I'll still choose Ponds. It's old school, I know.  But it does the job of taking off my makeup even the waterproof ones, and it feels like I'm giving myself a mini-facial whenever I use it.  

When I don't have much time to double-cleanse, or if I am on the go and I don't have water for rinsing, I use makeup wipes. I've tried a lot and I have a few favourites (Purederm, Neutrogena and Johnsons).  I've also tried Bioderma in the past and I love how it looks and feel like water, and yet, does an amazing job in taking all my makeup off…yes, even the waterproof stuff.  And the most amazing part is, there's no need to rinse with water!   There's also Bifesta, but I never got to try that so I won't be able to say anything about it…for now. (laughs) I am sure there are other brands out there which offer the same water-like formulation of makeup removers, which they call Micellar Water.  And to have options is good.  Now it's just up to the buyers to choose, depending on their needs and of course, budget.

Last summer, Happy Skin Cosmetics also came up with their own makeup remover made up of micelle molecules, called Make a Clean Sweep:

Happy Skin Make a Clean Sweep Revitalizing Micellar Makeup Cleanser
(Php599 / 100ml)

When it was launched, there was a very limited stock available so I made sure I got myself one.  I went all the way to Plains and Prints in Glorietta and luckily, I was able to get their last one!
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