Monday, August 25, 2014

It's been a year...

I always say, "Time flies." But last week, 'twas one of those times when I really meant it.  Of course it doesn't mean I was lying on the other times I've said it, it's just that last week, tagos sa buto ang pagsabi ko ng…"grabe, ang bills ng panahon."

Why?  Because it's been a year na pala since I left Pinas. 

Last year, I finally made the decision to leave PH and join my husband here in UAE.  I admit, it was not easy.  I have my family, my friends and a career in PH.  I was used to living alone since I stay in Manila for work and seldom go home to my family in the province.  We've been married since 2009 but it was last year when we felt it's time to be together.  We are not that prepared for the big change. But what the heck, it's now or never na kumbaga.  It was actually the make or break of our relationship.  Mostly, I was scared.  Not that I don't want to be with my husband, but I was scared what will happen to me.  Will I find a job?  What if I don't and I used up all of my savings? I am not used to asking money to buy things I need.   If there's something I want, I get it myself.  I don't make asa. But then it hit me…when I got married, there should no longer be "me" but "us." And why the hell should I worry about running out of savings?  I'm sure my husband will take care of me.  He always did and always will.  It's just a matter of me getting used to asking, that's all.  

So for this post, type ko mag-walk down the memory lane...

My last day in ADB:

 Of course, I wasn't really crying! Hahaha.

This was my 3rd cubicle in ADB since 2009.  
(May oil blotting sheet pa talaga!

I should've kept the ID as remembrance!

Ah, this hallway!

Lakad dito, lakad doon. 
Nakakailang lakad nga ba ako dito sa isang araw!?

I might have said I hate working in ADB, but that I think is normal when you're having a bad day.  Hehehe! Sino ba naming hindi masiraan ng bait when you have to work 7 days a week and sometimes, 12 hours a day!  And yet, still come unprepared during UAT. Hay naku! Sakit sa ulo.  But then again, marami namang masayang moments. I can say that ADB is where I got to meet the most challenging people I dealt with in my life.  As in!  And well, looking back, it was not really the work that made me exhausted.  But the people.  Pero okay lang, I might have learned some lessons the hard way but at least, Natuto ako. And at the end of the day, I can say I tried my best to be a good friend and colleague.  But I guess my best wasn't good enough…ala-James Ingram lang! Hahaha! Seriously, I am still thankful for all the memories.  And for all the true friends I gained.

During the moving out from the condo in Ortigas:

Stayed here for almost 3 years and would you believe, I've never gone to the rooftop to see the pool and the gym!?

I love this place, especially my room. It was so cozy.  Whenever I get bored, I just go out to the balcony and mag-view ng mga taong naglalakad sa kalye. The only time I hated going home here was when the earthquake in Japan happened and there were predictions that Manila's going to be next.  I was living in the 35th floor kaya!

Days before leaving Pinas, I was so busy meeting friends for lunch, dinner, pati ata breakfast! It really felt like I have so many things to do, but had so little time.

Brunch with Team E
(missing Nikki and Dang)

Of course, the hardest was to part ways with my family:

"last supper" in Bataan

Geesh, I remember I was having heart burns on my last days in PH. 'twas really a struggle to eat, even drink!  But you know me, kakain ako kahit masakit!  

at the airport, August 16

(sakit sa panga magpigil ng iyak) 

I was really sad, but of course, a selfie is a must!


I think I was travelling for almost a day.  First stop was in Narita, where my next flight going to Seattle was delayed for 3hrs.  Then in Seattle, I had to wait for 4hrs (can't remember) before my flight to New Jersey.   And I was hardly eating or drinking because of the pesteng heart burn!  

And finally, met the ex-bf at the Newark Airport:

And of course, kelangang maggala-gala sa US:

pic with nakatalikod na statue of Liberty

Remember him in the movie Night in the museum?

sariling sikap in Central Park

Pramis, that was in Central Park. 

Day off ni Dodong at Inday sa labas ng White House in Washington


We also got to visit Ate May and her family in Indianapolis.

Grabe, would you believe we drove from NJ to Indianapolis for 10 hours!?  Actually, sila lang pala. I was just a passenger. LoL! 

After NJ, NY, Washington and Indianapolis, it's California naman:

That was the Golden Bridge at the back, covered with fog. 

 Freezing to death at Twin Peaks

Grabe, it was only September and yet it was so damn cold there. How much more during winter!?

 Outside the Facebook office…like!?

Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the world

Of course when in California, you gotta try the:

In-N-Out Burger!

I like the burger, but not so much the fries. I wasn't able to enjoy it that much because 'twas past midnight na when we went there. Busog na from dinner and too sleepy na din. Next time, I'll make sure to have it for lunch or dinner! Babawi ako! 

We went to a lot more places in California but I'll have that in a separate post.  We stayed in the US for a month and then went back to Dubai.  Kris left first because from California, he had to go back to NY first to catch his flight going to London. I just met him at Heathrow Airport for our flight going to Dubai.  Muntik pa ako maiwan ng plane, tigas kasi ng ulo sinabi ng bawal ang liquid sa hand carry! 

