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Product Review: Lush Mask of Magnaminty...

I am no newbie when it comes to products from LUSH having tried a number of their products in the past years, but this is the first time I decided to give their masks a try.  I am not really a fan of facial masks most especially those that you need to apply all over your face as I usually get too lazy to wash them off after. (I am such a lazy ass, LOL!) I looked around their shop at Al Wahda Mall (which is my new Megamall by the way), and saw that they have a lot of facial masks available.  I got confused at first on what to get, but decided to pick up the Mask of Magnaminty because I think it's the mask that is best suited for my skin.  

LUSH Mask of Magnaminty
(AED 100 / 315g)

A mask with a mixture of gentle yet effective ingredients to clean, calm and clear the skin. It has peppermint oil to cool and invigorate the skin, marigold oil and chlorophyllin to treat breakouts, and evening primrose and ground aduki beans to exfoliate.  It also has honey to moisturise and serve as an antiseptic and kaolin to cleanse the skin and keep the oils at bay.  

This is also multi-purpose as you can use it also on your chest and/or back if you also suffer acne on those areas.

Unlike other facial masks I've tried, the shelf life of this product is a lot shorter: 4 months. I don't mind really as it just means this baby is not made with a lot of preservatives. 

I love that the preparation date as well as the expiry date are clearly stated on the packaging itself. You'd even know who actually prepared it!

Unlike their other fresh face masks, this one doesn't need to be kept in the fridge.  

Because of its thick, creamy and lumpy consistency, it's a bit hard to apply it evenly on the face. And yes, it can be quite taxing to wash it off as well.  But since I love its scent (it reminds me of chocolate chip mint ice cream!) and how relaxing it feels on my skin, I actually look forward to using it.  And since I got myself the big tub which I purchased just two months before the expiration, I know I need to use it more often!  I was supposed to get the smaller tub which I think costs AED60 but I thought I'd be able to save more if I get the big tub instead.  It was actually a wrong decision for me because after two months, I still have like a quarter of it left despite using it every two days. Sniff.  I haven't thrown it away yet, as I am still hoping I can still use it.  Hehehe.  It does say on the packaging it's best to use it fresh.  But I'm not sure. I'll ask around if I can still use it for another week or two.

If only  I can leave it overnight, I would!  It just feels so relaxing on the skin I just want to doze off to dreamland after applying it on.  As per instructions, you can leave it for 10 minutes but I usually let it stay on for half an hour minimum. I don't think it would do you more good though.  

When washing it off, I gently scrub it on my face to give it a good exfoliation. The result? Red skin. Hahahaha!  My skin turns red for a while (it's just how it is!) then it would look brighter, feel smoother and cleaner after.  I've been using this for two months and I didn't have any allergic reactions to it.  

What I Like:
The recyclable packaging.
The minty smell.  It smells so good I wanna taste it, LoL! It reminds me of chocolate chip mint ice cream. (drools)
The cooling sensation on the skin. It makes me feel so relaxed I wanna go straight to sleep after putting it on.
It's not just a mask, but also a good exfoliator. 
It can be used on the face, chest or back. Wherever you get breakouts!
I especially use this whenever I feel like a pimple is going to say hello and it does help in preventing it from popping up.
Skin feels deep-cleansed, refreshed and looks brighter too. I really feel that all dirt have been totally sucked out of my pores after I use this.
My skin doesn't feel tight after using this. 
I use this while I am on my Obagi skin regimen and my skin didn't go crazy at all.
No allergic reactions.
Lush doesn't test on animals!

What I Don't Like:
Short shelf-life. I hope it can stay fresh for 6 months at least. 
The packaging is not spill-proof.  Make sure it doesn't tumble over  or place it inside a plastic bag when you are travelling because the oils will seep through the lid.
Hard to apply evenly because of its creamy, lumpy consistency. 
It's also hard to wash off.
Pricey but you actually get two products already for one tub.

Will I Re-purchase?
YES!  But I think I'll go for the smaller tub this time.  

Have you tried any of their other facial masks?  
Please suggest what I should try next. 

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