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Clarins Ladylike Makeup Collection: Swatches + First Impressions...

Last month, I featured the Autumn 2014 Makeup Collection from Clarins called Ladylike. And as promised, here's another post with swatches, plus my first impressions on some of the products sent to me from our friends from Clarins PR. (Thanks so much!)

Some goodies from Clarins Ladylike Makeup Collection

First up is the Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette:

Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette
(AED 210)

On my previous post, I said that if there's one item in this collection that I would love to have, it would be this 'lil pretty.  So imagine my excitement when I saw it inside the goodie bag!  I cartwheeled 3x! LOL.  

Its packaging, just like the other items I got, is so luxurious. It's housed in a gold metal compact with everything you'd need to create that perfect set of brows: a mirror, three brow powders, a brow wax, a highlighter, a mini pair of tweezers, a mini-spoolie and a dual-ended applicator. I've had brow compacts in the past which also includes mini tools but so far, this one has the most useful set. The tweezers can grab even the smallest of hair despite its size.  The spoolie does a great job in softening the brow color, in case you've applied too much.  I don't use the angled brow brush end of the dual applicator to apply brow color (I still use my HG brush for that from Charm), but I use the sponge tip to apply the highlighter powder on the brow bone and on the inner corners of my eyes.  

brow powders

The brow powders are suited for those with lighter or darker brows, making this compact a real universal brow compact for everyone. I use the first (from the left) and the middle shades for my brows. The subtle shade of grey makes the brows look more natural.  Aside from using these powders for the brows, you can also use them as eyeshadows.  Talk about being versatile, huh!  I applied them on the brows on its own and I'm happy to report that I didn't end up with half brows at the end of the day. It really stayed put! 

Rouge Eclat Age-Defying Lipsticks
(AED 119)

Rouge Eclat in Pink Magnolia (L) and Strawberry Sorbet (R)

I am not so much of a lippie-kind-of-person but I think these babies will be a regular inside my makeup kit. They feel so soothing and moisturizing on the lips, so there's no need for a separate lip balm. They apply so easily without any tugging and lasts for a good 3-4 hours.  They leave a nice sheen making your lips look so soft and kissable. And my god, they smell amazing too!  They smell like candies!  

#17 Pink Magnolia

#18 Strawberry Sorbet

Between the two shades that I got, I like the Pink Magnolia better. On not-so-good days, my lips appear to have a slight pigmentation so it won't give Strawberry Sorbet justice if used alone.  

Pink Magnolia - Strawberry Sorbet

Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base
(AED 130)

Another favourite is this eye base.  I've been reaching out to it more than my NARS primer just because I love how it makes my eyes look more awake even when applied on its own. It brightens up the lid, evens out the skin tone and when used as a primer, makes the eyeshadows stay put for hours.  

Ombre Matte Cream-to-Powder Eyeshadows
(AED 108)

Nude Pink - Sparkle Grey - Rosewood

These babies are a total game-changer for me.  I usually stay away from creme eyeshadows as I don't like the stickiness and the fact that most of them hardly stay put even with a primer underneath, but just after swatching these babies, I intend to get all the other three shades!  

02 Nude Pink

I use this as a base for my darker shades of eyeshadows and if you have a lighter skin tone, this will make a great lid wash.  

05 Sparkle Grey

It has tiny sparkles in a matte base and geesh, this shade is so amazingly gorgeous!  I can totally myself wearing only just this for a smokey eye.  It's the perfect eye shadow shade for the upcoming holidays!

04 Rosewood

I first thought this would be a pink shade but apparently, its a cool-toned red brown. Still gorgeous and I can totally see this as a great crease color.

This is my first time to try makeup from Clarins, and I can say that I am not at all disappointed. What I love about their makeup products is that they are also infused with skincare ingredients, so it's like beautifying and taking care of your skin at the same time.   

How about you, have you tried any of their makeup? Please feel free to leave your suggestions on the comments box and let me know what else from this brand is worth trying. I would love to hear from you!

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