We arrived in Dubai September 17, and next day is our 4th wedding anniversary. Guess where kami nag-celebrate? Sa Wendys! Hahaha!  We were so tired and jet-lagged, our body clocks were practically messed up for a week. 

And so for more than 6 months, I  was just staying at home except on days that we'll be going  around for errands, gala and events.  Yep, I was able to attend some events here in the UAE but not so much.  I feel like I was starting all over again in blogging.  'twas again hard to be in contact with PRs but, it's okay.  Ganun talaga, di ba!?

Ito view ko for almost 6 months of being a stay-at-home wife.
Kalurkey lang!

For 6 months, I tried getting a job but failed.  I felt hopeless, useless and desperate.  There were times I would cry.  I felt so alone.  Minsan pa, tampo because my friends in PH seem to be all so busy.  I didn't want to talk to my Mom naman when I was feeling low because I don't want her to worry. My life became a boring routine: I wake up in the morning to prepare breakfast for the hubby. Go back to sleep or do house chores after he leaves. Watch TV and/or cook for dinner while waiting for him to come home.  Nakakaloka!

But was it worth it?  Oo naman.  It feels good to see him enjoy a home-cooked meal that I prepared.  I like it when I prepare his baon everyday and I look forward to our weekend movie date or a series-marathon. It was hard, but all I needed was to adjust. I'm pretty sure, he had to make some adjustments too. 
And after so many years, I was again finally able to celebrate with him on his birthday:

Our life isn't perfect, we're still like aso't pusa fighting over a lot of petty things.  But admittedly, it's all mostly because I am just being stubborn. Too stubborn to understand and too stubborn to accept that I'm wrong at times.  And yes, too madaldal and confrontational.

But then again, kasalanan din naman nya MADALAS.
(don't tell him I said that!)

Last March, after being away for 7 months, I went home to be with my family for my sister's graduation.  I stayed there for three weeks and wow, we've been in a lot of places.  Walang pahinga!

reunited with my equally crazy Mom and sis

Why Baguio? Two things:

1. Eat ODOCs (One Day Old Chick)


2) have the photo at the right taken so we can have the ultimate #throwback pic:

Left: taken sometime in 1998
Right: taken April 2014

Mom said it was mandatory to have that "biking" photo taken. Wala daw babalik ng Dubai without it.  

It felt good to be back in Pinas. That's where my family and my friends are.  But sabi nga ng kanta, "I left my heart in San Francisco." Este, Dubai pala. 


He didn't like what I did to my hair by the way, but he didn't have a choice.

I thought of asking the husband for an extension in my vacation but something came up that I  had no choice but to go back to Dubai as planned…I got a job! 

my view for 8hrs a day, 5 days a week

I'm almost on my 4th month, whew!  It was hard, not only because I have a lot of things on my plate everyday but also because: 1) I am the only QA in the team and 2) there's no other Pinoy in the team.

Migawd,  nose-bleed ako lagi!

Good thing there are kabayans in the other department. They make my stay in the office a whole lot easier. And my nose bleeding, a lot less. LoL!

So, eto na ako after almost 4 months of working:

Geesh, I didn't know I need to wear glasses na until I had my eyes checked.  I hate wearing glasses but I really need to wear them.  I used to think the blurring is caused by not having enough sleep, yun pala taas na ng astigmatism ko. Ugh!  Old age? Hahaha.

Anyway, yun lang. Sensha na haba ng wento.

And oh, in a few days from now…-BER months na!  One thing I miss during those months is the Christmas songs sa malls.  Dito wala…if meron, I can't seem to remember.  Hopefully, we can go home for the holidays.  I am keeping my fingers crossed!  Will you please cross your fingers too!?

Oki, yun lang…Gudmornyt!

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Unknown said...

Gujab for finding your (blogging) voice!! I loved reading this post kasi its free flowing and parang F na F!!

kape kape na tayo!

Unknown said...

F na F ko talga! ano na kape naaaa! Sheila

Unknown said...

at natapos ko din syang basahin...ang saya ng buhay dito diba...(wahhhh) ahahah! happy 1 year oh diba ang bilis lang ng panahon!

Unknown said...

Super bilis, indeed! Isang taon na ko dito pero parang la pa shadong happenings! Hahaha beverly anne

Tara Cabullo said...

I miss you Shots! I mean miss kita lagi pero I missed you more when I read this post. :( Kelan ka uuwi????

But of course, I'm happy for you and your job and of course, you're there with hubby :) Hope all is well. I will iMessage you pag nagcharge na ko ng phone. Love you!

Gracina said...

hi brigette.. i am glad na u have stayed there with your hubby na =) sorry if mejo FC ako..

mejo nag mature ka na sa last pic mo pero mas gumanda ka naman... go lang ng go

i really salute you for being a very outgoing person.. sana ako ganun din.. hehehe


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