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Product Review: Dermalogica After Sun Repair..

Do you like basking out in the sun to get a nice tan but hate ending up feeling toasted and red all over?  I once experienced getting sunburnt and it was really not a good thing at all.  My skin felt so irritated and sore.  It's so painful, and the peeling after? Ugh, terrible!  From then on, I try to stay away from too much sun if possible.  

During my vacation in the Philippines last April, me and my family went to the beach.  My sister who is so fair wanted to get a tan so she decided to get overdosed under the sun.  She did get a tan but it was mostly on her bottom, LOL!  Her ass (at least the part not covered with her bikini) went from being too red to looking like it has been toasted.  She was complaining the next day because her skin feels so sore, sensitive and burning. We didn't have any aloe gel to relieve the discomfort at that time so we just made her apply some lotion.  It did help a bit, but only for a short time.  We were laughing so hard because she said she can't even sit properly because her ass feels so irritated.  

When I went back to Dubai and got a few gifts from our friends from PR, I wished I have gotten it sooner.  Why? Because it includes this:

Dermalogica After Sun Repair
(AED 175)
A cooling treatment balm to remedy damage from exposure to UV sunlight. This lightweight gel helps calm skin and reduce irritation induced by sunburn.

It contains Chamomile, Clove, Cucumber, Szechwan Pepper, Lavander and Yuca. It also contains extract of Japanese Alder which scavenges free radical and accelerates the repair of UV-induced damage after sun exposure.

When I got back to Dubai and summer started kicking in, I told my husband not to ask me to go to the beach as I would say NO right to his face. Hahaha!  So I thought, I won't be able to use this at all.  But I was wrong.

Last month during Ramadan when our work hours got shorter by two hours, people can leave as early as 4pm.  But most of the time, I prefer to stay until 5 or 6pm because the sun outside is just too much.  I once went out at 4pm and had to walk from the office going to the main road to get a cab. My eyes were squinting because of the sun and the heat was just too painful on the skin.  Mind you, I was even using an umbrella!  It was just too much. It's like you're inside a sauna…but worse!  When I got home, my skin felt like it's burning. It was all red and when I poke a finger on it, it hurts.  The same for my face, which made me more scared because I was using Obagi that time and you know how things are when you are using stuff with hydroquinone and you get exposed to too much sun.  I remembered having this so I took it out of its box and slathered some of it on my skin.  It was an instant relief I just had to say "Ahhhh!"  And unlike with water in which the cooling effect goes away after your skin gets dried, this one provided a much longer relief. Skin feels moisturised too! Now, I always bring it with me whenever I am going out because the heat here in UAE is just getting worse. I apply it as soon as I get to the offic because even my short walk from my house going to the taxi stand is enough to give my skin that burning, itchy feeling.  I think the average temperature now here gets as high as 40-43C. Or maybe even higher.

This comes in an easy-to-squeeze tube which makes it hygienic and easy to control the amount of product that you want to use.

It comes in a gel form, which gives the skin an instant cooling sensation upon application. It  is lightweight, has a naturally-fruity scent (citrus-y) and spreads easily, you don't need too much product.   It's not sticky and is really soothing, great to calm irritated skin.  I find this a very essential product to use during summer, burnt or not, to give the skin an added hydration despite the very dry season.

I also read that it can be used as a post-waxing gel to help soothe the redness.  I haven't had brazilian wax lately so I am back to shaving. After a day or two, my skin would feel irritated and itchy (take note I always use a new shaver each time for that purpose!) so one time, I tried using this instead of the usual lotion and it did make me feel better!  And the soothing feeling lasts longer too.  The red patches that I usually get when my skin got into too much contact with the shaver goes away in no time. I love, love this product!  Indeed a keeper, for summer season or not. I will definitely buy once I finish this tube because 1) my husband can use it since he loves the beach so much but hates it that his skin gets too dry and flaky after and 2) I can use it as a post-waxing/shaving gel.

Disclaimer: This product has been provided for consideration but as always, the review is honest and purely my own.

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