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My September 2014 Glambox...

Ohhh, somebody has gone MIA again…would you happen to know who that lazy ass is?

It's been a week already since the last quarter of the year has started, but please let me still share with you what I got for last month's Glambox. I actually got it pretty late, 'twas on the last day of September and so I first thought I won't be able to get a box,  but I did.  Thanks Glambox!

I heard that they have started customizing the box according to the subscriber's profile so don't be surprised if your box would be different from others.  Better update your profile to make sure that you'd get items suited for you.  I just updated mine so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get items from my wish list in the following months.  Wink! Wink!

So what did I get? Here they are:

September 2014 Glambox 

Sunsilk Refreshing Shampoo

I know it isn't good, but I shampoo my hair everyday. I just can't stand it whenever my scalp's unwashed.  I've been getting recommendations to use dry shampoo instead but, I couldn't bring myself to buy something which I'm not sure I'm going to use in the first place so getting this in this box made me do my happy dance. Hahaha!  I will (I promise!) try this soon and will let you know how it goes.

Olay White Radiance Fairness Cream

Honestly, my skin and Olay just don't go well together.  I had my share of nightmare after using one of their moisturizers before so I'm quite wary to use this. I'm not saying Olay is not a good brand, it's just that some of their products don't work for me. I'd still be using this though, but on my neck. You see I also take care of my neck the same way I take care of my face.  I cleanse, moisturise and apply sun protection on it too most especially if I'm going out.  The neck usually tends to look wrinkly first than the face so I make sure I give it some TLC it deserves too!

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer

What I love about beauty boxes is that you get to try stuff that you're not yet ready to commit yourself in buying it in full size.  I've been eyeing this new face primer from Max Factor but I wanted to try it for quite some time first so I was really happy to see a sample sachet in this box. I first used it when we went out last weekend and whoa, I immediately fell in love with it. It gives me a matte canvass to start my makeup with and it definitely keeps the oil at bay for hours. The first time I used it, I didn't use oil blotting sheets and my face looked pretty much presentable even after more than 6 hours of wearing makeup. I'll continue to use it and try it with my other foundations and then will post a proper review soon so watch out for it.

Isadora Dynamic Lash Growth Serum

I remember getting this baby in one of the boxes from the previous months but I think I didn't really get to use it. Now that I have two which I think will be enough for 3 weeks (hopefully more) I will give it a try and let's see if it really does help in giving you luscious, longer lashes. 

 Glambox Stippling Brush

I love stippling brushes!  They are so versatile and just like my favourite stippling brush from Charm Pro, this one is also soft and doesn't shed.  I already have two so I'm keeping this one  for that little something that I am cooking for this upcoming holidays. 

The items that came with the box aren't really that much but I can say that I am already happy because of the dry shampoo, the primer and the stippling brush. (I'm so easy to please, huh!?) But the vouchers that are also in the box made me a lot happier!  

I remember I also have a body massage voucher but hopefully it's not expiring soon.  I wish instead of 3 months, they make it at least 6 months valid instead.  I am definitely gonna give these services a try most especially the Acne Scars Removal treatment.  I'm still nursing the scars I got from my last facial via Obagi but I am so looking for alternatives as I don't want to stay on hydroquinone for so long. 

How about you my fellow Glamistas, what items did you get in your box?  Are you happy or not? The good thing about Glambox is that they listen and well, they reply to your concerns. I''ve had my concerns for my first few boxes and I always got a reply from them.  They may not have the best boxes but I can say their customer service is really good.  

By the way, since I love the Max Factor Primer so much, I already got one in full size:


It's almost the weekend again!  
Any plans?

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