Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Hairstyling Product I Don't Think I Can Live Without…

Do you have fine, limp hair like I do?   If you do, what hair styling products do you use to give it some volume? I've tried wax, gels, mousse and hair sprays but most of them just makes my hair looking greasy at the end of the day. Also if I used too much (which happens a lot), I just end up getting the opposite of what I'm trying to attain. And some can be such a pain to wash off your hair.  So yes, I came to a point that I had enough of these hair styling products.  But with my hair this short, I don't think I can just give up that easily.

When I had my last haircut last July, the hairstylist recommended a product which according to her is so good, she has no doubt  that I'd like it. I was skeptic at first, thinking that she's just trying to sell me some products, but she said she'll try it on me after the haircut so I can see it for myself.  And so after trimming my hair and giving life back to it after a not-so-good styling from another salon, she used the product on my hair while it's wet and blow dried it a bit. My hair really got volumized which is usual after a blow dry.  But what really had me sold was when I was able to style it by just running my fingers starting from my nape going up. Tumayo ang hair ko! It was like I've used hair wax.  I then gave it a few scrunching and some twirling and whoa, my hair was actually keeping up. I can feel some texture on my hair but it's not something heavy or greasy.  It just makes styling it a lot easier!

So what product is it? It's the:

 Davines Sea Salt Primer For Wizards
(AED 70)
Gives texture and lots of volume to hair, as well as some control: for that casual uncombed look with the dry and full body effect typical of beach hair.

Now I'm not sure why it says For Wizards but I guess it really has some sorcery in it, as it truly does magic on my hair. Hehehe!

This is how my hair looks like if I just let it air dry:

see how lifeless my hair is?

And here's how it looks after using the sea salt primer spray:

How I use it:

1. I divide my hair into sections then I spray it on. Sometimes I don't spray it directly, but on my hands first then apply it on my hair.
2. Using my hands, I do a couple of scrunching or pulling of my hair up to give it volume. In short, sinasabunutan ko ang sarili ko to give my hair some style. Hahaha!

When  I have more time, I spray it on my hair then blow dry it a bit while doing the sabunot moves.

I love that even when I've used too much, my hair won't end up looking and feeling greasy. It stays matte but it doesn't look and feel dry.  Because my hair is really fine, I lose the hair style after 2-3 hours, but all I need is to give it a few scrunching (more sabunot, hahaha!) and it will be fabulous again.  

I was kinda put off by the smell at first because it smells like vanilla and I don't like vanilla on my hair.  But the scent goes away after some time so it's okay. 

Unlike other hairstyling products that I've used in the past, this is easy to wash off.  It doesn't leave any residue and I haven't had any allergic reactions since I've started using it. This can be used on all hair lengths too!  I bet this will look even better on those with long hair, because with this, it will be so easy to have that beachy waves hairstyle!  

For me the price is okay, given that it really works. And you only need a little each time. I've been using this 5x a week (only on work days) for almost two months and I'm not even halfway the bottle.  This is my current HG hairstyling product and geesh, I don't think I ever had an HG hairstyling product before! This is really, really good and I highly recommend this for those who like to style their hair but don't really like using wax or gels or even hairsprays. It provides a light hold, doesn't make it look and feel greasy or sticky and you can re-style your hair as often as you want to! I guess for those with thicker hair, you'd need to reapply though.

How about you, what is your HG hairstyling product?

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Unknown said...

Im always in search for a perfect sea salt spray, I loooove what they do to my hair. Right now I'm really loving Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble because it doesn't leave residue like some sprays do. Maybe I'll try yours next :)

Unknown said...

Hi! Where do you buy your davines in Dubai?

Unknown said...

let me know how it turns out Little Bright Things :)

Hi Rachelle i got this one from Dermalogica in World Trade Center in Abu Dhabi but I believe there are Davines products in some of the salons too in Dubai :)

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