Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My July box from Glambox Middle East...

I know I oftentimes call myself weird, but here's something that will make you agree with me:  

If there's work the following day, my mind won't stop thinking about the things I'd be doing at work. It's like my mind's already planning the entire next day for me.  And I just can't stop it.  My body's tired and I can be so sleepy but my mind won't just shut off!  If it's a weekend the next day, it's automatic…I go off to dreamland as soon as I go to bed.  Now, as I am typing this post, it's almost 2am.  I try to get off my mind about my work tomorrow by blogging and hopefully my mind would then be ready to hit the sack when I'm done.  I normally go to sleep at around 3am on weekdays. So that explains these humungous eye bags.

I was thinking of what to tell you next after my Viseart post then I remembered my July Glambox.  Usually, I get the box around 3rd week of the month but this one I got early…like a few days before July!  How cool is that!?

Last month's Glambox was a disappointment to many but I'm gonna bet that you'd love the box this month.  It has 3 full-sized items and 3 sample-sized items! Looks like Glambox is trying to make up for last month's box.  And well, they did really good this month.

Inside the box are:

Olay Total Effects Anti-aging Stretch-n-Fit Cloth Masks
Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara
Pantene Hair Rescue Ampoules
Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle
Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex
Especially Escada Elixir

Olay Total Effects 7x Stretch-n-Fit Cloth Masks, AED 53.50

These cloth masks are infused with highly concentrated anti-ageing ingredients which promises 7 powerful anti-ageing benefits in 1 product.  If you have a long list of items that you use day and night in your skincare routine, then Olay can cut your "ritual" time in more than half, and your expenses too!  I've tried their 7-in-1 moisturizer years ago and I broke out terribly so honestly, I am having second thoughts about this one.  But my curiosity is winning, so I might give this a try. Hahaha! And besides, that was years ago and maybe, my skin would be more welcoming.  (fingers crossed)  I'll try this soon and will update you with a review.

Pantene Hair Rescue Ampoules, AED 21

These 1-minute wonder ampoules promise to bring your hair back to its healthier state despite the heavy styling you do everyday and the mean climate (and water!) here in the UAE. I have coloured hair and I use hair products everyday so my hair tends to look dry and frizzy.  I've tried this once and it did make my hair smooth and frizz-free.  But you see my hair's so fine that when conditioned/treated, it has the tendency to look more limp than usual if not styled with hair products like wax.  If you have long, thick hair, I'm sure you'd love this.  This can be a once-a-week deep conditioning treatment which you can do yourself.

Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara, AED 77

I am a sucker for mascara and I remember using (and loving) a mascara from this brand years ago, so I just got so excited when I saw this inside the box.  This mascara promises volume and a jet-black finish that will make your peepers envy-worthy.  It's double ended: One end serves as a volumizing base while the other end is an intensifier black lacquer.  I've tried this but after using the volumizing base, it weighed down my curl.  I didn't bother using the other end because I just hate when that happens. I think the formulation is too heavy for my thin lashes.  I'll give this another try and hopefully, I can make it work.  I know this is a very promising product and I'm sure I'd love it to bits if only I can make it work on me.  If not, I'd happily give this to someone who wants it.

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle

I'm on my second bottle of the Eau de Lacoste (the white bottle) and I still get thrilled each time I use it.  It smells so clean, yet sexy and no matter how much I spray on, it just won't smell too strong.  I saw this other variant of the Eau de Lacoste late last year and I thought it's a men's perfume. I took a sniff and whoa, it's love at first sniff! Hahaha!  I was unemployed back then so I just couldn't afford to get another bottle (and I'm not halfway done with my Eau de Lacoste!) I forgot all about it  but when I saw the sample inside the box, my feelings went running back. LOL!  I am so in love with the scent and I just can't stop sniffing on the sample.  It's long lasting too!  So yes, I am getting a full-size this coming payday!  

Especially Escada Elixir

This one has a light, fresh and fruity-floral fragrance which is great for summer.  But I think this would suit those who are on their early 20s better.  Which means, I am qualified. Yes!? Haha!  I also like it but I like the Lacoste Sensuelle more.  

There's also a sample of the Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex but I wasn't able to take a snap of it.  I read that it works great as a primer which conceals wrinkles in one application but I haven't tried it. I didn't have a good relationship with Olay products (except for the eye cream) so I am really thinking twice of using this.  But I'm thinking of using it on my under eye area to conceal some lines there before I put on concealer.  I might do that soon…maybe tomorrow! 

Overall, I am pretty sure that people will be happier with this month's box.  Just the price of the mascara alone almost covered the price of this month's box so I don't think subbies would feel shortchanged this time.  If you like this month's box, you have until July 12 to subscribe! So what are you waiting for? Click on this link to get started with your Glambox subscription.

And that's not all with this month's box: for every photo of the July box, Glambox will be gifting 5 boxes to women's charities across the UAE!   All you have to do is upload a photo of your July box in instagram/Twitter, tag @GlamboxMe and include the hashtag #giftofglam.  

In the spirit of this season's Ramadan and EID, let's help spread beauty and happiness to all!

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Unknown said...

Thank you for the review. I am totally signing up for this!

Unknown said...

leave the Pantene product on hair for 5 minutes, even if it says 1 min, I can assure this way it's phenomenal!

Iambrigitte said...

yay! Scarlett :)

I used it again this weekend and I mustsay, it really made my hair soft. but since I have really fine, limp hair I don't think this is a good product for me. I need something that will give my hair body instead. :) Claudia

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