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L'oreal Infallible Two-Step Lipstick in Red Infallible...

I am not a fan of lipsticks.  Because 1) I tend to lick/bite my lips often and so I end up messing up my lip color,  2) I rarely come across a lipstick that doesn't feel heavy on the lips or makes my lips dry and lastly, 3) I don't usually touch up after I put my makeup in the morning so if the lipstick isn't really long-wearing, my lips would be bare in 1-2hrs.

So when I won this L'oreal Infallible 2-Step lipstick from a contest in Instagram (which took almost 3 months to get it, bleh!) I thought it could be the answer to a polished-looking lips all throughout the day.  

L'oreal Infallible 2-Step Lipstick in Red Infallible

According to the L'oreal website, this is their first long wear 2-step lip colour with hyaluronic gel for 24HR triple action: 

All day smoothness for colour that never dries
All day hydration for endless comfort
All day resistance for colour that never fades

This is dual-ended, one is the actual lip color with a doe-foot applicator (marked as 1) and the other end is the hydrating lip balm (marked as 2):

I find the doe-foot applicator to be big so those with small lips might find it a bit tricky to use.  Also, the amount of the lip color that you get on the applicator is quite generous so I would suggest swiping off some of the product first just so you won't end up having a lot on your lips.  But I do like that it's sort of pointed so it's easy to shape your lips with the color.

The lip balm is clear and you apply this on top of the lip color to give it more shine and to hydrate your lips throughout the day.

swatches of the lip color and the lip balm

And this is how it looks on my lips:

Take note that this is just one layer of lip color with no lip balm on.  It's so opaque and has an amazing pigmentation!  It looks and feels wet at first then becomes a little tacky. Do not, as in DO NOT rub your lips together at this point or else, they will stick together (but not permanently hahaha!) Wait for a minute or two then you'd start to feel your lips getting a bit dry.  

Do not worry though because when you apply the lip balm on top, that dryness will go away and then you already have a gorgeous lip color that you can rock all day!  Well, I'm not really sure if this lasts all day as I haven't tried wearing it for that long period of time. I think the longest was 7 hours. I wore it one weekend at home while I was cooking and it did not really budge despite all the taste tests and eating that I did. 

By the way, make sure that your lips are well-exfoliated prior to using this and that you don't apply any lip balm.  This will make the lip color adhere more on your lips.  Though I've read some that it's better to slightly moisturise the lips first.  If you get this, try what works for you.  In my case, it's better to start off with dry lips.  

with the lip balm on top

I feel my lips would start to feel uncomfortably dry in 2 hours so I just pop the lip balm and reapply. I find the lip balm to be too shiny for my liking, which isn't really an issue when I'm wearing other shades but for red lips, I prefer it not too shiny.  So what I do is I blot some of it off with my finger. 

Don't mind the bare spots on the inner part of my lips, it was because I licked my lips prior to applying the lipstick. So the lip color did not adhere well to that part.

What I like:

Amazing pigmentation.  I'm not sure with the other shades but this one all I need is one layer.

It doesn't bleed.

It doesn't budge or transfer despite drinking and meals.

It stays on for a long time.  The longest I wore it was 7 hours.

The packaging makes it easy to see that shade it is.

It doesn't feel heavy on the lips. Once it sets and you've applied the lip balm, you can almost forget you have lipstick on.

This particular shade is flattering to all skin tones. I like how it instantly brightens up my face even when I just have my drawn eyebrows and this lip color.

What I don't like:

After 7 hours, I noticed that the lip color on the inner part of my lips start to flake off or fade.  I'm not sure if it's because I have this bad habit of licking my lips or it does really happen.  For those who have this, does this happen to you too?

It's such a pain to take this off. I first tried using Bioderma and after a number of swipes, I only managed to take some bits off.  I had to use a cleansing oil and take some time massaging it on my lips before it finally melts off. 

I heard this is expensive for a drugstore makeup.  I'm not sure how much this is here in UAE, but in US, I think it sells for $30.

Overall, I like this lipstick. It's long-wearing, transfer-proof and kiss-proof.  Well, I haven't really tried kissing with this on so I'm not sure about that last one. Hahaha!  I am not yet that comfortable wearing red-lips so I might check out other shades.  I'll try to check out the Blossoming Berry and Permanent Blush soon.  And maybe, just maybe, this baby will be one of my can't-live-without makeup products. 

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Sehri said...

I wil be definitely giving this lip colour a try! I love your blog btw! It would be really nice if you could check mine out and maybe leave a comment telling me what you think? xxx


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