Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara in Ultra Black...

Next to eyebrow makeup and eyeliner,  I think the next makeup stuff that I'd consider an essential is the mascara.  I have naturally thin, stick-straight lashes and I've realized years ago that mascara really helps in opening up the eyes making them more tantalizing (LOL!) 

I love mascaras and though I know one shouldn't open a lot of mascaras all at the same time because technically, they should only be kept for 6 months (max), I just couldn't stop myself from discovering what other brands has to offer when it comes to mascaras.  I've already found a number of good brands in the past (please check out my previous posts),  but I'm still always in the lookout for really good mascaras because as I've said earlier, it's a staple in my kit.

Today, I'd be sharing with you my experience with my first makeup stuff from Bourjois which happens to be another mascara…told you, I am such a sucker for mascaras!

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara
(AED 70)

Featuring a high concentration of high intensity black pigments, it gives one an enchanting (I'd prefer tantalizing, hahah!) gaze for up to sixteen hours.  
Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bobbi Brown Holiday Gift-Giving 2014...

The holiday season is just around the corner.  Are you done with your Christmas shopping? If not, Bobbi Brown is here again to give you ideas of what to give your mom, your sister, your girl friends or that special woman in your life. With Bobbi's personally curated sets and palettes, you can be sure that you are indeed giving them the gift of glam this season.

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2014 Gift Giving

Holiday Deluxe Lip and Eye Palette
(AED 435)

Housed in a tortoise shell palette, this gorgeous palette offers an array of eyeshadows and creamy lip colors for standout looks that are gorgeous on all skin tones.  It includes a mini eyeshadow and lip brush for application on the go.  

SK-II Pitera Essence Set Initial Review + Shop at Luxola and get 30% off your purchase...

For the longest time, I've been eyeing SK-II skincare. I mean, who wouldn't? If you know Cate Blanchett, you'd know why.  

I know you'd probably say but she has good genes (so you mean I don't!?? Hahaha!) and that she's of Australian descent and she grew up in a place with a much better climate than where I grew up and yadah yadah yadah. Fine, but I've seen a lot of good reviews online about this skincare and some of them are also Asians living in a tropical climate. So please don't kill my hopes just yet.  

And just when I was on the verge of giving in to buying myself a trial set, I got a chance to try their Pitera Essence Set courtesy of our friends at Luxola (thanks so much!):

My love package from Luxola

SK-II Pitera Essence Set Red Flower Limited Edition

The box contains:

Facial Treatment Essence, 75ml
Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, 30ml
Facial Treatment Mask, 1 piece

Monday, December 8, 2014

My Wishlist for Christmas 2014...

Ask, and you shall receive. I've always been a believer of that so here I am with my Christmas wishlist, just in case the universe is feeling a lot more generous to me this year. 

1.  An office bag. A Michael Kors Selma to be specific. Can be either black or taupe. I am not really into bags but I realized I need to invest in a good office bag because it's something I'd be using everyday anyway. Why an MK? Because it's less expensive than an LV (see, this is me being reasonable hahaha).

2. Makeup. I know, I already have a lot but a girl can't have too much makeup, right? I've been eyeing the Lorac Pro palettes for quite sometime now and when the Mega Pro came out, I just know I'd be saving a few bucks by getting it instead of the two palettes separately. Oh wow, I am really being smart. Hahahaha!  

I dont't have much blushes in my kit since I've given most of them away before I left PH. After seeing the NARS Virtual Domination Cheek palette, I just knew it's the right one for me. The colors are just spot-on and I love that I won't need to pop a separate palette for contouring and highlighting.

And of course, that palette and travel brush set from Bobbi Brown 2014 Holiday Collection. I always try to get something from their holiday offerings and for this year, those two are definitely in my shopping list.

3. Shoes. Oh, it pains me a lot that Melissa shoes are not available here in the UAE. And I kid you not, I always get a hard time getting a new pair of shoes in the mall. I'd spend hours trying out pairs after pairs but still my feet long for Melissa. After seeing their new styles online, I'll make it a point to give their stores a visit when I come home this month to PH! 

4. A new camera. My beloved DSLR is still alive and kicking, but I need something smaller.  My eyes are on this particular Sony digicam because 1) it looks cute and 2) it has an LCD for easy taking of selfies LOL!

5. A silver watch.  I have lots of gold watches already and the silver ones are either too old or always dead, despite having the batteries replaced. To date, I only have one functional silver watch.  And well, I feel like I need another one.

6. More office clothes!  Damn, the place where I work now expects us to be always in business/formal attire and the clothes here in the UAE are so expensive! But since buying clothes for someone else can be hard, I'd prefer getting shopping money instead. Hahaha! I can't wait to go home to PH and buy clothes there.  Definitely cheaper than here!

7. A Mac Book Air. Just because I need something lighter and a lot more portable than my Mac Book Pro.  Now I realize I should have gotten Air instead of this.  

So what do you think? Am I asking too much?  Well, maybe. But hey, there's nothing wrong with wishing for the things you'd like to have. Who knows, maybe if you are lucky or you've been really a good girl, all your wishes will come true!  If not, hopefully my other wish will come true instead: WORLD PEACE!

How about you, are you ready with your wishlist?

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Revlon Brow Fantasy...

If there's one part of my face that I can say I am proud of when made up, that would be the eyebrows.  I takes me 15 minutes working on it each time so it better look good after right?  I knooww, it takes a long while but what can I do. I don't have much brow hairs to begin with so I really need to draw, fill it in and add some final touches to it so it'll look well, normal. (laughs)
My HG eyebrow product is still the Eye Love View eyebrow duo from Happyskin, followed by the Clarins Perfect Eyes and Brows palette. But on days when I'm feeling lazy to go through all the fuss to come up with the perfect brows, I rely on this eyebrow product called Brow Fantasy from Revlon.
Revlon Brow Fantasy
Your best brows made beautifully simple. The pencil defines and fills in with soft, blendable, natural color. Our sheer tinted gel styles, shades, and sets. Brows have never looked better.
As per the Revlon website, it comes in 4 shades: Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Brunette and Dark Brown.  I got the Darkest, which I think suits me just fine but I think I'd get Light Brown or the Brunette next time.
Saturday, December 6, 2014

More Happyskin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies...

I am not really into lippies, but if there's one brand that will never fail to make me hold my breath whenever they come up with new shades, it has got to be Happy Skin.  To date, their Shut Up & Kiss Me lippies (most especially The Morning After) are still among my favorites.  They apply like a dream, have an amazing pigmentation and never dries up my lips.
 I've posted swatches of the first Happy Skin lippies I got my hands on months ago (check it out here) and today, I'd be showing you their new shades available. Actually, they aren't really new because they have been out for months already. I knowww, I am so darn late.
 Honeymoon Glow - Just Say Yes - Playing Footsie
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