Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My October 2014 Glambox...

'sup my loves!? It's midweek (at least in this part of our world) and I'm sure like me,  you can't wait until it's again the weekend. What are your plans?  

For me, I'm expecting this weekend to be busier than my usual eat-sleep-watch tv, because there's a few errands hubby and I need to do, a kids' party and a crash course training for my new job. Oh yeah,  I am moving to a new job. I'd tell you about it later but for now, I can tell you that I'm scared. Scared because it's gonna be something new for me and it was decision I've thought long and hard.  Geesh,  I still have second thoughts about it to be honest but I already made a decision.  I just hope and pray that this change will be worth it and that this is  indeed something that I need to do for now.  SIGH.  Hay Lord, ikaw na po bahala.

Anyways, another month is ending it's again time for unboxing a beauty box from Glambox Middle East!  Unlike last month's box, this came early. I got it just before the weekend last week and now I'd be sharing with you what I got. I'm not sure if everybody else got the same stuff though.

October 2014 Glambox

Before you freak out and ask why there are only 4 items in the box, let me tell you that I only took a photo of the beauty items but there are tons of vouchers included!  So keep your cool, okay? Hahaha!

Caudalie Divine Oil

Ever since I switched to using body oils (from lotions) after I take a shower at night, I never looked back. Body oils keep my skin more hydrated and moisturised, and I just love how they get absorbed faster.  And the scent lasts longer too!  My current favourite is the Radiant Oil from The Body Shop's Wild Argan Oil collection and since I have been using it every night, I am almost done with my first bottle. So I got this just right on time! I've read a lot of good things about this oil from Caudalie and one thing that piqued my interest almost immediately is the fact that aside from you can use it on your hair and body, you can also use it on your face.  Hmm, I'm just not sure if I'd be using it on my face though.  I applied this all over my body after taking a shower last night and I love it. The scent is not as strong as the argan oil so you won't need to worry about it overpowering your perfume if you use this as an after shower-body oil in the morning.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Peace, Love and OPI

A gorgeous duochrome shade with a metallic gray base that shifts to a pink-purple, bluish-teal and green.  It's like magic! I liked it so much I already applied it on my mani-deprived nails and posted a #nailoftheday on Instagram, hahaha!

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara

I remember loving Max Factor mascaras when I was just starting out with putting on eye makeup but recently, their new ones have disappointed me.  One of those is their Excess Volume Mascara. I'm not sure if it's really the mascara or it's just my thin lashes!  I'd love to fall in love with their mascaras all over again so I am crossing my fingers that this one will work on me. 

Calvin Klein Reveal

This is Calvin Klein's newest fragrance for women. If you are following me on Instagram, you'd know that I signed up for a free sample of this but the tiny bottled sample was broken when I got it. I was so heartbroken because I was really looking forward to checking this out.  So when I saw this inside this month's box, I was so relieved…and happy, of course!  This baby is screaming sexy and elegance, just my kind of scent lately.  I know I am not sexy to begin with so I'm hoping this would do its magic of tricking those who'd be able to smell it on me. LOL!  I think I'm gonna get a bottle of this. And by that what I actually meant was, I'll ask the husband to get me a bottle. 

Wash and Blow Dry from Marquee

I've read somewhere that this service alone costs AED130, so that's more than what you actually paid for your box!  I've checked their website and it made me want to pay them a visit soon! I'm due for another haircut anyway and then I'll redeem this complimentary blow dry. 

Other vouchers inside:

If money is not an issue, I'd use this one!  I am such in a bad shape but I am too lazy to prepare food during weekdays that I always end up with un-healthy choices (but well, they are yummy! LOL).

Overall, I am satisfied with this month's box. But I'd definitely love it more if there's more makeup in the next boxes to come!

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