Sunday, December 7, 2014

Revlon Brow Fantasy...

If there's one part of my face that I can say I am proud of when made up, that would be the eyebrows.  I takes me 15 minutes working on it each time so it better look good after right?  I knooww, it takes a long while but what can I do. I don't have much brow hairs to begin with so I really need to draw, fill it in and add some final touches to it so it'll look well, normal. (laughs)
My HG eyebrow product is still the Eye Love View eyebrow duo from Happyskin, followed by the Clarins Perfect Eyes and Brows palette. But on days when I'm feeling lazy to go through all the fuss to come up with the perfect brows, I rely on this eyebrow product called Brow Fantasy from Revlon.
Revlon Brow Fantasy
Your best brows made beautifully simple. The pencil defines and fills in with soft, blendable, natural color. Our sheer tinted gel styles, shades, and sets. Brows have never looked better.
As per the Revlon website, it comes in 4 shades: Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Brunette and Dark Brown.  I got the Darkest, which I think suits me just fine but I think I'd get Light Brown or the Brunette next time.
I like that just like my beloved Happyskin eyebrow product, this baby is a dual product:
 The pencil end for defining and filling in the brows
 The other end with the sheer, tinted gel for styling, shaping and setting your brows

And of course let's take a look on how it looks like on my (almost non-existent) brows:
 with just the pencil
 with the pencil + gel
There are still a few bald spots so I went back with the pencil and filled it in. A technique that I learned somewhere: when filling in some bald spots on your eyebrows, try to draw in a direction opposite to the hair growth. I've been doing it ever since and it really works! 
And so here's the final eyebrow look:
The best part? I did both brows in less than 10 minutes! I know it's still a long time, but hey, try to have my brows and let's see how fast you can fix it. (laughs)  I also love that I didn't have to use any eyebrow brush, or brow powders.  So if you are traveling, no need to bring  the entire brow army with you. Just this baby and you're good to go.
I also wore this during my workout at the gym and it did stay put. I tried running (not smudging) my fingers over my brows and it didn't transfer either. I'm just not so sure about wearing it and going swimming though.  Let me try that if I get the chance and I'll update you.
I just wish that the pencil comes in a bigger (or longer) size. I'm pretty sure I'd use up the pencil before I could even finish half of the gel.    Also, I find the pencil to be a bit dry but you can always warm it up between your fingers so it will glide more smoothly.
Overall, I am liking this product and like what I mentioned earlier, I'll be getting it in another shade.
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